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I know it is more fun to make fun of the Cavaliers’ front office than to give them daps, but I think we need to look at what they’re doing for the upcoming season and give them some applause. Because this, my friends, is pretty genius.

From the Plain Dealer:

Other scheduled promotions for the season include “Mayan Calendar Survivors Night” on Dec. 21, the day the Mayan’s predicted the world would end, that is slated to be “the biggest party in Cleveland,” when the Cavaliers host Indiana.

Promotional giveaways include “The Christmas Story” Bobble Leg Lamp on Dec. 5 against Chicago,  a Kyrie Irving Bobblehad on March 4 against New York, and the ever-popular Wild Thing (Anderson Varejao) Wig on Jan. 5 against Houston.

My aunt and uncle go to the house from “A Christmas Story” — located in Cleveland, which is why this is a thing — every couple of years and they even have a full-size leg lamp that they bring out every Christmas, so this is going to go over pretty well in their household. I am not joking when I suggest that there’s a chance they’d drive to Cleveland for a bobbleleg. Based only on this completely personal connection to two people I am related to, it certainly sounds like there’s a market for this. I’m totally on board for this.

The other big one in there, “Mayan Calendar Survivors Night,” is just hilarious. It definitely has the potential for some “Disco Demolition Night” disaster, where people take things a little too far, but it’s still a funny idea. Especially when you consider “the biggest party in Cleveland” is scheduled for a night between teams from Ohio and Indiana. I bet they understand the irony.

Plus, the Cavs have new alternate jerseys for home games that look pretty nice, if you’re a fan of mustard. Good things are happening in Cleveland.

I have bad news for Osama Bin Laden’s former translator besides the fact that he has been imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay for more than four years — things betwixt LeBron James and the state of Ohio are starting to get smoothed over. There may longer be no need for an apology because things are starting to seem peachy keen.

From the Akron Beacon Journal:

Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic also unveiled the newest honor to Akron’s most famous resident ­­— blue and white signs that will be posted at nine major entrances to Akron that proclaim the city his home.

“For my money, he’s the greatest Akronite because he cares about Akron,” Plusquellic said.

Uh oh. If Akron has already forgiven LeBron — and their mayor considers him the greatest Akronite who has ever Akroned — then Cleveland can’t be far behind. In fact, according to Google Maps, they are only 46 minutes behind, which means I have to rewrite this story in an hour. Things change so quickly around here.

But really, I think this kind of proves that people in LeBron’s hometown aren’t quite as mad as everyone thought they might be. Sure, there were definitely some people who were heated, but the vitriol never approached Cleveland levels. Even if he did leave the Cavaliers (I checked and it’s true that he did), they still love the fact that there’s an NBA champion with three MVPs and two gold medals who grew up there.

And why wouldn’t you be proud of that? That’s totally something to be proud of. All my hometown has is that it’s the birthplace of the automatic corn harvester and it served as the set of Smallville in the new Superman movie. Yeah, the last one might be pretty cool, but after dead Marlon Brando showed up in “Superman Returns,” I’m going to wait until next summer before really being happy about it.

If you were thinking that nearly two years after he left the Cavaliers for the Heat, LeBron James wasn’t such a bad word in Ohio, you’re wrong. My evidence for this assumption is that picture you see up there, which doubles as an online ad from a worker rights group called Workers’ Voice.

My further evidence comes from their website.

As Game Four of the NBA finals tips off Tuesday night, Workers’ Voice has released the content of a new advertising campaign that highlights US Senate candidate Josh Mandel and the FBI investigation into contributions to his campaign.  The ads play off the famous Nike “Witness” ads that featured Lebron James during his tenure as a Cleveland Cavalier. [...]

The ads will also be targeted toward people searching on Google and Bing for information on Game 4 and/or Lebron James who, like Josh Mandel, has been accused of being unable to do the job he was hired for in Ohio, and wanted to take his “talents” elsewhere.

Oh man, double zing right here. Not only did Josh Mandel get zinged, so did LeBron James. Now anyone who searches for LeBron on Google or Bing (haha, Bing) will forever associate him with a guy who may have accepted questionable contributions to his campaign. That is a deep burn.

I have absolutely no familiarity with the political landscape in Ohio, except that it is always important in presidential elections. That being said, I think everybody who can should vote for Josh Mandel’s opponent, Sherrod Brown, because his side is the side that is using a basketball joke for political gains. Either that or learn about “the issues.” Your call, Ohioans.

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From the people who brought you last year’s fantastic “Let’s Go CMavs” shirt, GV Art and Design, comes another anti-Heat t-shirt, this one backing the Thunder with a smart mashup called “OKCLE.” High fives, again, for this one.

