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Sometimes, the planets and moons align and things come together just right to change your life. For instance, if I didn’t have a mind-numbingly boring desk job that still allowed me unfettered internet access right after college, I probably wouldn’t have started blogging and made internet friends with Skeets and Tas. And if that company didn’t shut down due to the effects of the recession, I probably wouldn’t have left my job to write full-time. And so on and so forth, until you’re reading this very website and having the best day ever because of it. It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

Another of those things that have worked out perfectly is Derrick Rose doing his darndest to become everything I want in a favorite basketball player. First, he’s a Bull. Second, he’s awesome. Third, he’s now an equity partner in one of Chicago’s most famous deep-dish pizza chains, Giordano’s. So basically, post-Brad Miller favorite player plays for favorite team while endorsing favorite food from favorite city. Pretty good deal for one Trey Kerby.

But enough about me, let’s get some details about Derrick Rose and how much he loves pizza and trickery. From the Chicago Sun-Times:

The partnership is a natural fit for Rose, who has long loved the local chain. “Growing up in Chicago, I remember going to Giordano’s with my family all the time,” says Rose, who hails from Englewood. “It means a lot to partner with a company that is Chicago born and bred, like me.” [...]

Rose frequently orders from Giordano’s under an alias, and Koutsogiorgas says that delivery drivers often come back stunned after meeting the basketball superstar. Since signing on with the pizza chain Rose has been spending more time in the restaurants, even delivering pizzas to a table one night to surprise fans.“People were on the floor!” Koutsogiorgas laughs. “They couldn’t believe it!”

In his new role as equity partner, Rose will be involved promoting the brand and also help out with recipe development. (His current favorite? Thin crust cheese.)

Even though he’s a native Chicagoan who says a thin crust cheeser is his favorite pizza — I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and chalk this treasonous behavior up to having eaten deep-dish his whole life and just enjoying a little bit of a change for now and/or trying to eat less carbs because he’s doing rehab and wants to stay slender — this is still a perfect story. Local boy loves hometown pizza, becomes superstar athlete in hometown, invests in favorite pizza place. It’s the American dream, baked between two greasy crusts and covered with cheese.

Not to mention, there are two very funny anecdotes in these few paragraphs. I can’t decide which I like more actually: Derrick Rose ordering pizzas under various aliases or Derrick Rose spending his downtime thinking about pizza recipes. The comedy possibilities for either of them are endless.

I mean, which do you think he’s better at — coming up with fake names or coming up with new pizzas? There’s no way to know really, until you go to a Giordano’s and see the Rerrick Dose’s Super Thin Cheesington pizza on the menu. That’s a Keyser Soze moment, for sure.

We haven’t seen much of Derrick Rose since he blew out his ACL in the first game of last year’s playoffs. Besides seeing those pictures of him looking like the saddest boy on Earth, it’s just been little hints of his rehab and assurances that he’ll be back sometime next season.

Yesterday, it seems we found out why Rose has been so invisible. First, as you can see up top, he broke down in to tears at the launch of his new signature shoe, the adidas D Rose 3, just becoming completely overwhelmed by watching himself get hurt and then having to start rehabilitating his knee. If he’s crying and yelping his way through his thought in front of a bunch of media, then something tells me this isn’t the first time this has happened. Poor guy.

It got worse from there.

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