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Hey, human. Do you want to look like, and live like, Dennis Rodman?

No? That is understandable, but you can still buy all of his stuff anyway. It’s going on auction August 10 in Santa Ana, CA. Start saving your money now because there are some great items that are not going to be cheap.

There are a bunch of Dennis’ clothes, from zany blazers to patchwork pants to what we can only assume is a snow leapord print Jamiroquai hat. Basically everything you need to recreate your favorite Dennis Rodman look, whether that be at a book signing or at the Hall of Fame selection ceremony, since it’s all the same to him.

But it’s not just clothes. It’s also random household items, like a pool table, box full of CDs (including Pearl Jam’s “Vs.” duh), or filing cabinets. Just spend a couple of hours here and you can outfit an entire house with the finest in Dennis Rodman furniture. Can’t recommend the couch, however. Some things never really wash out.

If you’re a Dennis Rodman collector, there are some great finds as well. For instance, you can buy Dennis’ own 1995 AllState Good Hands Award, a Rodman Detroit Bad Boys hard hat or a copy of every book Dennis Rodman ever wrote. There’s something for everyone at the Dennis Rodman auction. Yes, even you, Mr. Dolls Collector.

So come on down to the Dennis Rodman auction on August 10 in Santa Ana, CA. There’s an address, but it’s easiest to just follow the smell. Once you get the scent of Ed Hardy cologne and whiskey in your nostrils, turn right.

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If you had to guess what Dennis Rodman would do for his 50th birthday, would you guess that he’d go to Las Vegas wearing women’s clothing and an Ed Hardy hat, jump on the bar to dance, grab the mic and yell at the crowd while making it rain? Then, would you guess that he’d go to a strip club and do the same thing? That’s probably exactly what you’d guess.

And you’d be totally right. From the Las Vegas Sun:

Rodman and his group took over Chateau’s Strip-side terrace and enjoyed Grey Goose and Red Bull in their private cabana overlooking the Bellagio Fountains. Rodman changed into a black-and-white houndstooth sport coat before jumping up on a banquette to dance with go-go dancers and make it rain dollar bills.

Rodman passed out cigars to partygoers and got on the mic, saying, “We’re in Las Vegas! The only city in the world where you can do whatever you want.” Before settling into his VIP cabana for the evening, he signed autographs and posed for photographs with fans. While at the Paris, Rodman also dined at Sugar Factory American Brasserie and shopped in the retail store. [...]

While in Las Vegas, Rodman stopped by Crazy Horse III Gentlemen’s Club, where his group and he drank Jagermeister at their VIP table. Rodman got the club hyped as he stood near the dancers’ stage and made it rain hundreds of dollar bills. Rodman also partied at XS at the Encore with DJ Diplo and had breakfast, which included a Corona(!), with a friend at Riva by Wolfgang Puck at the Venetian and drinks at nearby La Scena.

I’d say never change, but that doesn’t seem like a legitimate concern with Dennis Rodman. Seems like he is pretty content with being Dennis Rodman. So I guess, just keep on doin’ it, man.

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Maybe you were thinking that since Dennis Rodman has been voted in to the Hall of Fame, he would chill out and gracefully enjoy his status as one of the NBA’s all-time greats. That doesn’t sound like something he’d do, but you have high hopes for people. You think they’re capable of so much, and you figure that if Ron Artest can be honored for his work with mental health advocacy, then even Dennis Rodman can become a well-respected elder statesman of the NBA.

You are so silly. From TMZ:

Dennis Rodman got real physical at a bar in Akron, Ohio earlier this week, TMZ has learned — allegedly shoving a local patron after the man uttered two unforgivable words … “LeBron James.”

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the man in question — named Michael Douglas (NOT the actor) — stopped by a local bar after he heard Rodman was drinking there.

According to the report, Douglas walked up to Rodman and joked with him — asking if he was in town to check up on LeBron … and for some reason, Rodman flipped and shoved him back.

This report comes from TMZ, so take it with all of the grains of salt you can find in your sea salt grinder that you got from Crate and Barrel, but I think we can all agree that Dennis Rodman starting a fight at a bar because someone mentioned LeBron James is a very Dennis Rodman thing to happen.

Plus, a police report for the incident really does exist and it is even more Dennis Rodman than you can imagine, since it entails the guy giving Rodman 20 bucks to buy the two of them a drink, only to have Rodman use the guy’s money to tip the bartender. So basically, Rodman ripped the guy off, then pushed him when he brought up LeBron James. Definitely the kind of thing you’d expect from a guy in an Ed Hardy t-shirt.

This is a good lesson to learn though. If you happen to see Dennis Rodman out at a bar (an extremely likely occasion), don’t bring up LeBron James. Same with Mo Williams, but that’s just because you don’t want to have to deal with a crying mess while you’re trying to enjoy your chicken quesadilla. That’s a sure-fire way to ruin a night.