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I don’t know that I’ve ever really considered how NBA players pack underwear for long road trips, but thanks to Kyrie Irving we have an answer to that question. And the solution, as it turns out, is just to buy a lot of underwear all the time.

From GQ:

How do you pack for, like, a 12-day road trip?
I take everything from the dry cleaner and just throw it in there. I don’t even know if it matches or anything like that, I just throw in shoes and my dry cleaning.

Do you do laundry along the way? Or do you have to pack 12 pairs of underwear?
I just buy new packs before every road trip.

So it’s like disposable underwear?

There is beauty in simplicity, people. If you have a lot of money and do a lot of traveling, it’s better to just buy a bunch of underwear any time you need them. It’s called supply and demand or logic or something else and it makes all the sense in the world.

Not to mention, if you just keep buying new underwear all the time, your “favorite pairs” will last longer when you just leave them at home. Smart, because not only does that extend the life of your favesies, it also gives you something special to look forward to when you arrive back at the crib. Basically, Kyrie Irving is a genius and now you know how he handles his underwear. Never forget.


I know you’ve been wondering what noted Canadian big men Tristan Thompson and Andrew Nicholson think about bagged milk, that most minor of phenomena that us Americans just can’t stop thinking is weird. That’s why I asked both of them about those silly little baggies.

Here’s Tristan Thompson.

TBJ: Which do you miss more about Canada — loonies and toonies or bagged milk?

Thompson: Bagged milk.

TBJ: Why?

Thompson: Cause it’s easier to just cut it open with scissors.

TBJ: The jugs kind of seem like a hassle.

Thompson: Yeah, exactly. I’m kinda tired of these cardboards you have to open up and all this. It’s too much work.

And here’s Andrew Nicholson.

TBJ: Which do you miss more about Canada — loonies and toonies or bagged milk?

Nicholson: (laughs) I do kinda missed bagged milk.

TBJ: It’s easier.

Nicholson: It is easier. American’s don’t realize that.

So there you go — bagged milk is better than dollar coins and opening cardboards is too much work. This has been your Canadian milk bag report of the day.

Despite the fact he’s 14th in three-point percentage and is top 20 in threes per game, it’s kind of hard to picture Kyrie Irving as a three-point shooter. It’s just that he’s too good at everything on offense to just pin him down as a shooter, and that’s why his inclusion among this year’s three-point contest is a bit weird. It feels like he’s a little better than just being a three-point contest guy. He’s young though, so it’s cool.

Nonetheless, despite Irving’s shooting prowess, Byron Scott still thinks he can beat his young star in a shooting contest, even though he’s spent nearly as many years coaching basketball as playing. From the News-Herald:

Cavaliers coach Byron Scott said he challenged point guard Kyrie Irving to a 3-point shootout after practice on Tuesday at Cleveland Clinic Courts. Scott wouldn’t say if the media would be invited to this must-see event.

Irving has been invited to the Three-Point Contest during All-Star weekend in Houston. Scott competed in the event twice — a last-place finish in 1987 and a third-place performance in ’88.

“I challenged him today,” Scott said. “We’ll go around twice. He’s talking a lot. I think I have a good shot at (beating him). My only problem is if I get tired.”

No offense to Byron Scott, who remains the NBA’s best Byron, but my money will be on Kyrie Irving for this shootout. There’s no doubt in my mind that Byron could get hot and put up a decent score, but there’s also no doubt in my mind that Byron is also going to get tired during this contest. That’s his fault though, considering he’s the one who came up with this idea in the first place. Also, even though it’s only a season-and-a-half in to his career, Kyrie shoots a little more than four percentage points higher from three than his coach did in his career. I’d have to say Irving is the prohibitive favorite here, mostly because he is currently an NBA player.

However, it’d be really great if this sort of thing catches on. I’d love to see Vinny Del Negro challenge Eric Bledsoe to a dunk contest on an 8-foot rim or Gregg Popovich taking on Tony Parker in the Skills Challenge. Or Gregg Popovich doing anything, actually.

In reality though, a three-point contest is the best bet for these old guys. In fact, I’d even watch a coaches’ three-point contest as part of an All-Star Weekend undercard. Just so long as Tyrone Corbin isn’t included. Too sweaty.

(via SLAM)

This is really great. Anytime you can zing a college kid for having a fake girlfriend he uses as inspiration for a run to the national title game, you have to do it. Especially if the guy featured is wearing Irish colors and kind of looks like me when I had short hair. It’s a must. TBS Very Funny.

