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Programming note: Fin.


I’m not one for long goodbyes, but as previously mentioned in our last show, TBJ and theScore are going in separate directions, meaning this post marks the end of our tenure here.

Thank you to theScore for the opportunity to make something that shows just how much fun the NBA can be. And thank you most of all to anyone who’s listened, watched, read, commented, emailed or in any other way been even a small part of TBJ over the past three years. It has been awesome.

Please follow all of our Twitter accounts to see what the future holds. We’re very excited for our next step, you will be too and the season starts soon, so don’t worry too much.

Bye for now.


Due to an unfortunate destination wedding on the beaches of Mexico, we’re going to be taking a break here until next Tuesday. It’s not like anything’s going on anyways, though, so everything should be fine. Talk soon.

Programming note: Vacation mode


It’s summer time, I’m in a wedding and then I’m spending a week at a cottage in chill mode. Ergo, no posts (except part five of Unterberger’s excellent 100 best moments series) from now until July 23. I know it’s going to be tough, but I’m sure you’ll be able to handle the inevitable Monta Ellis signing by yourself. At least I hope so.

Until then, keep it cool. Toodles.

Travel day for TBJ today, so posting will be pretty light. We’ll still have a live episode of The Fix at 11am ET, but there won’t be much besides that until tomorrow.

However, once we get ourselves situated in Houston, you can keep it locked on TBJ for some audio shows, some videos, some predictions, some random posts and who knows what else we can find. Basically just a whole bunch of All-Star stuff throughout the weekend.

Normal posting resumes next Wednesday, but we’ll be pumping stuff out all weekend, so update your bookmarks and limber up your refresh finger. It’s going to be great.

As we’ve mentioned a few times on the show, we’re off until the new year. The show and blog will return January 2. Thanks for everything and have a safe and happy holidays.

Programming note: Blog business

Friends, things will be slow here for the next two days. You’ll still get your live episodes of The Fix at 11am ET with archived versions of the show posted soon after. Other than that, no promises.

Everything is back to normal on Wednesday. Thank you for your kind understanding during this travel time.

What’s up with the new set/studio?
As you may have heard, The Score was split into two entities this fall. One company, The Score TV, was purchased by Rogers Communications, a Canadian media conglomerate. The other, The Score Inc., was spun out into a new digital company. The Basketball Jones is part of this new company.

This is good news as it means that The Jones team stays intact and we can keep bringing you the high quality show and blog you’ve come to expect. Unfortunately, it also means that the studio we recorded in last year is no longer available to us as it’s part of The Score TV.

The studio we’re currently recording in is temporary for the next few months until The Score Inc. moves into its offices and we have a dedicated studio.

That being said, there are advantages to this new way of recording the show. It’s a more intimate setup, all TBJ members are on mic (which allows Trey and Leigh to be a bigger part of the show), and there are fewer technical hoops to jump through to execute new ideas. We think this new setup will allow “The Fix” to be more spontaneous, more fun, and more unpredictable.

Yes, change sucks, but give this new look a bit of time and we’re sure you’ll be as optimistic and excited about it as we are.

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