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Join The Jones on the sonic journey that is The Overdose!

On today’s All-Star edition of The Overdose, The Jones — live from a hotel room in Houston — look back at the first half of the NBA season. What’s surprised us after 50 or so games? Who’s the leading MVP, Coach of the Year, Most Improved, etc.? And what are a few Texas-sized bold predictions for the second half?

All that, plus Instagrams, whether we’re being “catfished,” Leigh’s delicious “Tweet of the Weak,” a really rough round of Pun-Gun, hippies’ rehabilitation, Will Ferrell, Mike Bibby, and much, much more.


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Live from Houston, Texas, it’s The Jones’s annual NBA All-Star predictions podcast! Does a playmaking point guard or a three-point gunner have a better shot at the Rising Stars MVP? Will Tony Parker intentionally miss a jumper in the Skills Comp? Can Matt Bonner win one for the Internet? IS there any chance Eric Bledsoe steals the Dunk Contest crown thanks to the little guy vote? And, honestly, who in the hell is John Schriffen?

To win a TBJ prize pack, tell us who will win the following: Rising Stars Challenge MVP, Taco Bells Skills Challenge, Three-Point Shootout, Dunk Contest, and Sunday’s All-Star MVP. (Also, tell us the exact final score of the All-Star Game to act as an emergency tiebreaker.)

Best of luck!


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Travel day for TBJ today, so posting will be pretty light. We’ll still have a live episode of The Fix at 11am ET, but there won’t be much besides that until tomorrow.

However, once we get ourselves situated in Houston, you can keep it locked on TBJ for some audio shows, some videos, some predictions, some random posts and who knows what else we can find. Basically just a whole bunch of All-Star stuff throughout the weekend.

Normal posting resumes next Wednesday, but we’ll be pumping stuff out all weekend, so update your bookmarks and limber up your refresh finger. It’s going to be great.

It’s a minor guarantee, but it’s still a guarantee. And personally, I wouldn’t vote against him. Especially because he’s supposedly got a super dunk on reserve that might make the world explode. From ESPN:

“Whatever I do is going to be new. It’s not going to be seen in the NBA dunk contest,” he said. “You’ve seen it maybe on YouTube, but you haven’t seen it on the NBA stage. You’ve seen windmills. Everything they do has to be with gimmicks, which is what’s making it corny.” [...]

“I have a dream of doing something, but I can’t tell you what it is,” he said. “I told some guys and they were like, ‘Nah, you can’t do that.’ Then somebody else brought up another one, and that’s a good idea. The dunk I’m talking about is crazy. I don’t think nobody thought of that. If they did, they wouldn’t think they can do it. It’s not too difficult, but it’s crazy. Somebody actually has to help on that one.”

Well, now that I know he’s not planning on bringing any props or having any gimmicks, I’m hesitant to support James White in his dunk contest endeavors. DeMar DeRozan knows what I’m talking about. In this day and age, it’s props or bust, which is just terrible.

Then again…

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Truth told, I care not for the Macklemore. This is hardly a controversial position to take on the internet, as a rogue wave of music writers have made the Seattle rapper the whipping boy of the early 2013 pop season for his unexpected No. 1 single “Thrift Shop,” with SPIN’s Brandon Soderberg even calling it “the worst song in the country.” I wouldn’t go that far, but I’d go pretty far — the song is insufferable and grating and I don’t even like thrift shops that much (though hook singer Wanz is absolutely That Dude and I hope he gets a career out of it). Beyond that song, Macklemore is a little too preachy and humorless for my tastes, and both he and producer/collaborator Ryan Lewis have a nasty tendency towards cheap drama, no second-hand pun intended.

Still, I’ve tried to keep my criticism of Macklemore above the belt, since in theory, I respect the dude. He made it on his own, growing a cult audience without big label assistance, and while he’s perhaps a mite too willing to remind you of his proud independence at just about every turn, it is still a commendable thing. And even if his socially progressive jams lay it on a little thick, doesn’t a song like “Same Love” maybe do more good in the world than “Bandz a Make Her Dance”? Really, there are greater crimes to be committed in pop music than a dude breaking down t-shirt economics and making bad R. Kelly jokes over a skronky sax riff. I try not to lose sleep over it.

