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We live in an attention economy-driven world where the most important things are the things you see the most and the things you see the most are the things a few select people decide are important. If you’re not cool enough to be noticed, then you’ll never be cool because you’ll never be seen.

It’s a vicious cycle and it’s something Tyrus Thomas doesn’t like at all. From the Charlotte Observer:

“My drive is because of the fact every other team is getting mentioned right now, whether it’s their blockbuster trade or how good they’ll be,” Thomas told the Observer Monday. ”So I know we have to come in and work. My drive right now is to be mentioned. It just disgusts me when you watch ESPN, and out of the 30 teams you’re not mentioned.

“I think a lot of our guys have that chip on their shoulders. Just to show we’re in the league, too, you know?’’

If you’re a team no one cares about, this is the way to do it. Just play your balls off, try to be fun and win some games. Eventually someone will put you on TV.

Except, of course, for the fact that the league’s national TV schedule is pretty well set and the only way to get more exposure is to be chosen as the featured game for Fan Night on NBATV. And because they’re the Bobcats, they’ve only got four national games.

Not to mention, they were the 26th slowest team in the league last year, according to the pace statistics provided by Basketball-Reference. And they were the 26th worst offensive team in the league last year. And they had less dunks last year than Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin did individually. And their leading dunker (Kwame Brown, 72nd in the league) just signed a hilariously huge contract with another team. And their highest draft pick might not be joining the team this season.

I’m not saying it’s impossible for the Bobcats to get national exposure, I’m just saying there are some obstacles. Maybe Tyrus Thomas just needs to start saying quotable things to anyone who’ll listen. Not only did that “get my check” blurb get him some attention, this little nugget got him a super valuable blog post. You gotta start somewhere.

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Yes, it was a pretty far-fetched idea in the first place. The Bobcats are a team coming off a 34-48 season which saw them trade their best player, Gerald Wallace, midway through for virtually nothing. This year, they plan to center their offense around Corey Maggette. Yup. Guess they’ve gotta go with something.

Either way, I’m not here to judge rosters, especially since we have no idea how things will shake down when Friday’s free agency extravaganza begins, but just a quick glance at this year’s schedule basically kills any chance for Charlotte to overachieve.

Strength of schedule aside, the Bobcats play four games in five nights a league leading 12 times, meaning 48 of their 66 games (73 percent) will be played under those tough circumstances. The average team plays four games in five nights just six times.

Last season, Charlotte was the fourth worst team on the second night of back-to-backs when compared to games following an off night. As you’d expect, they’re close to the top in the numbers of back-to-backs this season at 23 (Indiana has 24). Sorry, ‘Cats fans. Expect some lackluster play.

I love me some Kemba Walker swagger and Bismack Biyombo’s jumping abilities, but with such a short camp, I don’t see the rooks making a big mark this season. A team like Charlotte needs to outwork the opposition if they’re going to be successful, but that looks pretty hopeless when checking out the calendar.

Wonder how Michael Jordan feels about that hardline stance now.

Playing basketball makes a person sweaty. Sometimes grossly sweaty. Like bring two shirts to the gym sweaty. Just sayin’.

And as we all know, when you sweat, you stink. Just ask Amar’e Stoudemire, who was recently asked (for some reason) who was the smelliest player in the NBA. His response, as transcribed by I Am a GM:

Dan Le Batard: Kevin Love told us that Ronny Turiaf smells worse than anyone in the NBA. Can you confirm?

Amar’e Stoudemire: Confirmed. Confirmation, granted.

Dan Le Batard: Your teammate is the worst smelling player in the NBA. Who is second?

Amar’e Stoudemire: I dunno, man. I try not to get too close to these guys. But I think Boris Diaw may be a close second. 1a and 1b.

Just so you know, apparently the French guys in the NBA smell terrible. Way to enforce stereotypes, Amar’e. Kind of harsh, but I played against Tony Parker’s brother in high school and he really did smell bad, so I see where he’s coming from. (Not saying all French people smell, but that it is very believable that maybe these specific French fellows smell. I don’t want to get any angry emails from beautiful smelling French folks, so take a chill pill.)

Nonetheless, it’s good to know who the real stinkers are in the league. I would have put money on Nick Collison, since he’s supposedly the sweatiest guy out there, but I guess he has that special non-stink sweat. It’s still a good idea to ask every player, just to make sure. Nice to see Dan Le Batard’s on it.

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Once upon a time, Latrell Sprewell gave us the finest joke in professional athletics labor history when he told reporters that he needed a bigger contract from the Minnesota Timberwolves because “[He's] got a family to feed.” Since then, it’s been the go-to zing when talking about anything related to contracts, lockouts and labor agreements. It has become such a common refrain that the players’ union has even advised players “not to make blatant appeals for sympathy.”

Corey Maggette wasn’t listening. From Sports Illustrated:

“Now guys have to make a decision about playing elsewhere, maintaining a living and all that,” said Maggette, who was among the many who had been encouraged by the tenor of last week’s talks. “As of right now, everyone is unemployed. You have to re-evaluate [your situation]. At the end of the day, you’re unemployed right now and you have to do a job in order to feed your families or whatever.

Ha. “Or whatever.” Corey Maggette needs to put food on his family or some other thing like that. Maybe he needs to give them some drinks or buy them some new bookbags or rent “Thor” from Redbox, but who can really know? He’s unemployed right now, so he needs a new job so he can do family stuff. You understand, I’m sure. The man’s only made about $68 million in his career.

