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If you’re up for a challenge, then I’ve got one for you. Start this video and try to count every single word Metta World Peace says over the course of these three-and-a-half minutes. It’s not impossible, but it’s definitely going to be tough. I’d venture a guess that the final tally is somewhere in the 1-3 million range, which is probably a new land speed record for words per second.

Also, actually exists. Weirdest plug ever.

Join The Jones on the sonic journey that is The Overdose!

On today’s special NBA free agency podcast, Skeets, Tas and Leigh attempt to weigh in on nearly every trade, transaction and rumor imaginable. Can the Magic hurry up and decide what they’re going to do with Dwight? Which team has had the roughest summer? And with Nash going to the Lakers — still can’t believe that happened, by the way — are Jeremy Lin and Kyle Lowry respectable “backup” plans?

All that, plus amnesties, Jeff Green question marks, and a little Gustavo Ayon — let the rhythm take you over!

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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Despite the fact that we’re almost a quarter of the way through what’s left of a regular season, there are still some NBA caliber talents that are either unsigned, waiting for work, or in the NBA D-League, waiting for better work.

This list attempts to document some of those available NBA-caliber talents. As well as some who aren’t.


Gilbert Arenas — One of seven designated amnesty players this offseason, Hibachi is finally free from the monumental burden that was his monumental contract. Even then, however, no one seems to want him. As much as Gilbert has declined, he has never declined to the point that he is no longer an NBA talent. He is, however, seemingly not good enough any more to overcome his reputation.

Marcus Banks — After eight years and $40 million in the NBA, Banks never realized his potential beyond “sometimes useful defensive specialist.” That said, he still is that.

Earl Boykins — If you need someone to come in and take all of your fourth quarter shots, Earl might be your man. This is a particularly useful service if you are trying to lose.

Luther Head — Head has had a poor couple of years, struggling with both injuries and opportunity. A reported invite to training camp with the Bulls never materialized, and a much publicized trip to the D-League lasted all of two days. If healthy and available, Head provides solid small-guard defense and catch-and-shoot range, but they are increasingly big ifs.

Eddie House — Signed by the Heat to a guaranteed contract with a view to being a feared shooting specialist off the bench. Then cut by the Heat when it became apparent he hasn’t shot well enough to be a feared shooter for a couple of years now. There may still be a spark on the fire, but Eddie needs to chuck a log on it. (As well as not chuck.)

Allen Iverson — Should take the Antoine Walker route and join the D-League. And I base that on absolutely nothing.

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For a while there, in early December, it really seemed like David West was going to be a Boston Celtic. When you consider that he’s an aging, yet successful veteran who is coming off a major surgery, it seemed like a perfect fit. Boston loves those kinds of guys.

All the Hornets and Celtics needed to do was dot the T’s and cross the I’s and West was going to be headed to the C’s. Sure, the sign-and-trade was going to be tricky — and the Celtics weren’t going to be able to offer quite as much money as West was seeking, but that’s OK because he’d still be making millions of dollars, is coming off an injury and will have a shot at another big contract — but it was going to happen.

Then, suddenly, David West was inking an offer sheet from the Indiana Pacers, a young team that’s a few years away from competing and has three talented guys who can play power forward on the roster. ‘Twas a curious move, which is exactly why Ray Allen is dogging him out for chasing an easy payday. From ESPN:

Count veteran Ray Allen among those who can’t believe West chose Indiana over Boston with such a slim difference in compensation.

“I’m shocked,” Allen said. “I don’t understand it.” [...]

Allen first heard of West’s potential interest in Boston last month when Allen was playing golf in Augusta with his private banker, who coincidentally also handled West’s financial affairs.

“He told me how much I would love [West], that he and I were the same kind of guy — cognitive thinkers,” Allen said. “He said West was interested in coming to the Celtics and would be willing to come for less.”

So why does Allen think West had a change of heart?

“Once it got down to the end, I think his ego kicked back in,” Allen said. “He wanted the dollars. I guess it comes down to ‘What is a championship worth to you?’

You don’t often see that blatant of “this guy is in it for the wrong reasons” comments, but Ray Allen went there. From a guy who’s usually quiet, friendly and only seems like he’s only sneering all the time when in reality he just has flared nostrils, this is quite the accusation. All it’s missing is a “David West is dead to me” to really complete the thought. Pretty harsh.

