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I can’t decide what my favorite part of this is — Barack Obama greeting LeBron James with a “What’s up, Champ?,” Anthony Davis being super nervous while Obama cracks on him or Kobe Bryant threatening to shave Davis’ unibrow if he doesn’t fall in line. All good stuff, really, and I hope beyond hope that veterans keep zinging Davis about that facerpillar for as long as he has it. How could they not?

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This just goes to show you that there is indeed a power greater than a presidential veto. Thanks for that, David Checks and Earl Balances.

“One! More! Kiss! One! More! Kiss!” and other vaguely political terms.

Miss a bunch then hit the last one to look cool? This guy must be a huge Kobe Bryant fan.

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Apparently the new thing in basketball shoe marketing is giving Barack Obama a pair of shoes. First it was Under Armour and Brandon Jennings hooking Mr. President up with some of unreleased shoes. Now it’s Knicks fan/movie director/gigantic jersey enthusiast Spike Lee giving Obamdawg some special Jordan Spizikes.

Here’s Spike:

These Are The Spizikes Made By Michael Jordan For Michelle&Barack W/ Wood Engrained Presidental Seal [...] President Obama Is A Huge Bulls And Jordan Fan.Here He Holds His Gift Of Spizikes From MJ Himself.

To be fair, these aren’t exactly 1-of-1, specially designed by Michael Jordan shoes we’re talking about. They’re actually the “Bordeaux” colorway that comes out this February, but now they have a fancypants wood box engraved with the presidential seal and Michael Jordan’s autograph (photo after the jump) which has to be exclusive to the president, as directed by MJ himself. Or at least that’s what Spike Lee is leading me to believe and I totally trust him.

That being said, still pretty awesome. It’s not every day the best basketball player ever sends an Oscar-nominated director to deliver personal gift to the most powerful man on Earth. I’m not sure that these shoes and their box will go next to Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, but you have to agree this is cool.

Not to mention, since this is shoe is going to be released to the public, you can have the same shoes as the President of the United States of America. Imagine the laughs you can get from telling your friends that you’re wearing Obama Jordans. That alone might be worth the sticker price.

But be warned — I’m guessing Michael Jordan’s not going to send one of his famous buddies to hand deliver your pair. Can’t win ‘em all.

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