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Slick animation about a guy who wants to win a medal for his home country in an Olympics that takes place in his home country? Yes, please. This is awesome.

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Look guys, there isn’t too much information on why Moondog went to Ashlee and Ben’s wedding over the weekend, but he definitely did. You can tell from the pictures. And from the tweet:

Rocking @HelloAshlee1 @foryourbenefit Wedding Photos as two #Cavs fans become one. Thanks for an amazing night

Just your basic Cavs wedding, wherein it looks like a totally normal wedding, only there is a giant stuffed dog there acting like your craziest friend.



For instance, you know how there’s at least one dance circle at every wedding reception, only no one really knows how to end it and everyone just ends up bouncing from side to side while there’s a huge hole in the middle that no one wants to dance in? Well, imagine if that happened but Moondog was there.

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With the dust mostly settled on this offseason’s player movement — and there was a whole lot of it this year — it’s time to take stock of all the fascinating new faces in new places, as well as the more compelling stories of players who will face new challenges while sticking around. Over the course of the next few weeks, Andrew Unterberger will do a team-by-team look at the most interesting players going into next season — one new to the team, and one returning — as we all try to pass the dog days of NBA-less summer, dreaming of hoops-filled months to come. The series continues today with the teams in the Central Division: the Bulls, Cavaliers, Pistons, Pacers and Bucks.


Most Interesting New Player: Tony Snell

Not a ton to choose from here, obviously — it’s Snell, fellow rookie Erik Murphy, and reserve sharp-shooter Mike Dunleavy, now about a team away from officially reaching journeyman status. Murphy seems unlikely to make a huge impact, Dunleavy’s impact will be decent but predictable, but Snell intrigues me. From his play in Summer League, he looks a lot like budding Spurs star Kawhi Leonard, and I of course mean that in the most literal sense — with his dreads, tall but slight build, and expressionless demeanor, there’s probably not a better physical comp in the league for Leonard than Snell. But he also looks like he could maybe provide a good poor man’s facsimile of Leonard’s skills: solid three-point stroke (39 percent his final season at UNM), long and athletic wing defender (6-foot-7 for a nominal shooting guard), toughness to spare. We’ll see if it actually pans out as such, but from the little I saw, I was impressed.

In general, I was also impressed with the way the Bulls basically oriented their entire offseason around one simple strategy: improving their outside shooting. Maybe not all of Snell, Murphy and Dunleavy will end up being legit contributors to the team, but if two of them do, that’s a simple dimension added to the Bulls’ attack that simply wasn’t there last season, when Jimmy Butler and the departed Nate Robinson were the only outside threats of any consistency. Nothing too sexy, but you never know when an outside shot or two could make the critical difference in an Eastern Conference playoff game, even a whole series. Definitely better to have than not have.

Most Interesting Returning Player: Derrick Rose

Would’ve loved to say Jimmy Butler here, since I’m fascinated to see if he can continue the improvement of his breakout season and become the near-All-Star contributor I feel he might could be, but c’mon. There’ll be no bigger story the first month of the season — with the possible exception of Dwight’s first games in Houston, but I can certainly tell you which of the two I’m more excited for — than D-Rose’s return to the Bulls lineup after a full year’s absence. I practically had heart palpitations when they announced that the first TNT game this year was going be the Rose-led Bulls against the two-time-defending Heat — there might not be a better opening night matchup possible than those two old foes squaring off with both sides finally back at full strength.

Can a fully healthy Derrick Rose lead the Bulls past the Heat in the East playoffs? For now, I’m still pretty skeptical, but to have one more legitimate challengers to the throne — in a season where there are already one or two other credible contenders on the far side of the map as well — should certainly make things more interesting (and less depressing), for the regular season and beyond. I can’t wait.

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Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • In particular, his hair looks like the wispy, soft mane of a troll doll.
  • His buddy is in a Radio Shack shirt while eating at Potbelly’s, so maybe it’s a two-part costume that references Shaq’s time as a Radio Shack pitchman?
  • Could be a low-key callback to the first time people noticed his hair was getting unruly, which would basically mean that Andrew Bynum is wearing an Andrew Bynum costume.

Evidence against:

  • All of the troll dolls I remember had colorful hair.
  • Wispy hair likely just a byproduct of having his braids taken out.
  • Probably just a lunch break for Radio Shack bro. Hope he got The Wreck with giardiniera.
  • “Andrew Bynum is wearing an Andrew Bynum costume” is really just “Andrew Bynum is wearing clothes.”

Verdict: Can a person wear a costume of themselves? Unclear.

Social media integration, y’all — the Cavs done have it. From

Last Friday, May 17th, [Cavs owner Dan] Gilbert put out the call to his @cavsdan Twitter followers to produce and tweet a :30 second or less original video that creatively expressed why they should travel with him to New York for the lottery proceedings and help represent the Cavaliers. @RoyTateMoore did just that with a winning submission that demonstrated his positive karma to prove that he is “one lucky dude.” Below is the winning video @RoyTateMoore submitted. “I am so excited and thankful for this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to be a part of this night and help represent the Cavaliers with Dan and Nick,” said Moore.

Between this kid and Lucky Nick Gilbert, the swaggiest bro of our generation, the Cavs are basically guaranteed to win the top pick this year. All they need now is a Greek in a shower and it’s a guaranteed victory.

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“Most women are interested in me, because I have dimples and I’m Canadian.”Tristan Thompson, ladies…

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What a prank! Prank of the century, probably! Just as long as everyone doesn’t realize that NBA free agents aren’t signed in April, that LeBron isn’t a free agent for another year and that he would obviously pick his next free agent destination on television, this is the perfect prank. Boy, are you gullible.

Of course, if you read the copy and the subtitle, this is pretty clearly the least committed-to prank in the history of April Fools’ Day. It’s like the Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s editors were like, “Well, it’s April Fools’ Day tomorrow so we need to do something, but let’s not go overboard with it. In fact, make sure everyone knows we’re joking so we don’t have another “War of the Worlds” situation on our hands. Have you seen what people around here are capable of when they’re upset? Too scary.”

But still, such a prank exists and cutting out fake headlines to paste on to existing newspapers seems like something everyone I know would do, so let’s come up with a few more zingers just like this one.

  • DERON WILLIAMS GETS JERRY SLOAN TO COME BACK TO THE JAZZ (Subtitle: Gets cool new haircut too)

As my man Humpty Hump would say, these April Fools’ Day headlines are real easy to do. Just look at a transaction that’s happened recently, reverse it while making sure it can’t take place in the month of April (it can’t), and you’ve got yourself a solid AFD prank. Carry on in the comments.

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