But I can’t say I disagree. As much as Tas Melas might love the Pacers, they’re not challenging for a title this year. Or next year. Or maybe even the year after that, when David West has presumably moved on. At age 31, with an appearance in the conference semifinals the greatest success he’s enjoyed, it’s easy to assume that West would want to chase a ring. No one’s saying signing with the Celtics makes that happen, but it’s far more likely than playing with the Pacers.

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Once upon a time, Kris Humphries was caught up in a whirlwind romance with America’s foremost reality TV princess, Kim Kardashian. It was a classic love affair, filled with promotional appearances, fights with relatives and miniature horses. Near the end, when Kris and Kim got engaged, Humphries bought his special lady a 20.5 carat engagement ring that cost $2.5 million. Pretty significant chunk of change for a guy with no contract.

Just six months after the engagement, the marriage is over and Humphries still doesn’t have a contract, despite the fact he had the best season of his career. Lucky for him, he just got what seems to be a pretty irresistible offer.

The Syracuse Crunch of the American Hockey League is offering scorned husband and NBA veteran (most recently with the New Jersey Nets), Kris Humphries a spot on the team’s roster or in the Crunch’s front office.

Humphries, a native of hockey hotbed Minnesota, saw his life and marriage to Kardashian become a running national joke during his regular appearance on the E Network’s ‘Keeping up the Kardashians’ popular reality series.

“We would welcome Kris Humphries to Syracuse, where unlike Hollywood there are no paparazzi within hundreds of miles and he could reclaim his privacy and self-esteem,” said Syracuse Crunch General Manager Vance Lederman. “Being from Minnesota, Humphries will surely enjoy the hockey and feel right at home in the cold, gray, dismal weather we experience this time of year in Central New York.”

The Crunch will allow Humphries use of their state of the art training facility and provide a certified personal trainer who will be available to the basketball star as he attempts to earn a spot with a NBA team.

Truth be told, this sounds like a pretty decent offer. It sounds like he doesn’t even have to play hockey, really. Just kind of show up, work out and enjoy the terrible weather in Central New York. This seems pretty legit, which is what you’d expect from a minor league hockey team.

Let’s see what else they’re offering.

In paying homage to the short-lived Kardashian/Humphries union, fans can purchase a six-pack of tickets to either the club’s December 16th or 17th game for just $72.

Dang it. Just when it seemed like something was finally going Kris Humprhies’ way, the Crunch had to go and make this in to a big joke.

This whole idea looked like it was on the up-and-up too. Guess he’ll just have to wait on some NBA team to hope last season’s performance wasn’t all Kardashian Effect.

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The last 24 hours were surprisingly active, and most of the big names have now been accounted for so this will probably be the penultimate entry in this series. Let’s get to it!

Hornets trade Chris Paul to Clippers for Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu and the Timberwolves’ unprotected 2012 first-round pick
You might have heard about this trade, already. I wrote a little about it last night. I like this trade for both sides. The Hornets get a probable future All-Star, a large expiring contract and a likely top-10 pick in a loaded draft. As for the Clippers, they only get the best pure point guard of this generation. No biggie.

Rip Hamilton signs three-year, $15 million deal with Bulls
No surprise here, but it still needs to be commended as an outstanding signing. I’d say Rip is a slight upgrade over Keith Bogans at two-guard. The Heat are still the favorites in the East, but this move puts the Bulls right up there with them.

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With the exception of one particularly noteworthy signing, the last 24 hours have been fairly uneventful. Chris Paul is still a Hornet and Dwight Howard is still … a Magic? Can you even be “a Magic?” Never liked that team name.

Nuggets re-sign Nenê to five-year, $67 million deal
This type of contract is pretty much standard issue for a top 10 center, but I see two problems with this deal: 1. Nenê will be 33 years old in the last season of his deal, and probably won’t be a top 10 center at that point. 2. The Nuggets are probably not much better than a .500 team even with Nenê in the fold. At the moment, however, he’s a very good, high-efficiency offensive player and most Nuggets fans have to be pleased he’s remaining in Denver.

Dwight Howard is off the trading block… for now
The Woj has sources on sources, and they’re telling him that Howard will open the year playing for the Orlando Magic. Anticlimactic, much? It’s going to be fun to see if Dwight’s happy-go-lucky personality will take on a sulky tone early this season.

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