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Programming note: DNP-OLD

TBJ is off today. We’ll be back Monday. Have a great weekend.

Summer’s almost over, you guys. It’s time for us all to buy our Trapper Keepers and Lisa Frank folders and start getting ready to go back to school. I heard Miss Peterson is pretty tough, but supposedly fun. Fifth grade is going to be AWESOME.

But before we can get started with long division and memorizing the states in order, we need some chill time. Ergo, things are going to be slow around these parts until Tuesday. You’ll get a brand spanking new episode of The [BLANK] Jones later today and maybe something special tomorrow, but not a ton of stuff. It’s the middle of August though — you won’t be missing much.

Tuesday brings the return of regular posting and so many laughs. Until then, keep it cool and don’t tell Kerin I told you I think she’s cute.

I’ve been living in Canada for less than a year, so I’m still getting a hang of all the nuances to residence in a super chill country. One of those things is a day like today, where something so transparent that it is literally called Civic Holiday exists solely as a reason for a long weekend. In the spirit of every Illinois kid’s favorite made-up holiday, Casimir Pulaski Day, it’s totally fine with me.

As such, things are going to be slow around these parts today. We’ll still have some posts trickle out — and we’re recording a podcast after Team USA’s game tonight — but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for our regularly scheduled blogging.

In the meantime, enjoy this clip of Patty Mills hitting a buzzer-beating three to beat Russia, who were leading their preliminary group. It’s the best Civic Holiday present Leigh could ever hope for and I’m sure you’ll like it too.

It is a scientific fact that between the ages of 22-40, every single person who you have spent more than 48 hours with will get married and you will be invited to their weddings. I read that in a journal somewhere or made it up. One of the two. Nonetheless, it certainly feels that way, as I will be traveling back to the United States this week for a visit during which I will attend two weddings on two straight weekends.

As such, posting is going to be light from now until July 17, when things get back to normal. There should be an episode of The Fix sometime next week to talk about a bunch of offseason stuff, and I imagine there will some posts here and there from various contributors. I’m taking my computer with and can rarely resist the magnetic pull of making jokes on the internet, so maybe I’ll even pop in from time to time.

Just don’t expect much for the next week. We’ll all be active on Twitter, no doubt, but the blog will be slow. Then come July 17, back to your regularly scheduled posting. We’ll all miss each other, I’m sure, but we can get through this. Talk soon.

Only in America could a Russian billionaire buy a professional basketball team with one of the world’s most famous rappers, move the team to another state, then convince a Texas-raised point guard that $98.75 million is worth more than playing for his hometown team. As such, TBJ is taking today off to celebrate the United States’ independence. After all, if we did it for Canada, we have to do it for the USA.

Regularly scheduled blogging returns tomorrow. Be safe. Don’t explode yourself.

Did you know basketball was invented by a Canadian? It’s true — that James Naismith fella was a Canuck. As such, we’re taking the day off to celebrate the birth of Canada, which technically is celebrated on July 1 but gets carried over to today because of the weekend.

So don’t expect much on this lovely Monday, but come back tomorrow for a free agency episode of The Fix before we celebrate the birth of another North American country. I’m sure Malcolm Gladwell has an explanation for why so many nations were born in the first week of July, but I haven’t heard it. Something with heat madness, I’m guessing.

In the meantime, enjoy the season’s last installment of The Overdose and be safe out there. Seatbelts.

You guys probably aren’t aware of this, but Monday marks the Canadian celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday. Yeah, that surprised me too, but countries been had traditions, as the saying goes.

As such, posting will be slow around there here parts from now until Monday. You’ll still get a sizzling hot episode of the Overdose pretty soon, but there will be no Fix on Monday.

As an olive branch, please enjoy this clip of the Pacers’ Lance Stephenson getting his Reggie Miller on and calling out LeBron James for choking when he missed a third quarter free throw. I can’t imagine this will be as iconic of a moment as Reggie’s legendary Spike Lee zing, but I do like Stephenson’s arm motions in the corner before LeBron shoots the free throw and also that he found this necessary during the third quarter of a second round playoff series when he has played five minutes the entire postseason. Bold moves should be rewarded.

So yeah, not much around here until Tuesday. Enjoy Lance Stephenson making a name for himself and the Overdose, which is on its way. Happy birthday, Queen Victoria. See you guys Tuesday.