Just like last season’s shirt, this year’s design puts a quality spin on the Heat hate, tweaking it just enough to make the design not entirely negative. Of course Cavalier fans are going to root against the Heat, but if they can do so by rooting hard for another team, that’s way more fun. Only catch I can see is that the “we are not going to steal your Thunder, only borrow it” tagline might be misinterpreted as a Seattle dig, when I really just think it’s trying to say Cavs fans are backing OKC without trying to be over the top about it. Tough line to toe.

The shirts are available from GV Art and Design’s online store for $25, if you’re so inclined. The shirt might be entirely pointless in a couple weeks, but I feel like it’d be pretty easy for a Clevelander to get 25 bucks worth of use out of it. Here’s hoping the Heat keep making Finals appearances because these shirts are excellent.

Sure, he wants it to be in 2007, but I’m willing to bet he’s still hoping the Heat pull a come-from-behind victory in their series with the Celtics. If that happens, maybe he’ll even spring for an updated jersey-jersey backpack combo, though I’m sure he gets a kick out of zinging both the Cleveland and Seattle fan bases.

Or, I suppose, he could just dig out his Paul Pierce satchel. It’s probably still wrapped around the Kobe Bryant jersey he wore it with back in 2010.

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This comes from the James Harden School for the Obvious Award-Winners (Class of 2012), but just so you guys know, Kyrie Irving is set to be named this season’s Rookie of the Year. It’s a real no-doy situation.

Irving led all rookies in scoring, was second in assists and third in minutes per game, all while playing four times as many games in the pros as he did in his one season at Duke University. He led the entire NBA in shooting percentage during isolation plays, was 23rd in PER (eighth among guards), and could have been an All-Star if not for the silly “no rookies” stance that seems to pervade bench selections. He hit at least two game-winning layups, won the prestigious BBVA Rising Stars MVP trophy which will be a source of pride for decades to come and had the Cavaliers challenging for a playoff spot during the first half of the season. Also, he is the first “Kyrie” in NBA history, which has to count for something.

All in all, Kyrie Irving did everything you’d want from a No. 1 overall pick, including giving Cleveland fans a reason to buy one of those new jerseys. No offense to Antawn Jamison, but it’s going to be way more fun for those guys to root for a young, exciting player for the next however many years than wasting $75 on a season of awkward flip shots. He was an easy pick at No. 1 and everything came out roses during his first season, barring a relatively minor shoulder injury.

As long as he doesn’t break the city’s heart by hosting a television special where he decides to team up with his best friends in Miami, things are looking up in Cleveland. Congrats to them and to him.

Round about this time last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers used the Los Angeles Clippers’ lottery balls to snare the first pick of the 2011 NBA Draft, thanks to a little good luck from Nick Gilbert, son of owner Dan Gilbert and the coolest person to have been associated with Cleveland since Bizzy Bone. But after a decent season led by No. 1 overall pick and presumed Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving, the Cavs are back in the lottery.

So why not try the same thing again? Bring an awesome kid, use some of his special powers and get another top pick in a stacked draft. That’s exactly what the Cavs are doing and they’re hoping it works out the exact same way. From the Cleveland News-Herald:

“We are trying to repeat the same route, same people,” Gilbert said. “We’re trying to do everything in the same exact way.” Gilbert said Browns personalities Bernie Kosar, Joshua Cribbs and Joe Haden will be at the lottery in New York, along with Irving.

“We are very superstitious with this stuff,” Gilbert said.

Nick will try to recreate his magic from last year when the Cavs got the top pick.

“We’re going to bring Nick to the lottery,” Gilbert said. “If he doesn’t get the first pick, he’ll be grounded all summer.”

This is big. Not only does the future of the Cavs’ franchise hang in the balance, as a 15-year-old, everything attached to Nick Gilbert’s happiness depends on getting this pick.

You remember when you were 15. How much would it have sucked if your dad didn’t let you go hang out with your friends because you couldn’t get him the NBA Draft’s No. 1 pick? Even though those are very specific circumstances and very few of us have parents that own NBA franchises, it would suck a lot. That means he can’t see “The Dark Knight Rises” or go to all of Justin Bieber’s concerts or sit on a flag pole or whatever 15-year-olds do in 2012. All I know is that when you’re 15, doing things is the most important thing in the world, so this could be a potentially devastating night for Nick Gilbert.

But if the Cavaliers do end up with the No. 1 pick for the second year in a row, thanks to Nick’s bowtie, I’m thinking he should be get a substantial reward. He’s going to need a car when he gets his license and if he makes his dad that much money — Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving on the same team is tantalizing — he should be in line for something pretty special. A team hasn’t had the No. 1 pick two years in a row since the Orlando Magic in 1993, so I’m thinking Mercedes.

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