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If you were watching last night’s Bulls-Knicks game, there are probably a few things you remember. Between Carmelo Anthony pouting when he didn’t get the ball in the post, the Bulls grabbing 1.6 zillion offensive rebounds and Amar’e Stoudemire looking like he’s 48 years old.

But the most memorable play was probably Derrick Rose’s dunk, a huge one-hander down the middle of the lane after yet another Chicago offensive board. It was a standard Rose power jam, but those are always fun. If you saw it, you remember it.

Derrick Rose, however, has no idea what happened. He totally missed that one. From the AP:

The playoff-type game was intense to the finish, coming to a crescendo on Rose’s fourth-quarter dunk that is sure to be featured on the nightly highlight shows. Rose had an angry expression on his face after the dunk, but said he didn’t really remember the play. He did, however, have an inkling about the look on his face.

“I kind of blacked out right there, I’ll have to watch it again,” Rose said. “I was probably mad because they wasn’t calling no fouls the whole game.”

This same thing happened to a friend of mine when he had to give a speech against James Carville as part of a competition to prove that his fraternity should be allowed to stay on campus. He killed the speech, dumbfounding the entire audience and winning the debate portion of the test for his frat bros. For whatever reason, even though he did something amazing, he had no recollection of this ever happening. The whole exchange is up on YouTube, go ahead and check it out.

The only reason I bring this up is to show that things like Derrick Rose not even realizing he just threw down a majestic dunk can happen. He was very frustrated with the lack of foul calls he was getting, got caught up in the moment and lost his mind at the exact time he was rising up for the dunk. There’s a state of being called “thoughtless awareness” that athletes sometimes inhabit, where they don’t even know what they’re doing when they’re doing it. Seems like Derrick Rose was there, even though he was also floating above a bunch of defenders.

When you really think about it, this means Rose crushed this without even knowing the rim was even there. Imagine what could have been if he had seen it.

It’s kind of surprising you don’t see more NBA players use the smash-a-guy-in-the-face-then-dribble-around-him move because it is very effective. Maybe it’s not taught at Pete Newell’s big man camp but I think they should add it to the curriculum.

Also, Chris Andersen should get a tattoo of a basketball on his face, just to commemorate this moment. I assume he’s already planned the design.

We’ve seen the Timberwolves and Clippers achieve similar feats of strength and agility earlier this yeah, and the Heat had a play that was pretty close to this on opening day, but this is the most NBA Streets-ish double alley-oop of the season thus far. If Kris Humphries was wearing a hoodie and jeans and would have spun three times before the dunk, then this would really take the cake.

Skeets and Tas rank the best five dunks from this year’s NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. (Yes, it was as difficult as you’d imagine.) But, hey, let us know your top five dunks from Saturday Night below, and we’ll pretend to argue.

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Correction, Jim: That SCREAMS for itself. Damn.

(via Oskar)

Are you kidding me with this right now? I’m fine with Jeremy Lin playing because of injury, getting to the rim all the time and then finishing with reverse layups. I’m fine with him jumping in the air, hanging for a long time and finding Steve Novak in the corner for three. I’m even fine with him waggling his tongue all awkward because he’s not sure how to celebrate. All of that is good by me.

But this is too much. Crossing over John Wall and throwing down while Mo Evans literally gets out of the way to avoid being dunked on? It’s just too much, like at the end of “Pineapple Express” when it turns in to an action movie and Seth Rogen is flying around on wires attacking people. This feels like an elaborate Ashton Kutcher prank.

And the Knicks are playing the Lakers in Los Angeles Friday, which means we get at least one more day of Jeremy Lin dominating. Derek Fisher trying to keep up with the best point guard in the history of basketball? Yeah, right. I’ll just start writing the “Jeremy Lin throws down a 360 on Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol” post right now.

I love how LeBron James and Blake Griffin are secretly having their very own Dunk Contest.

First, LeBron pulls off “The Assassination of John Lucas III” oop.

Solid “10.”

Blake, unfazed, sees that and raises him with a good ol’ “Mozgov” on Kendrick Perkins’ mug.

Another “10″ from the judges.

LeBron’s answer? Oh, you know, just your routine “Windmill Tip-Dunk” off a Wade miss versus the Bucks. (And, yes, we’re aware it didn’t count. THIS IS A HYPOTHETICAL DUNK CONTEST! Relax.)

In this contest? Probably good for only a “9,” believe it or not.

But you’re up, Blake. Should we send Kenny Smith to go get the choir?