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If you’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon than to learn what it takes to become the world’s most successful Canadian basketball podcasters, then join us at 2:45 pm ET to hear TBJ’s Seven Secrets of Podcasting at this year’s Blogs with Balls conference. See you then.

We’ve been plugging it for a while now, but today is the start of Blogs with Balls 5 here in Toronto. As such, no posts today since we’ll all be learning about various facets of sports media. We’ll have a live stream of our panel up tomorrow, but that’s it. And that includes Monday, as that’s when we’ll be celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s the exact same as American Thanksgiving, only no Lions and Cowboys and it’s on a Monday in October.

So if you’re in attendance at the conference this weekend, come say hi. If not, watch the live stream on Saturday, just to keep us in your lives. Then everything is back to normal on Tuesday. Peach out.