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Maybe the second attempt wasn’t an honest dunk attempt, but the Josh Smith we all know and sometimes love would have surely tried to cram that on Greg Stiemsma’s head. Instead, he suffered the two most embarrassing non-Julian Wright ways to miss a dunk within the span of two seconds. His forebearer, Charles Smith, would be proud.

Professional athletes are loathe to credit their opponents. For whatever reason, it’s often considered a sign of weakness to admit another team or player can shut you down or beat you. Whether it be Evan Turner admitting the 76ers wanted to avoid the Heat in the first round of the playoffs or Kobe Bryant letting everyone know that all self-proclaimed Kobe Stoppers are false prophets, there’s a long history of NBA players and teams refusing to credit their opponents.

Jerry Stackhouse doesn’t care about any of that. He’s an honest man and that’s why he’s picking the Heat to win this year’s championship. Not the team he plays for, the Hawks — the team that cut him early last season. From, your new favorite website:

I am clearly planning for Atlanta to be in the Finals — if I put on my analyst hat, however, if we are looking at the personnel and everything that’s going on during these playoffs, I have to take Miami to win it all. Miami is the favorite to come out of the East, and I’m not counting out the Lakers in the West the way Ramon Sessions and Kobe Bryant are playing.

Nothing says planning to be in the Finals more than picking another team from your conference to win the championship. That is a sure sign that you are confident in your team’s chances. “Outside of the fact that we aren’t the best team in our conference and another team is going to win the championship, I totally think we’re going to be in the Finals.” Sure, Jer-Bear.

But at least he is honest. I think we can all appreciate that Jerry Stackhouse isn’t just reciting platitudes about his team being the best and having blind confidence in their abilities, when they are just the Atlanta Hawks. Sure, his teammates probably won’t appreciate him picking anyone but them to win the title, but it’s also just as likely that they never check This isn’t the right thing to say in a team context, but I personally enjoy this honest assessment.

Of course Jerry Stackhouse wants to be in the Finals. He just knows he’s not going to be — he plays for the Hawks. Age gives perspective. And since Jerry is nearly 58 years old, he’s got more than enough of that to go around.

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It’s not quite as ludicrous as the Luke Babbitt mixtape, as workmanlike as the Nick Collison mixtape or as out and out great as the Brian Scalabrine mixtape, but HoopSpeak’s Jason Collins mixtape is a fine tribute to Tas Melas’ favorite Atlanta Hawk. Try watching Jason Collins get at least four inches off the floor to grab a rebound without being excited for tonight’s game against the Celtics.

Late in the fourth quarter of last night’s Hawks win over the Clippers, a broken play ended with the ball in Joe Johnson’s hands, facing away from the basket with the shot clock running out. JoeJohn did what anyone would do in that situation — he took a couple of old man dribbles to shield the ball from Eric Bledsoe, heaved an almost no-look 31-footer towards the rim and promptly sunk the game-icing three. No big deal. Just another bananahands kind of shot for a guy who’s hit his fair share this season.

The most amazing part, however, was Joe’s stone-faced reaction, like he totally meant to bank in a 3-pointer from that far out. News flash — he didn’t mean to. From the AP:

”The craziest I ever hit in a game” was how Johnson described it. ”I had no clue how much time was left or what even happened,” he said. ”I just heaved it up there. I wanted to at least hit the rim. I accidentally made it.”

At least he’s honest. Not only was JoeJohn not even trying to make the shot, he also missed the rim, which is really what he was trying to hit.

This revelation makes his reaction even better. How do you keep such a straight face when you know what just happened was completely and totally unintentional? Either Joe Johnson has the greatest poker face in league history or his prefrontal cortex has been rewired. Even Tim Duncan would smile at making a shot like that and the smiling protocol he just had installed hasn’t yet been tested.

Other than missing the dunk and having it come after the buzzer anyway, great decision-making by Marvin Williams. Just clean up those two things that make this play completely pointless and this is quality end of game strategy.

But hey, it could be worse. Like if Marvin Williams’ legs fell off, then it’d be worse. That’s the only way it could possibly be a bigger blooper, but at least it didn’t happen.

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At age 37, Jerry Stackhouse hasn’t had a very memorable season. He’s dunked a few times, he was a late addition to the Shooting Stars competition and that’s about it. He didn’t even change his jersey number to prove how old he is. It’s been a pretty boring go of things for Ol’ JerBear.

Until last night. From the AP:

From there until halftime, it was all Hawks, with an unlikely spark from the far end of the bench—37-year-old Jerry Stackhouse.

Barely used most of the season, he came in with 3:46 left in the period and the Hawks still down 48-40. Stackhouse connected on a couple of 3-pointers, sandwiched around a dunk that showed he still has a little bounce in those old legs. He trotted off the court at halftime breathing heavily but savoring chants of “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!”

Once, many moons ago, the world was Jerry Stackhouse’s oyster and he had it in the palm of his hand. Points for days, All-Star appearances, college All-American honors, an All-Rookie team, the “Next Michael Jordan” tag and a March 1996 Rookie of the Month trophy — Jerry Stackhouse had it all. Those were the days.

Now, it’s the smaller things that bring Jerry joy — singing the national anthem, shooting halfcourt shots at everyone’s least favorite All-Star weekend event and an only sort-of ironic chant of his name. That’s what makes him happy now. That’s what makes us all happy now. Well, that and re-watching Jerry’s 360 from the 2000 dunk contest.

I guess Lloyd Christmas was right. Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. Good to know that’s still true in today’s day and age.