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Programming note: Chill mode

Skeets is in Barcelona, I’m in Portland and the NBA is in New York trying to make it so they can have a season. At least that’s what we all hope they’re doing, even though it kinda seems like they’re just fighting about where to get the best pizza. Meanwhile, Buck Williams, Bernie Bickerstaff and Jerome Kersey are just laughing it up and building houses. Weird week.

As such, things will be slow around here on Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ll have an episode of The [BLANK] Jones for you later on today, but I can’t promise anything besides that. Normal posting will resume Thursday, when we’ll have another episode of the Internet’s greatest nonsense show.

Until then, be safe out there.

I’m on a plane flying back home to Toronto as I write this. I’ve decided that one luxury of being 5-foot-1 is the ability to stretch out your legs without being in an emergency exit. As I think about where I’d like this piece to go, there are two things that stick out to me.

The first is that I just called Toronto home. Three years after leaving Nova Scotia for the only Canadian city with an NBA team to follow my hoop dreams, it has become my home. The second is that I’m writing this on a plane. About four years ago, I flew from Nova Scotia to Vancouver, writing my first piece for after somehow convincing the guys I grew up reading to give me a shot for a New York-based internship despite living in Nova Scotia. From SLAMonline came The Post Up and from The Post Up came theScore and eventually The Basketball Jones and various other stops along the way.

In that time I’ve interviewed athletes I grew up watching, got to see the game I adore up close, had the privilege of developing friendships with many of my fellow writing colleagues and was also able to do some things that I couldn’t have even dared dream when imagining life as an NBA writer. One of the sweetest parts of being able to share your thoughts, words and experiences with people is that some of those people actually grow to care for you. The friendships and connections I’ve made with some of my readers are the single greatest gift I’ve been given as a result of this gig.

I think if you ask any NBA blogger they’d tell you the same. Our community is an amazing one and — no exaggeration — some of the most important people in my life are those I’ve met via email, tweet or Facebook message. Through the amazing times and the rough moments, the people who have experienced them all with me have been the people who cared enough to listen to what I had to say. Writing about basketball is a passion. Being able to write about basketball for an audience who actually cares about your words is a blessing.

For giving me that blessing I want to say thank you. Thank you for reading and asking and commenting. Thanks for hitting me up on Twitter, for flagging me down during halftimes at the ACC and for becoming such a part of my every day that I feel it’s necessary to explain why this will be my last post here at TBJ.

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Remember back in the end of June when I had to take some time off due to “a complicated relocation that involves three cities, two countries and Kwame Brown dropping every box we hired him to carry?” Probably not. You have better things to remember, like the quadratic equation and the difference between Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman.

Nonetheless, phase two (codename: 2 Moving 2 Furious) of the plan begins today, as I’m headed up to Toronto to work in an office with these four bros/figure out why they put an extra “U” in all those words. As such, things are going to be slow until Tuesday. You’ll still get an episode of The [BLANK] Jones today, but other than that, who knows?

In the meantime, enjoy some EuroBasket, vote for TBJ in every category you can and have a great Labor Day weekend. Come next week, things get a lot more Canadian.

On September 10, 2011, The Basketball Jones will be participating in the Rock the Court basketball tournament for Athletes for Africa and St. Alban’s Boys & Girls Club. We’re very excited … but we’re also terribly out of shape.

So to get us ready for this one-of-a-kind event, San Antonio Spurs forward — and sandwich connoisseur — Matt Bonner stopped by with a slick “Mad Men”-like haircut to teach us a few fundamental basketball skills.

You know, things like trash talking. Important skills.

If you’d like to support two great organizations — and we know you do, people — you can do so by sponsoring Skeets’ fundraising page, Trey Kerby’s, or our TBJ Team. Thanks in advance. We really appreciate it.

And, hey, click below for two more “Rock the Court” promos with Bonner. PANCAKES!

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Ol’ Yertdawg is off today, because of some wife birthday action. Ergo, things are going to be slow around here for a day. There’ll still be a The [BLANK] Jones episode, but I can’t guarantee much else. As a peace offering, here is Zaza Pachulia’s electronic mustache singing Cassius’ “I Love U So.” Still friends? Good.

Back tomorrow. See you then.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Regularly scheduled blogging returns tomorrow …

Programming note: Moving days

Thanks to a complicated relocation that involves three cities, two countries and Kwame Brown dropping every box we hired him to carry, TBJ is going to be a little bit slow until after the Fourth of July holiday. There will still be posts here and there, but this is basically this site’s version of the lockout — not much will be happening.

After that though, back at it. We appreciate your patience during our renovations. Please excuse our dust.