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This one’s for you, Tony Parker.

P.S. Is Andre Drummond the NBA’s best Viner? And is that something we need to be aware of? Discuss.


Cool act, Sinbad.

Previously on Andre Drummond’s Vine: Weird penguin jokes.

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(Vine note: Click the speaker button in the top left to hear sound. The video should loop automatically.)

If you think it’s weird that Andre Drummond loves penguins so much that a real-life penguin would give him a baby penguin, just wait until you see what happens when the baby penguin grows up to be seven feet tall.  That one’s after the jump, so go nuts.

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Either that or he forgot a ham in his old locker. One of the two.

Here is an open invitation to anyone out there reading this to replicate this song, upload it to YouTube and post it in the comments. This is the new “Harlem Shake.”


We all had a laugh when we heard that Andre Drummond was spending Pistons practices playing hand drums to help during his rehab from a recent back injury. Drumming, after all, is a pretty funny way to fix a back. And of course, his last name is Drummond, so the giggle factor was kicked up a notch. It was a perfect internet story.

Which is why I’m kind of bummed out that I have to tell everyone that it’s not really the case. Because according to Drummond, that was all just a big joke, as I found out yesterday at All-Star Media Day.

TBJ: Are you getting any better at the drums?

Drummond: That was a joke. I don’t really play the drums in practice.

TBJ: You don’t?!?

Drummond: I was joking around in practice one day. I don’t really do that.

Even though there are a few quotes about this being a real thing, I guess it does make more than a little bit of sense that a professional athlete wouldn’t be instructed to play the drums on the sideline while his team was practicing. Not only would it be annoying, it would also be REALLY annoying.

Fun while it lasted though.

What? You don't like my bongos? Fine. Have a soft core if you want.

Andre Drummond, who is huge, fell very hard on his back, which is terrible for a back. Ergo, he’ll miss 4-6 weeks.

And while we’ll all be sad at not getting to see him dunk 150 times in the Rising Stars Challenge, the Pistons have a really great idea for keeping him involved in practices. From USA Today:

The Detroit Pistons have gone really high-tech for center Andre Drummond’s rehab.

Try bongos.

While other Pistons were getting in some light jogging following this morning’s shootaround at the Palace practice facility, Drummond sat there beating on a bongo … badly.

“This is my rehab,” Drummond said as he walked away, carrying the drum.

Drummond is out four to six weeks because of a bad back, and the drum is a way for the Pistons to keep the rookie center engaged and feeling like he’s still part of the team.

Yeah, there actually is a method to strength-and-conditioning coach Arnie Kander’s bongo madness. Playing the drum requires good posture, so it helps the body’s core.

“Sometimes, in all professional sports, when you’re injured, it’s like sometimes you become invisible. It’s just the nature of it,” coach Lawrence Frank said. “I think it’s important that we integrate Andre in everything we do, and he integrates himself, too.

So basically, because the Pistons want Andre Drummond to keep learning and not get bored at practice, they have him play the bongos. Plus, according to their strength and conditioning coach, “it helps the body’s core,” which is why you always see bongo players with gigantic muscles.

It’s a pretty brilliant plan, if you ask me. People were worried about Drummond’s motivation before last summer’s draft, and while he’s seemingly squashed those concerns thus far, giving him a fun way to pass the time while he can’t play just makes sense. Idle hands are the Devil’s playground and all that. Not to mention, bongos never get annoying if you hear someone play them for hours on end, day after day after day. Especially if the bongoster has never played them before. I’m sure Andre Drummond’s teammates won’t ever bugged at the guy bongoing in the corner of every practice. Bongos are pretty widely accepted, no matter the scenario.

Also, his last name is “Drummond.” Haha.