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Apparently Mike Tyson is a huge fan of the Shaggs because this is some serious “Philosophy of the World” type music. No melody, no rhythm and virtually no musicianship at any point during the entirety of this “song.” Lester Bangs gives it all of the thumbs up.

(via MY MOM, duh)

If you’re going to interview Mike Tyson on the sideline of the Knicks game, you might as well prepare for him to swear on live television, say some off-the-wall things and just generally be very awkward on camera. That’s kind of his calling card these days.

But still, if you insist on interviewing Mike Tyson during a basketball game, maybe it’s not the best idea to ask a guy who spent three years in jail on a rape conviction, bit a guy’s ear off and went broke after earning tens of millions of dollars what his “Biggest Life Do-Over” is. Maybe leave that one to Barbara Walters.

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