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What does it take to make a superhero? Usually it’s some combination of civic pride, derring-do, and an unfortunate accident that leaves you with superpowers or a significant amount of money that you use to purchase weaponry. Or, if you’re Blake Griffin, it’s a turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich from Subway. Eat fresh.

Yes, Blake Griffin is a superhero now, thanks to a new short-run series that sees the sandwich magnate’s celebrity endorsers join up with the Justice League to battle evildoers. A natural fit.

In Blake’s edition, our hero is at Subway when he realizes he’s going to be late for his “dunk show.” Can’t be late for the dunk show, whatever that is. Maybe he should hire an assistant who will tell him not to waste time at a sandwich shop when he is supposed to be putting on a dunk exhibition, but never mind that.

Anyway, Blake’s late for his dunk show when NASCAR driver Carl Edwards offers to speed him to the gym, which seems illegal. On their way, Blake and Carl encounter Superman fighting Gorilla Grodd and offer their assistance. They defeat the telepathic ape, the Green Lantern speeds them to the dunk show, which Blake wins because you can win dunk shows, I guess. Carl and Blake celebrate with their uneaten subs.

You can read the whole thrilling story over at From the Marbles, but I’ve included the climactic scenes after the jump. The moral of the story, as you’ll see, is to eat more avocado. Can’t argue with that.

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