In return, I hope the Indiana Pacers do an “Ohio State Buckeyes Bowl Game Cam” where they just show an empty section of stands. Then, and only then, will three of my greatest passions — loving basketball, hating Ohio State and hating Notre Dame — finally join together in to a great ball of laughter. It’s just a suggestion, but it’s a really good one and the Pacers should take it.

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I’ve never seen such pure train-on-train hatred like this before. You would think one actual freight train would respect another metaphorical freight train enough to not let this be plastered all over its side, but I guess chivalry is dead and an angry freight train is just the same as an angry Guantanamo Bay prisoner.

Painting the sides of trains still seems to be popping. Good to know.

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I’m not really sure exactly how to get in to this, but Dion Waiters is very confident in his skating skills and he wants to prove it to Kyrie Irving. Yep, that works.

From his journal at Dime Magazine:

I still haven’t gone out yet in Cleveland, though. I just go to practice, come home, chill. That’s pretty much it, every day, all day, so I haven’t been out yet. I did go out bowling and played pool a couple of times, but that’s pretty much it. I’m looking for a skating rink out here. Kyrie told me there’s one about 30 minutes from him so I’m probably going to go one day. I don’t know if Kyrie really knows how to skate, like I really know how to skate. He probably can skate a little though.

Can someone please let Dion Waiters know where the best skating rink in or around Cleveland is so that he and Kyrie Irving can settle this skating dispute like men? And can someone please take a video camera with them to film it so we can all weigh in? Thanks in advance. Winner takes on Rajon Rondo in a roller skating death match.

Oh, and if you’re wanting to make jokes about his last name being Waiters and how the servers at Sonic wear skates, please do so in the comments. Very much looking forward to that.

Join me as I count down my predictions of the regular season finishes for the 2012-13 NBA season, at a rate of three teams per day. Tell me why I’m wrong in the comments.

27. Phoenix Suns
In the first season of the post-Nash era, Suns GM Lon Babby is wisely stockpiling draft picks and trying to create cap flexibility so that they can return to being an annual contender, as they were from the mid- to late-2000s. This season should be a difficult one in Phoenix as Goran Dragic is a significant dropoff from Nash, no matter what you think of Dragic’s skills, and there’s little reason to believe the Suns won’t have a team defense in the bottom third of the league once again.

Free agent signee Michael Beasley figures to take over the role of alpha scorer on this team, claiming, “This is the first time I’ve really been encouraged to shoot even more than I already do, and we all know that I shoot a lot.” Yeah, we sure do, Beas. This will not turn out well.

26. Cleveland Cavaliers
The 2012-13 edition of the Cavaliers have the look of a team who could get off to a brutal start to the season. Kyrie Irving has been shooting poorly in preseason as he recovers from a broken hand, rookie shooting guard Dion Waiters has struggled so far, and eight of the players on their roster have no more than one season of NBA experience. Regardless, Irving is an All-Star talent and he’ll likely remind us of that fact by the end of the season.

Anderson Varejao’s return after missing 41 games with a wrist injury last season should bolster the Cavs’ interior defence, assuming the league’s new anti-flopping rule doesn’t significantly reduce his effectiveness. Depending on how the first half of this season goes, Varejao and the $17.3 million remaining on the final two years of his contract could go on the trading block as the Cavs are following a similar strategy to what the Suns are trying to do — banking future picks and clearing cap space for future potential acquisitions.

25. Sacramento Kings
There is no better example than the Sacramento Kings of how misleading traditional counting stats can be. We see a team with three players who each averaged over 16 points per game last season (Marcus Thornton, DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans), that was sixth in the NBA in points per game, and that plays a fast-paced, run-and-gun style — and some of us might think that they could turn into the new “Seven Seconds or Less” success story. Aside from the fact that current-day versions of Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion in their primes are not walking through that door, there are other problems in Sactown.

Cousins seems to be a virtual lock to average 20 points and 10 rebounds per game this season, but those will be empty numbers if he can’t shoot closer to 50 percent from the field and if he doesn’t dedicate himself to becoming at least a decent defender. The Kings finished 29th in points allowed per 100 possessions last season, and Cousins will need to become more of a presence in the post if they’re going to significantly improve in that category. Meanwhile, Evans needs to shake his reputation as a shooting guard who can’t shoot — he made just 27.7 percent of his shot attempts from beyond five feet from the rim last season.

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