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You’ve played H-O-R-S-E. Who hasn’t? But have you ever played EXTREME H-O-R-S-E? * Wuwee-wuwee-wuuuuu! Wah-wah-wah! * Check out this sneak peek before it’s added to this year’s NBA All-Star festivities.

While in Oklahoma City, Skeets and Tas hit the streets to find out how Thunder fans felt about the news of the team they love movin’ back to Seattle. Oh, you hadn’t heard either? Try and keep up, man!

Who killed the NBA season? Last Wednesday, this was a very valid question to ask, so we sent Miami’s top investigator to crack the case. In a shocking twist ending, it turns out the NBA had merely faked its own death. I guess you could say, basketball’s … *puts on sunglasses* … bouncin’ back. YEEEEAAAHHHH!

Upon arriving in San Francisco, The Jones decided to do what every group of five dudes does when they get to the City by the Bay: Attempt a shot-for-shot remake of the “Full House” intro.

Scratch one thing from the Bucket List, Mr. Bear!

It’s a well-known fact that Portland is full of hipsters. So, with that in the mind, The Jones decided to crash LaMarcus Aldridge’s “Rip City Basketball Classic” to help settle the debate: “Who is the NBA’s biggest hipster?”

As Skeets and Tas loosen up before their first No Season Required Tour show, an unexpected guest pops by to inspire them.

It’s official: Kevin Durant cannot stop playing basketball.

Two days after lighting up Rucker Park in Harlem, and a night removed from scoring 41 points in a Pro-City tournament game, Durant continued his summer ball tour by torching a bunch of fifth grade kids in Wisconsin.

Wednesday, the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar scored an insane 284 points to help his team, the Holy Apostles Chargers, destroy the Elmwood Cougars, 320-30. Durant’s box score was one for the ages. He connected on 112-of-126 shots overall, including 24-of-29 three-point attempts, and made 36-of-38 free throws. He also grabbed 18 rebounds, had four assists and blocked 25 shots Bill Murray style.

Hundreds of soccer moms were turned away at the doors, undoubtedly itching to witness the NBA’s two-time scoring champ, who had a 66-point effort at Rucker Park on Monday that persuaded fans to rush the court.

Durant likes to play in leagues throughout the country during the summer, but he was non-committal about suiting up Wednesday night at a local YMCA wheelchair game. He said he would have to wait and see while adding, “I just try to get better man. I like to play in every part of the country to see how the ballers are. I had fun.”

10-year-old Paul Grisham scored six points in the loss.