This, however, is where Macklemore becomes indefensible. If you’re wondering when and how (and possibly if) I’m gonna tie Macklemore into the NBA, it’s with this video, a recently released promotion for the upcoming All-Star Weekend:

Now, I broke this down in a little greater detail over at my music-writing day job — as a pop/hoops writer, this is the rare two-for-one news story for me — but basically, the sum up is this: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis appear in this promotion, lip-synching their song “Wings” in a church or something between your typical All-Star montage clips. All well and good, except that “Wings” is actually an anti-materialist (and more pressingly, anti-Nike) song that involves Macklemore referencing a time when his friend’s younger brother was murdered for his sneaks, and ends with him saying “These Nikes help me define me, but I’m trying to take mine, off.” None of these negative-leaning lyrics appear in the video, however, as the song is presented in a heavily-edited cut that focuses mostly on the blandly inspirational, out of context chorus “I’ll go so high / My feet won’t touch the ground.” There’s a children’s choir. You know how it goes.

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All-Star Weekend is the most wonderful time of the year for all the solemen out there, because that’s when a bunch of cool new shoes come out. It’s like a shoe showcase where all the displays are dunks, which means it’s pretty smart. Your first entrance in the All-Star zapatos game comes from Nike’s “Extraterrestrial” pack, which includes new versions of the LeBron X, Kobe 8 and KD V and a kind of hilarious description about where these shoes come from.

From Nice Kicks:

LeBron X ”Extraterrestrial”

Rumored to have journeyed to earth on a meteor made of the galaxy’s hardest substance – black diamonds, the model takes a a purple hue for the overlays and black rests within the inlays. Furthering the story the model originated from NSP-LJ6, a planet discovered by the Nike Space Program (NSP).

Kobe 8 System ”Extraterrestrial”

Originating on planet NSP-KB24, the Kobe 8 is part of the guardian of the five rings. Able to freeze his opponents in his stance, Kobe has been given an orange tinted look over the engineered mesh upper and green highlights over the Nike Swoosh and liner.

KD V ”Extraterrestrial”

Known as the legendary Dark Matter, his weapon of choice will be the KD V. Believed to have originated on planet NSP-KD35, the shoe packs a lime green upper highlighted with a dark green on the heel counter and accented with orange on the laces.

I’m not sure about all that stuff, but I really do like all of these because I’m of the opinion that your All-Star shoes should be as insane as possible. Basing them on made-up planets, making them in extra bright colors and then covering them in details certainly achieves that.

Were I ranking them, I’d probably go Kobe then Durant then LeBron, but they’re all pretty close. I love the orange Jupiter-y upper on the Kobes, the entire color scheme of the KDs and how LeBron’s shoe looks like a jewel. Weird idea — though it is wisely based on Houston being the home of NASA’s Mission Control Center and continues Nike’s space-themed All-Star shoes — but the execution is great. If basketball were played on non-existent planets, this is definitely what the shoes would look like.

After the jump, there are more pictures of these bad riders. All of these will be available at retail stores on February 15. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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Hey guys, it’s about time for the All-Star Game, which means it’s exactly time for the league to unveil this year’s version of their All-Star jerseys. So let’s talk jerseys.

Here’s this year’s inspiration, per an adidas press release:

Designed by adidas, the uniforms take inspiration from Houston’s rich aeronautical history and the speed of the jet planes that dot its skies.  The uniforms’ eye-catching impact camo pattern evokes the world’s fastest fleet of aircraft with the classic silhouette of a basketball net. [...]

The adidas 2013 NBA All-Star uniforms feature specially-engineered mesh to provide maximum mobility and breathability.  The West (red) and East (royal blue) uniforms also feature the adidas iconic three-stripe design flanking the side of both the jersey and shorts.  The uniform lettering and numbers are inspired by the stenciled style on jet planes.

Players will take to the court in black-and-white aviator-style NBA All-Star warm-ups featuring metal zippers made with a similar anodized finish used on airplanes.  Each player’s jacket will be customized to represent individual career accomplishments such as NBA All-Star Game appearances and All-Star MVP awards, NBA titles, in addition to regular season awards and Scoring Championships.

Hey, sure. All I know is that I like this year’s version better than either of the past two seasons and I can’t wait to see all of the guys being cool in their bomber jackets during warmups. I don’t necessarily see the camouflage either — which is kind of the point, I guess — but I appreciate that the NBA knows what is up trend-wise.

All in all, I think these are an upgrade compared to last year’s and particularly like how the reds and blues intermingle as details. The stencil font is pretty cool too. As long as the shorts aren’t like last year’s almost-mismatched ones, this is going to be one of the better looking uniforms in the past few years. Straightforward, not very Houston and definitely not zany enough to be that memorable, but I will certainly consider purchasing a Joakim Noah one of these (fingers crossed) at All-Star Weekend before really thinking about how rarely I wear jerseys and deciding against it. When it comes to All-Star jerseys, that is high praise.

There are a few more detailed shots after the jump. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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