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You’ve seen both of these dunks a billion times already, but when you watch them side-by-side it’s almost eerie how similar Blake Griffin’s dunks over Timofey Mozgov and Kendrick Perkins are. Just for the sake of everyone’s confidence, Clippers opponents should probably mention that side pick-and-roll in the scouting report. Bad things happen if you skip over that page.

Let’s all make Dirk’s “OOOHHHHHH!!!!!” our ringtones because that won’t get annoying every time we get a call, text message or email. So funny.

Good thing Rudy Gay’s in such great shape or he’d be exhausted from all that back-and-forth, back-and-forthing. Samuel Dalembert knows what I’m talking about.

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First, Eddy Curry; now this? Was Ponce de Leon right? Is there really a Fountain of Youth hidden somewhere in the southeastern part of the United States? That’s the only logical explanation for dunks in 2012 by these two guys. No wonder Juwan Howard’s able to stay in the league.

Of course, even though this is jaw-droppingly amazing, it’s still not the most hilarious dunk in Jer-Bear’s career. That honor still goes to his 360 in the 2000 dunk contest, which came immediately after one of the best dunks in dunk contest history. Let’s relive that moment, just to see Jerry strut off like he owned the gym.

Wish we could have seen that strut on Saturday.

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Told you it was real. Drink it in. Enjoy it. Celebrate it.

Big ups to TBJ fan Oskar for documenting this incredible feat that actually happened and now we can relive forever and ever.

Nothing wrong with a little mid-day NBA action, especially when there are highlights like this one, where Chandler Parsons (not a villainous caddy from 1988) skies for a tip dunk over JaVale McGee. That’d be good enough for an afternoon, but then he proceeds to spin around on McGee’s shoulders like he’s riding his own personal merry-go-round.

As Tas says this is the best dismount of the year. So far.

I wish Rudy Fernandez was actually good because he’s always doing the coolest things. Consistency is overrated though, just as long as we get one incredible highlight like this per season.

Oh well. Kenneth Faried for MVP, Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year and Nobel Peace Prize.