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The title of this painting is “Bosh in Venice,” but the picture of Chris Bosh and his wife holding the painting is called “Proof the Internet Has Literally Everything You Could Ever Think Of.”

Additionally, it seems like Chris Bosh is a good husband. I’m basing this purely on his ability to restrain himself from photobombing this picture, but I think we can all agree that’s quite the sacrifice. Seems like a chill bro.

Previously: Here is Carmelo Anthony’s giant Carmelo Anthony painting

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Jeremy Evans is a painter

“The Mormon Temple! By Jeremy Evans #40 #ink #original4sale #skills #artist”Earl Watson, Jeremy Evans’ paint game hype man

If there’s one thing you can say about Tyson Chandler (there are many things you can say about Tyson Chandler), it’s that he has whole-heartedly embraced New York City. Between wearing capes, showing up at Fashion Week looking like a weirdo, and growing a gnarly beard that surely goes along with tending his urban garden, it’s like he’s said to himself, “Well, I’m here in New York City. Might as well act like it.”

That’s why it should come as absolutely no surprise that Chandler hosted a charity art exhibit of his own photography last night, all while wearing his now-unfortunately-trademark capris and combat boots. Of course he did, because of New York.

Speaking of New York, the exhibit is called “A Year in a New York Minute,” which is either a reference to his first year in NYC flying by or an admission that he spent a year getting inspiration from an Olsen Twins movie. After “Pretty Woman”-ing his wife, both explanations are feasible.

After the jump, have a look at some of Tyson’s art and some of the people who showed up to look at it.

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Hey, good news for you. Those backboards you’ve always wanted — the ones made from giant Dream Team faces, remember? — are finally ready. They come from Shipley & Halmos and they’re only $145 apiece, so you might as well get all three. Here’s their description:

In honor of the start to the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 20th Anniversary of the greatest Dream Team ever assembled (sorry Kobe), we’ve chosen our three favorite players (sorry Christian Laettner) from that team and created original works of art.

These are going to be great for your totally righteous Man Cave, hanging right next to the framed Brian Cardinal Warriors jersey you bought off eBay and that neon “No Chicks Allowed” sign you got from your girlfriend for your birthday. Hang them right over your leather sectional couch.

But really, these are pretty cool, if you’re in the market for a mostly non-functional backboard and rim that is only useful when taking some joke shots for a few minutes at a time. I’m not sure that I’d want to spend this much money on a wall hanging that looks like it could be made with dot matrix printer and some plywood, but I have to imagine they’d be nice among a collection of various sports memorabilia.

It’s just too bad Shipley & Halmos didn’t make a Patrick Ewing one. With all that surface area, that thing would be VERY forgiving.

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Look, I am not an art critic who can tell you about art things like conte crayons, distemper and gouache. But I can tell you when something — like, for instance, a happy little deer sitting amongst some happy little trees — is awesome. And that’s what this is. Just look at it and try to disagree. You can’t argue with nature.

It comes from a series by UniWatch contributor Marty Hick, where he paints old-timey NBA and ABA logos in to cheapo thrift store landscapes. Here he is, explaining his masterpiece:

“This is by far my favorite of the four I’ve done so far,” says Marty. “What can you say about the greatest logo ever? He looks like a free-roaming creature without the confines of a logo outline. He truly looks like he belongs there, and he seems quite content. This was the first one I did, and I almost stopped there.”

You can click through to UniWatch to see the rest of the project, but even the artist agrees this is the best one. All Bucks fans should download the big version and set it as the background on their computers. Or print it in a giant size and hang it above their fireplaces. It’d look perfect there.

Were you worried that those giant foam statues of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh that you had commissioned weren’t going to be ready for the playoffs? Don’t fret. They’re ready. Just in time.

We got the news about your statues from Hot Hot Hoops, who tracked down the gigantoid pieces of art at PrimeTime Amusements. They’re made completely out of foam, and according to their president, who is also a Heat season ticket holder, they’re pretty much just made because they can be. Why not, right? If you can build a huge Big Three, you probably should. No reason not to.

So, you wanna take a closer look at your statues? You paid a lot for them, so I definitely think you should inspect them.

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How many NBA players do you think have portraits of themselves in their homes? Most? All? Only the superstars?

It’s impossible to know, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is somewhere north of 50 percent. What we do know is that Carmelo Anthony definitely has a Carmelo Anthony painting, thanks to his wife, La La Vasquez, spilling the beans to the New York Post.

Have you recently purchased any artwork? What is your favorite piece?

This past Christmas, we purchased a huge, modern picture of my husband from the artist Paul Gerben, whose studio is located in SoHo. It was great to be directly in touch with the artist himself, which enabled us to create this fantastic, very large and abstract piece that we love.

The couple also has a portrait of their son, but that’s not the one that’s hanging above their fireplace. The only thing this picture is missing is Carmelo taking the bull by its horns. Then it’d be a perfect metaphor and also a direct callback to a scene from “Dodgeball.” A Ben Stiller obsession would explain the portrait and the super thick headband.

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