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NOTE: The number in parentheses is an actual rank number, but is used loosely to help you decide within the tier. However, all players within tiers basically have the same value. All stats are from last season, unless otherwise specified.

Tier Eleven — David Lee (43), Anthony Davis (44), Chris Bosh (45)

In this tier we have a trio of power forwards masquerading as centers, or who could at least conceivably be center-eligible.

Lee has maintained center-eligibility for the past several seasons and has always been a great addition to any fantasy basketball team because of his ability to score (20.1) and rebound (9.6), although he doesn’t block shots (0.4) the way you’d want from your center position.

It’s quite the opposite with Davis, however, when it comes to blocks. In his lone Player of the Year college basketball season, Davis averaged 4.7 rejections playing the five for Kentucky, and while he may not be as prolific in the NBA, the swats will surely come. Also expect a potential double-double season straight out of the gate.

It’s rumored that Bosh will play center for the Miami Heat with LeBron James sliding over to the four at times, so a possible return to a 20-10 campaign is possible. Although last season’s numbers (18.0 points and 7.9 rebounds) would still be a welcome addition from any fantasy basketball team’s center position. Very good shooting percentages (48.7 FG% and 82.1 FT%) make up for a lack of blocks (0.8).

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Where were you the night Amar’e Stoudemire destroyed his hand slapping the casing around a fire extinguisher? It was an important moment in all of our lives, so you should. So where? Where were you? (Personally, I have no idea where I was, but I’m guessing on the couch.)

Nonetheless, it happened, and we finally have an explanation for what really went down. From a Fox Sports Radio interview with Amar’e Stoudemire, as transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews:

“It wasn’t a punch at all actually. It was more like a slap against the wall, but I caught the edge of the fire extinguisher. Some people think I balled my fist up and punched through a glass fire extinguisher, which is totally opposite of the truth. It was more like a smack against the wall, kind of a backhand or a reach back slap across the wall and caught the edge of the fire extinguisher. I think a lot of people confused my passion with frustration. I’m such a passionate player. I want to win so bad to where sometimes I want to win, so I bring my passion and it gets confused with frustration.”

Important clarification in there — it wasn’t a punch, but a slap. But also not really a slap, but a smack. Except not a smack, but more of a “backhand or a reach back slap across the wall,” which is probably something like this:

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Here is something that could only be true in the year 2012: Amar’e Stoudemire unveiled the Knicks’ new home jersey on a daytime talk show hosted by Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, who is the NFL record holder for sacks in a single season. That is BIZARRE. It is true, however, and those are the new Knicks’ home jerseys, which aren’t scheduled to be revealed until tomorrow. But when Michael Strahan wants a scoop, he gets a scoop, I guess.

As for the jerseys, I like ‘em from what we can see based on some staffer’s blurry Twitpic. As rumored, the black that has been making the Knicks look like the late-90s since the late-90s is finally gone, making things look a little more early-90s. That’s a huge improvement as far as I’m concerned, since I don’t need to be reminded of Charlie Ward every time I turn on a Knicks game. Getting rid of those black panels on the sides of the uniforms is an especially great move. Very happy to see that go, since the retro jerseys the Knicks have been wearing for a few seasons are among the league’s best. It looks like the new unis are going to be more like those, which is a very good thing.

Tomorrow is the official debut of the jerseys though, which means we won’t have to watch mom TV and scrutinize video game trailers to find out what the league’s most valuable franchise is going to look like. For now though, let’s just be thankful that the Knicks are popular enough to get some TV time with their new duds. At the very least, that’s better than zooming in on a Deron Williams action figure.

Ever wondered what Amar’e Stoudemire puts in a turkey sandwich? Me neither, but it’s the middle of August, the NBA doesn’t start for another two months and it’s almost lunch time. Why not whip up an Amar’e Special?

From New York magazine:

How often do you prepare your own meals?
Not very often. I make snacks and turkey sandwiches for my kids all of the time. They’re pretty simple, though: My turkey sandwiches consist of romaine lettuce, mayonnaise, and cheese, and sometimes I add a little pepper to it to give it a lil’ flava.

This is worse than Rick Ross’ tilapia recipe. Where’s Matt Bonner when you need him?

‘Tis the season for NBA stars to appear on random television shows. First it was Metta World Peace in, I’m not joking, “Real Vampire Housewives.” Now it’s three mid-card NBA stars showing up in Mindy Kaling’s new TV show.

From Entertainment Weekly:

The Mindy Project has just lined up some slam-dunk guest casting: New York Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire, free agent guard Baron Davis, and Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger will play themselves in the fourth episode of Mindy Kaling’s new Fox comedy, EW has learned. In the episode, Kaling’s gynecologist character goes on an outing with her co-workers to a nightclub, where she winds up hanging out in the VIP section with the three NBA players.

Watch your back, “Parks and Recreation.” There’s a new kid on the block that is populated by NBA cameos. And considering Mindy Kaling is a huge NBA fan, this makes a ton of sense. I don’t know how Danny Granger fits in — other than maybe something to do with buying a house from the guy who created “Dawson’s Creek” — but since he has a Batcave, I’m fine with it.

This could be pretty huge for Granger though. After being passed over for a “Parks and Recreation” guest spot for Roy Hibbert, this is a chance for Danny to re-establish himself in the minds of casual NBA fans. People know Amar’e and Baron, so if this puts him in league with them as players that people have seen on TV and therefore assume must be good at basketball, that could be great. Don’t mess it up, Granny Danger.

It’ll also be interesting to see NBA guys partying in a night club post-Tony Parker wearing goggles. Hope Amar’e brings his Oakleys.

The good thing about all these players taping their workouts with Hakeem — which all look the same, but whatever — is that eventually we’ll have enough video from his sessions that we’ll basically be getting $50,000 worth of free tutoring just from watching YouTube videos. Pretty sweet deal.

Pretty sweet Jeremy Lin zing at the end too.

Since 2000, I’m pretty sure the jokey description for an engagement ring is something involving the “Circle of Trust” from “Meet the Parents.” But now, thanks to Amar’e Stoudemire, that long and oppressive reign has come to an end.

From now on, if you want to make a crack about getting engaged, make sure you go with “This right here is my love, outside of my heart, on her finger.” It’s a killer line and it’s good to update our slang from time to time.

Plus, if you can still make your fiancée cry even though there are obviously cameras following you around and it’s obviously not a surprise, well, you need to be honored in somehow. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no higher praise than internet blog acclaim.

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