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Great job by Lang Whitaker over at’s All Ball blog on this video. All he did was ask a simple question to a bunch of rookies — What would your theme song be? — that somehow ended up with him singing a duet of a 25-year-old song with a New Zealander and also a Canadian crooning an R. Kelly song because they share a name. You know, normal stuff.

Not to mention, we finally found somebody who actually really likes the new Jay-Z record. Who knew?

As I’ve said every time I’ve watched a Team Flight Brothers video — how bad must a guy be at basketball to be this athletic and still not a highly sought-after NBA prospect? Probably pretty bad. But that’s fine, because former Memphis Tiger and current Miami Heat Summer League invitation-getter D.J. Stephens can jump very high and dunk very easily, which will always be cool. I mean, there are hundreds of guys actually in the NBA, but how many have the highest vertical on record at the draft combine? Just one, and I’ll let you guess who it is.

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In a world full of NBA draft grades and performance projections immediately after said NBA draft, I thought I would do things differently and shirk all responsibility as a competent writer, if I ever truly was one to begin with, and not give you grades or timeliness. Instead, I will give you some slightly analytical, but mostly emotional prose to read. Why so unconventional? Because the 2013 NBA Draft was both unconventional and nuts.

I’m not really sure what the expectation is for Anthony Bennett from the Cleveland Cavaliers, but they truly succeeded in screwing a lot of mock draft guessers with the selection. I’ve read where they’re thinking of him kind of as a Charles Barkley type, but I’m not sure if that’s more playing ability or physique. I’m thinking the latter.

It’s fine to go against the grain, which Bennett will probably need to eat less of to get to his optimal playing weight, but I think it’s a solid gamble since Bennett was touted as one of the players to possibly be called the best in his draft class. And, for the record I did say this:  “…I think the Cavs bust out another Tristan Thompson-type draft move where the team drafts a player many didn’t see coming.” I just thought the crazy would be Ben McLemore.

Speaking of McLemore, how absolutely freakin’ lucky did the Sacramento Kings get? McLemore was touted as a potential first overall pick and he dropped to seventh? SEVENTH?! Orlando drafted a two-guard in Victor Oladipo who has more years in college than McLemore, and according to reports, impressed a lot in interviews. McLemore didn’t impress as much during his talks with NBA teams’ top personnel. But seventh? Are you telling me the Charlotte Bobcats couldn’t have used McLemore, a Ray Allen-type with dumb athleticism? The same goes for the Phoenix Suns who picked fifth after the soon-to-be Hornets.

And, I know that Cody Zeller was rising up some spots in the draft, but did Michael Jordan or Rich Cho make the pick? It definitely seems like the former and that “former” should also be followed by “owner” when it comes to Jordan before he totally destroys his legacy in basketball. It’s almost a sad mockery, this juxtaposition between player and owner. In all seriousness, it’s bad when your own fans boo your pick. And trying to please and increase the fanbase should be important to a team like the Bobcats. Vanilla-flavored Kwame Brown?

I don’t know, Alex Len seemed overly happy to join the Phoenix Suns in his interview. He knows he’s joining the Suns, right? I guess it’s just joy in joining the league, but that joy will turn into being jaded. Or maybe I’m just jaded.

So, the Philadelphia 76ers traded a young NBA All-Star point guard (Jrue Holiday) to acquire a center with injury questions in order to replace their own center with injury questions who never played for them last season? Now, that’s just lunacy! I think a saving grace will be that the Sixers also get a likely lottery pick in next year’s jam-packed draft if all assumed players actually come out. Still, if I was a Sixers fan, I’d be scratching my head, even though I like Nerlens Noel. But hey, if Michael Carter-Williams can find a consistent jumper and not turn the ball over so much, the trade of Holiday will be wash. I’m so kidding right now.

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Thanks to NBA rules, the huge Garnett-Pierce-Terry to Brooklyn trade can’t become official until July 10. And that means that the people who care most about the trade can’t talk about it for another couple of weeks. That’s why we get things like Nets GM Billy King saying “Mason (Plumlee) gives us a better shot” while giggling when asked if “the events of today made [the Nets] a title contender?”

Jason Kidd was equally smiley in his praise of Plumlee, which wasn’t really about Plumlee.

Between getting drafted, an NBA GM saying his acquisition might make his team a title contender, and one of the best point guards ever saying he was “the best player … at that spot,” this must have been the best day of Mason Plumlee’s life. They say any press is good press, so I guess any compliments are good compliments, even if they come when the people saying them are really trying to talk about something else. When Kevin Garnett is screaming in his face from three inches away, let’s hope young Mason can remember last night. Everyone needs a happy place.


It was a draft for the ages, especially for a Sixers fan like myself who will be in mourning for the next several months (and probably most of next season) before the funeral hopefully turns into a party, New Orleans style, some four to six seasons down the road. The action at the draft was insane, though the actual crazies didn’t quite come out to Barclays Center the way they had to Prudential in years past. Maybe having to trip out to Jersey weeded out the normals in years past, but this year, but there were no signs, little face-paint, only one or two weird homemade jerseys. Still, you can’t have an NBA draft without at least a handful of colorful characters, and these were the colorfulest that I ran into in the hours leading up to the epic drama of Stern’s Last Stand. If you see them on the street today, congratulate or console them, depending.


Sheed’s back with the Pistons now, guy. Quit living in the past.


I saw a surprising number of dudes in Holiday jerseys throughout the evening, though only one Swaggy P repper. Who would’ve guessed the Young jersey would be the one more likely to stay relevant by night’s end?

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Best Dressed (Rookie) — Raul Neto
Classic blue suit, pants that actually fit right and don’t pool at the ankles, burnished brown shoes for that Italian look — Raulzinho nailed it. He might have wanted to straighten his tie for his official rookie portrait, but everything about his look is pretty perfect. Really good job.


Best Dressed (Legend) — Hakeem Olajuwon
It is not saying much, but Hakeem looked better in his draft suit last night than he did when he was drafted. The Dream can even make an usher’s costume look classy.


Worst Dressed — Sergey Karasev
In this day and age, the only time you’re getting a horrible draft suit is if it’s on purpose, a la Joakim Noah in 2007. Fashion is just too important nowadays for guys to really mess things up. Ergo, you have to look for small things, like Russian guard Sergey Karasev buttoning only the bottom button of his jacket, which is precisely the exact opposite way you’re supposed to do it. Unless you like having a gigantic puffy chest, this is a bad idea.

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First and foremost, let’s give the NBA a big ol’ round of applause for deciding that David Stern’s last-ever draft would be one of the craziest drafts in recent memories. While we might not have had a ton of foreign names for El Sterno to pronounce, everything else was sufficiently wacky to honor Stern’s big night.

And holy smokes did he revel in it. I’ve collected what I think is every important clip involving Stern from last night. Considering he was playing to the crowd the entire evening, there are a lot. The one up top is from before the Cavs made the very first pick of the draft, and judging by the way Stern was hamming it up, you could tell it was going to be a fun night.

It took all of zero picks for him to antagonize the crowd.

And then he kept doing it, literally asking for more boos.

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