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“I didn’t go to the Draft! So here is my draft night hand shake. 7 months later”Kim English, Detroit Pistons second round pick, upon meeting Moby

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2012 NBA draft grades

The NBA Draft is an inexact science and no one is truly an “expert.” However, we didn’t do so bad in our final mock draft when compared to other high profile websites, at least according to BuzzFeed. But, with the results in, let’s take a look at every player drafted for every team with our grading system based on player potential and value (where they were selected). Brace yourselves because this may be the most comprehensive NBA draft grading article on the internet. I need a life.

Eastern Conference

Atlanta Hawks
Draft Picks: John Jenkins, SG, Vanderbilt (1.23), Mike Scott, PF, Virginia (2.13)

Jenkins is the best shooter in the draft and can make it rain all over the court. He has a quick release and should be successful in the NBA as a spot-up shooter. He can get to the basket, but will make his money on the perimeter. Expect him to be on the receiving end of many kick-outs and be a solid contributor off the bench.

Scott is a skilled power forward that is comfortable working in the post with a decent array of post moves, particularly a hook shot. He’s a big that can hit jumpers from mid range, including on pick-and-pop plays. Scott can bang and isn’t afraid to play down low. I’m not sure how much burn he’ll get on the court, but he’s a solid player that will mostly get time during blowouts.


Boston Celtics
Draft Picks: Jared Sullinger, PF, Ohio State (1.21), Fab Melo, C, Syracuse (1.22), Kris Joseph, SF, Syracuse (2.21)

The Celtics ain’t scared! Sullinger’s back issues didn’t deter the Celtics from taking the two-time All-American who possesses lottery talent, but who fell because of said back issues. There’s certainly some risk here, but the reward could pay off big. Sullinger will need to keep his conditioning as a priority because he’ll obviously need to keep his medical issue in check. More importantly, the NBA game is much faster with stronger players and despite having solid size, his lack of athleticism could end up keeping him on the bench longer than he’s used to.

Melo won’t contribute much at all offensively, but he has some really good potential on the defensive end. He made a leap in his conditioning and footwork from his freshman and sophomore year, so if he continues to improve, he’ll end up with a long NBA career as a defensive specialist. However, if he can’t keep up with offensive players, as well as defend the pick-and-roll, there could be some problems.

Joseph is an athletic beast with excellent length, which he uses on the defensive side of the floor to deflect the ball and close out passing lanes. Joseph should have enough tools to transition from the zone defense that Syracuse plays to the NBA one-on-one game. Joseph is a very good scorer that can slash to the hoop, but will need to work on his shooting if he wants to be a contributing rotation player.


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Hey guys, the draft was last night. As is customary tradition, we need to talk about what these guys were wearing. So let’s hand out some nonsense awards.

Best Dressed — Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Damian Lillard, John Henson
To be honest, there weren’t any really great standout outfits like Wes Johnson’s Ralph Lauren lookbook steez. Everyone wore pretty basic gear, so you need to look at small details to pick a winner. Things like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s knit tie, Damian Lillard’s checked jacket and John Henson’s cutaway collar were nice touches on snazzy looks that made these guys look the teensiest bit better than the rest of their draft class. Other than MKG’s tie bar being just a smidge too high, not much to complain about here.

Best Hat Wearer — Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
Some guys are not hat guys, which makes some guys look ridiculous on draft day. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, however, is definitely a hat guy. It helps that the new Charlotte colors match his suit, no doubt, but he actually looks cool in his snapback, unlike some of these dudes.

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Here are a couple of random David Stern getting booed moments I pulled off the internet and stitched together, just so we can all appreciate how strong David Stern’s troll game was last night. If you didn’t think he made the heel turn during the lockout, this should pretty much seal the deal.

Like we always do at this time — a list of nicknames for every 2012 draftee, most of which won’t stick.

1. Anthony “Frog Baby” Davis

2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist a.k.a. “Gillie Da Kid”

3. Bradley Beal “Cutlets”

4. Dion “I Don’t Wanna” Waiters

5. Thomas “Tom Bob” Robinson

6. Damian “Ratman” Lillard

7. “High Hattie” Harrison Barnes

8. Terrence “Discount Goods” Ross

9. Andre “Dum Dum” Drummond

10. Austin “Mooooooooooon” Rivers

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Hey, if this kid can be excited for the selection of something called Ilkan Karaman, then he’s going to be a fan for life. He’ll be a Nets fan even if Deron Williams is a Maverick and he has to cheer for Johan Petro. This kid is hooked.

Just look at his face.

Sorry, Fat Nets Fan. You’ve been usurped.

If Luigi would have come out of school after his freshman year, he might have been the first overall, what with his ability to hover jump as displayed in “Super Mario 2.” But once schools realized that his height shrunk back down to normal if you touched him. Now he’s a medical red flag and is plumberetting down draft boards. Tragic turn of events.

And hey, if you like having fun on Twitter, follow us bros. We’ll probably make some jokes and have some opinions tonight. Enjoy the draft.

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