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This is from Tuesday night, but it’s too good not to share. From his first answer that he’s “Growing a beard and trying to get as many whitetail deer as I can” to the revelation that his date night is a Kings-Timberwolves game and some chicken fingers, it’s wonderful. More interviews, please.

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Now imagine he sent this to your phone. “Hey bud, shot a 7-foot-3 bear today. Callin him Bearvydas Sabonis. Check it out.” Yikes.

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When I first heard James Johnson was going to wear Brad Miller’s historic No. 52 for the Sacramento Kings, my first thought was “Ummmm…” since James Johnson is one of my all-time least favorite Bulls and Brad Miller is, as everyone on the internet knows, one of my all-time most favorite humans. Then, when Jimmy Johns came out saying he was wearing the ol’ 5-2 for Big Brad I completely changed my mind. Good for you, James Johnson. Way to be smart about number choices.

All that happened this summer though, which means training camp is the first time anyone has had a chance to ask Johnson about his relationship with the NBA’s premier camouflage ambassador. Cowbell Kingdom, a Kings blog, did just that and the answer was as perfect as you can imagine.

Johnson asked Miller for his blessing to wear 52. However, the 25-year-old forward hasn’t asked the former Kings big man, an avid outdoorsman, to take him hunting yet.

“He always sends me pictures,” said Johnson with a smile. “I heard he just got a 7-foot bear just the other day. So, I don’t know if I’m going that extreme. I don’t if I’m that extreme yet – maybe a couple ducks or squirrels (first).”

Imagine you are sitting there building a virtual Jurassic Park on your phone, when all of the sudden a text message from Brad Miller pops up at the top of the screen. You click over and there is Brad Miller, grinning widely while sitting next to a dead alligator or giant bear or some other creature that he just gunned down. That is legitimately James Johnson’s life and he seems pretty happy about it even though I think we can all agree that the first time you get sent a picture of a dead animal out of nowhere is probably a little strange.

That being said, if Brad Miller is sending you anything, it’s probably pictures of recent kills, so you might as well get used to it. Someone should let Nikola Pekovic know though, or else he’s in for quite the surprise.

And it goes by the codename of “Slowy McPumpfakes.”

From Fox Sports North:

Recently retired center Brad Miller made an appearance at camp on Wednesday, working closely with Nikola Pekovic and the other big men. He’ll be with the team through camp, Adelman said, though he couldn’t resist getting in a joke about the player he coached for so many years. He’s probably lost, the coach joked, or perhaps he’s just looking for a place to hunt. [...]

“He’s such a smart player, and with the group we have, a lot of stuff that we’re doing is what we did a lot in the past,” Adelman said. “He’s really smart about that. I just thought he could help some of the big guys and make them understand what they have to look for.”

Well, it sure looks like the Timberwolves are going to lead the league in backdoor passes thrown. And also probably backdoor passes completed, though I’ll admit that’s not necessarily a guarantee. I’m also guessing they’ll be near the top of the NBA in camouflage, big men time spent at the top of the key and headbands.

So basically, all the important stuff. Cautiously updating my T-Wolves prediction from “squeak in to the playoffs” to “likely NBA champions.”

Hey guys, have you been wondering what Brad Miller has been up to since his retirement? Me too, obviously.

Well, the answer is pretty much what you’d expect — hunting alligators with fellow Indiananite Jared Jeffries. From the Country Boys Outdoors Twitter:

Me taking jerrod out for his first gator ever

Even in retirement, Brad Miller is still the best. Maybe not at knowing the exact spelling of his hunting buddies’ names, but definitely at everything else including but not limited to wearing a camouflage Chicago Cubs hat and Nikes for a hunting excursion with a random NBA guy who I didn’t even know was a hunter but is indeed a hunter. Brad Miller is the gift that keeps on giving.

(Also, since both of these guys are 6-foot-11 or taller, imagine how big that gator must be. Yikes. Please don’t get eaten, Brad Miller.)

Want to know a good way to win over a sappy blogger whose favorite player just retired? Do this.

From the Kings’ media relations manager, Devin Blankenship:

James Johnson will wear #52 to honor former Kings great B-Rad Miller. The two became friends in Chicago and share a love of ‘outdoors’

As an avowed James Johnson hater who considers him amongst my all-time least favorite Bulls, I am doing a 180 on this and mentally high-fiving him for making a righteous decision. If the league isn’t going to mandate that No. 52 is retired by every team — a step that is inevitable, but seems to have been help up for some unknown reason — then this is the next best thing. Considering he’s had one of the most ill-conceived hairstyles of the past few years, just like Brad, it seems a nice fit.

However, for Jimmy Johns to prove he is truly worthy of the hallowed No. 52 and that he really loves the outdoors, I think he needs to appear on an episode of “Country Boys Outdoors.” That’s the only way to know he’s for real.

If he played with a tin of dip in his shorts, that’d help too.

As everyone knows by now, Brad Miller is retiring at the end of the season. It’s the worst news of this NBA season and it will leave us all with a 7-foot, redneck void that will be almost impossible to fill.

But we have to do it. We have to find someone to fill that hole. The logical choice is Chris Kaman, who loves hunting, is very big and documents his kills, just like B-Milli. However, there is another contender, who’s also huge, loves being outdoors and did stints with the Bulls and Hornets. His name is Aaron Gray and he’s got a legitimate claim to the Brad Miller crown (made from sticks held together with dried chewing tobacco). From Dime magazine:

Dime: What type of stuff do you like to get into off the court?
Aaron Gray: I’m a huge outdoor guy. I recently bought a house on a lake near my parents down in Texas. I’m not like a hunter, but I love to be on a boat. I’m a big fisher and love doing anything outdoors, man. I’m not a big sit-inside-and-watch-TV guy. I feel like I do that all season because you are either tired or just resting up or you’ve spent so much time inside. In the summertime, it’s so nice just to get outdoors.

Dime: Did you do a lot of that stuff when you were in New Orleans?
AG: Oh yeah. Absolutely. We took everyone down to go on gator tours and then spent an afternoon on the bayou. There are some really cool people. They have some really cool places there, swamp areas, but there is some good lake fishing and rivers. Obviously, you can go down and get on the gulfs and start cleaning up. There’s definitely water.

Dime: What do you like most about fishing?
AG: I just enjoy the water, man, and just hanging out. I can have a great time fishing and not even catch a fish. (laughs) It’s nothing serious, but it’s something I enjoy.

As the world’s preeminent scholar in Millerhood, let me tell you that this is a pretty solid Brad Miller résumé. Gray gets major points for hanging out on the bayou and chasing gators, repeated use of the word “outdoors” and continual punctuation of his sentences with “man.” Plus, he gets to wear camouflage jerseys. That is a strong case for being the next Brad Miller, though admitting he’s “not like a hunter” really damages his argument.

That’s where Chris Kaman really shines, since he is definitely the NBA player who is most likely to follow in Miller’s footsteps by retiring to star in a hunting show. That’s a huge advantage in his favor, though I would contend that Chris Kaman is so Chris Kaman now — the hunting pictures, the gun displays, the firework videos — that he can’t be the next Brad Miller. He’s already the first Chris Kaman, which is like a less chill spinoff of Brad Miller. It’s a complicated theory, but I think you follow.

Just because Aaron Gray loves fishing and being outdoors doesn’t mean I’m going to instantly name him the next Brad Miller. He’s got a long way to go and a lot of headbands to wear before that happens. I’m just trying to keep you guys in the loop with regards to this developing situation. In 11 games, the NBA gets a whole lot less Brad Miller-y and I just want everyone to be prepared.