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This is from a couple weeks back, when Jordan Brand was visiting Asia and doing all sorts of things. Things like, I don’t know, having its three biggest endorsers throw out the first pitch at a Chinese baseball game, but not before getting instructions on various poses they need to do prior to pitching. It’s like watching season two of “Eastbound & Down,” only when these guys get confused by what’s happening, they just look at each other rather than raging and trying to break stuff.

Must have learned from R.A. Dickey, or a host of other “Blue Jays are bad at pitching and/or baseball” jokes.

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Get that anger out of your brain and indulge in a pre-MLB Ichiro meeting Michael Jordan for the first time. Make sure to notice Ichiro’s tremendous “Tom & Jerry” sweatshirt, Jordan (of course) noticing Ichiro’s Carmine Jordan VIs and a good three minutes of the nicest Michael Jordan has ever been to someone he’s never met. All in all, a great watch.

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3,010 hits. One deep tan. Zero dance moves.

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More like Minnesota Twinberwolves, am I right?

No? OK, never mind then. Just a guy throwing a pitch. Enjoy your pun-free existence.

P.S. Cool socks, Kevin Love.


I bet you didn’t know Dirk Nowitzki’s favorite baseball player was Tony Phillips, did you? I didn’t either, but based on that batting stance, it must be.

All we know for sure is that between this and his first pitch at the Rangers game, it’s pretty obvious he picked the right sport.

This is the most amazing thing that Dan Majerle has ever done and I want to watch this clip forever. I didn’t know you could catch a ground rule double like a boss, but I guess you can.

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