Speaking of new jobs, Corey’s updating his résumé, which I am guessing is a re-editing of his favorite YouTube sizzle reel.

“I’m not saying guys don’t have money or that they’re not saving their money the right way, but ultimately — if you get fired or you have to find yourself another job — you’ve got to put out another résumé and pull another gig.”

Yep. Sure. Gotta get those résumés out there, make some connections. Maybe Corey Maggette should join LinkedIn and add all the basketball executives he knows. Reach out to people he knows to see if they have any job leads or know anyone who’s hiring. Until he finds a job, trying to find a job should be his job. In today’s job market, anything that can differentiate him from the hundreds of out of work NBA players is going to be a plus. So maybe he should wear sleeveless shirts to his interviews so that the people in charge of personnel know that he is serious about taking care of his body. That’s just a suggestion, but he should definitely send a thank you card the next day, to prove that he really wants that job.

These are just some common job-hunting tips that should give Corey Maggette a leg up while he goes through these tough times. It should also help that he is in the top less than half of half of one percent on people on Earth in his particular field. That should definitely help.

On Tuesday morning, Mike Wise did what he does best: He wrote an article about a situation that the NBA is dealing with, one that a lot of us — myself included — are reeling from. He wrote with facts, he wrote with honesty, he wrote with the same feeling of dread and confusion that I have as I struggle to understand unnecessary strife and tragedy as I tap on the keys of my computer to type this.

While he eloquently explained exactly why this situation involving Javaris Crittenton is so tough to wrap our heads around, he spelled out the truth: this is a tragedy. A tragedy that police think the former Wizard has caused, enough to release an arrest warrant and a wanted poster and to take him into custody in Los Angeles last night as he was boarding a plane to return to Atlanta where his lawyer said he would surrender to police and try to clear his name. As Wise was explaining this, he also revealed something else.

A tiny detail from nearly two years ago serving as another reminder that people are not always who we think they are nor who they sometimes seem to be. While Javaris Crittenton is either behind bars or being transported to Atlanta to speak to police about a 22-year-old mother who is no longer with us, leaving behind four children who have suddenly been orphaned, Gilbert Arenas has been tweeting and deleting, jawing with a comedian, giving away free shoes and still managing to make people cringe because they’re wondering where that lovable joker with the sweet heart has gone.

Stop for a second. Look beyond the tweets and avatars. Look within Wise’s article. Here’s your detail:

Little-known fact uncovered in court documents in the spring of 2010: Crittenton, via text message, asked to borrow thousands from Arenas to help pay his ill mother’s escalating medical bills. Just two months after their confrontation, Arenas obliged.

While Arenas has been labeled as many things over the past few years, this fact unearthed by Wise shows once again that he still has that heart we’ve been wondering about, even if he doesn’t show it. Even if his actions would sometimes make you think otherwise.

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Hey all you amateur Ansel Adamses and Annie Leibovitzes out there, are you bored this summer and hoping to make some in-roads with an NBA team? Probably not, but this is still a great opportunity for you. This is a great opportunity for all of us, but you’re the ones with the DSLRs, so go for it.

From the Bobcats website:

We’re looking for three lucky social media fans to be a part of the 2011-12 Lady Cats calendar shoot, and it could be you! Sign up now for your chance to become a behind-the-scenes photographer for us at one of these selected shoots and we’ll post your photo gallery on

That’s right, you have a chance to photograph the two-time defending NBA dance champions in a totally non-creepy way. Well, not totally non-creepy, but at least officially sanctioned levels of creepy. That is better than straight up creepy, I’d say. Kind of weird that you don’t have to submit any photos to be considered, meaning all kinds of weirdos can sign up for this to just check out pretty ladies, but this is significantly less creepy than surreptitiously snapping pics of these dancers.

And since we’re in a lockout, and teams can’t display any images of players and are forced to run cheerleader gallery after cheerleader gallery, this could be huge for your burgeoning photography career. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s how Ryan McGinley got his start. His online gallery of Milwaukee Bucks dancers is legendary in art circles.

If you can ignore the fact that there is a huge labor dispute lingering over everything happening in the NBA, this offseason has been pretty much business as usual. There haven’t been free agent signings or trades, but we’re not missing out on anything, because there’s nothing to miss out on. It’s just various reports that no progress has been made, guys are playing in other leagues or guys want to play in other leagues. Pretty boring, really.

But that looks like it’s the calm before the storm, because the first wave of lockout layoffs has already started. (Doubling up on weather metaphors. No bigs.) From the Associated Press:

The Charlotte Bobcats’ radio announcer is one of several people to lose their jobs in cost cuts for owner Michael Jordan’s team amid the NBA lockout.

Play-by-play man Scott Lauer was let go this week. The team’s director of corporate communications, the manager of community relations and at least four others have been laid off in the past week.

The worst thing is, this is definitely just the first in a bunch of layoffs that are sure to happen. For instance, the Pistons also laid off 15 employees, all while trying to complete the sale of their team. The owners are surely happy that their most famous constituent is the first guy to lay people off because no one knows how to solve the lockout. Michael Jordan’s always been an innovator.

Even though it sucks for the employees, it’s understandable from the owners’ standpoint. There’s no reason to pay people who can’t work, unless you want your radio announcers announcing games at the local rec leagues. (You don’t want that, unless you’re the one playing in the rec leagues.) There are going to be a lot of job losses in the coming months, so get used to this kind of stupid news.