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The 2012-13 NBA season is in preseason mode, which means that fantasy basketball is in full swing with drafting, both mock and real, and the gathering of opinions should be part of your strategy to winning your league. So as part of the information to help you in becoming victorious, all this week The Fantasy Jump Off will give you the top 100 fantasy basketball players, tiered to aid your assessment of when to draft a player.

NOTE: The number in parentheses is an actual rank number, but is used loosely to help you decide within the tier. However, all players within tiers basically have the same value. All stats are from last season, unless otherwise specified.

Tier One – LeBron James (1A), Kevin Durant (1B)

Do you take LeBron or Durant with the first overall pick? This comes down to preference. LeBron has the superior numbers in assists (6.2 to 3.5), steals (1.9 to 1.3), and field goal percentage (53.1 to 49.6), while Durant is better in free throw percentage (86.0 to 77.1), three-pointers per game (2.0 to 0.9) and blocks (1.2 to 0.8). Of course, despite lesser comparative numbers from either player, you’ll take it within a non-comparative context. Them boys good.

We all know they can score and board, so the things to consider are as follows: Do you build your team around a SF/likely PF-eligible player like LeBron who will give you tons of assists from the three or four? Or a player with an excellent amount of treys and a significant advantage at the charity stripe? Either way, you really can’t go wrong. It should be noted that LeBron jacked up less threes per game (2.4 attempts) last season versus the previous one (3.5) and his career average (4.0). It’s no coincidence since he seems like he’ll be going more to the post, which will only increase his field goal percentage.

Just like in the 2007 draft when the SuperSonics had Kevin Durant fall in to their laps, picking second overall may actually be the easiest of any picks this fantasy basketball season because there really isn’t any thought process involved.

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Just imagine Dwyane Wade turning on the news after his Washington, D.C. book signing to try to see what kind of coverage he got and wanting to get a feel for how people are receiving his book. Then, out of nowhere, some dude drops in a tiny zinger and calls him overrated. Dirty pool, as they say. Now Wade knows how LeBron felt, circa summer 2011.

But at least this anchor covered it up at the end there with that “he aight.” Sounded really sincere.

(via Deadspin)

Whoa, you guys. Brace yourselves, because the 2012 Dwyane Wade Talking About Fashion Mega Tour Sponsored by Clothes just got real. So. Real.

From Maxim, bro:

During the finals, it seemed like you and LeBron were having a style contest with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook of the Thunder. Who do you think won?
It wasn’t even close. We’re way better dressers than they are.

Shots fired. I’m not even joking when I say this might be the biggest insult in the NBA this year. Calling out the Thunder for not being good at dressing, when they obviously care so much about dressing? That’s cold. I mean, Russell Westbrook went to Fashion Week, for Pete Chilcutt’s sake. These guys care about their clothes.

And Dwyane Wade is just going to act like the Heat destroyed the Thunder in the fashion game like they weren’t even trying? Wow. Serious, serious burn. The bad blood between these teams is REAL. Can’t wait to see these guys in another walk-off come next June. Let’s just hope no one gets hurt in the meantime because I want to see both wardrobes at full strength.

Oh, and because it’s mandated in his appearance rider, Dwyane Wade was asked about his glasses.

I dunno. Even LeBron seemed to think those “Dwayne Wayne” glasses went a bit far.
I was holding that in my back pocket for a while. I’ve been called Dwayne Wayne so many times over the years, and we were all going heavy with the glasses, so I thought I would really shut it down.

Yeah, man. Definitely shut it down. I imagine we’ll never ever see a pair of silly glasses at a postgame press conference ever again. That trend is dead for sure and there’s no way NBA players will see these flip-up lenses and take things even further, to a place no one wants to go. Thank you, Based Wade.

But now, between killing glasses and slamming the Thunder, he’s opened some wounds. How will Oklahoma City respond? I have some ideas, but it’s impossible to predict. All we can know for sure is that Russell Westbrook will surely have something up his sleeve and that that sleeve will probably be made from some garish fabric. Other than that, the sky is the limit.

(via Daily Thunder)

It’s the middle of September and we’re mired in the deadest dead of the NBA calendar, when guys are just trying to get their last few moments of training and relaxation in before the grind of the season. If it weren’t for Twitter and guys keeping us updated with all the dumb things they’re doing, we’d have nothing but the classic “15 pounds of muscle” and “looks better than ever” to talk about around these parts. No fun. Instead, we get to giggle at guys enjoying their final weeks of partying and a basketball internet filled with completely subjective and utterly meaningless lists.

All of which is to say, I hope you enjoy this completely subjective and utterly meaningless list.

When we talk about what makes a player cool, it’s basically impossible to describe. That’s going to make this paragraph really fun to read, I know, but I think we all have a basic grasp on the concept. It’s some combination of charisma, accolades, talent, personality and mystique. On-court performance and style play in to this to, but as FreeDarko explained for years, probably not as must as you’d think. Simply put, there are just some guys in the league that are cooler than others. You know who the coolest guys in the league are even if you can’t explain it.

For instance, LeBron James was at his coolest when he was coming in to the NBA, before he took so much criticism and (more importantly) responded to that criticism. It’s hard for the best player in the league to be the coolest player in the league, since there is so much spotlight on them that it’s hard to be anything other than a superstar. Shaquille O’Neal was never the coolest player in the league and neither was Kobe Bryant. Michael Jordan was, even though Sam Perkins was a pretty close second. The sometimes unfair demands of being the top player in the NBA — mass marketability, grace in the media, not outwardly being a jerk or goofball — make it basically impossible for that guy to double as the coolest player in the league.

Trying to be the coolest player in the league doesn’t help either, which is why Amar’e Stoudemire isn’t at the top of this list. For whatever reason, consciously courting cool just doesn’t work. To be cool, you just have to be cool (shoutout to Uma Thurman) without really trying. As Channing Tatum said in “21 Jump Street,” trying hard is for nerds, which I understand is the least cool reference that could possibly be made with the exception of that Uma Thurman/”Be Cool” one from earlier. But then again, the concept of this whole thing is pretty uncool. C’est la vie.

Nonetheless, here is one bro’s guess at who the 10 coolest players in the NBA are, with some reasons for their selection.

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Get excited, guys, because it’s the 2012 Dwyane Wade Talking About Fashion Mega Tour Sponsored by Clothes right now. Thanks to the release of his new book, “A Father First,” he’s talking to numerous media outlets and answering lots and lots of questions about how he dresses.

Yesterday, after curating a Gilt sale of several fedoras, he let us all know that it’s OK to take chances. Today, he let’s us all know that it’s OK to have the same pants as your girlfriend. From Business Insider:

How have style and fashion changed since you came into the league?

There’s more risk. When I first came in guys were wearing these things called walkers. They weren’t even suits, they were these walker suits. I look back at that now I just cringe and say, “Oh my god I had those.” I had on them black, green, gray, I had solid, basic colors. Now you go in my closet, if you look on my side of my closet and my lady’s side of the closet, it’s not that far off. She got orange pants, I got orange pants. She got pink pants, I got pink pants.

See, TBJers, not only is it OK to wear pink or orange pants, it’s pretty chill to match your girlfriend. And this is coming from a two-time NBA champion who is dating one of the stars of “Bring It On,” so I would say he has this thing sorted out pretty well. I’m not sure what his stance on matching face bandages is, but he seems to be a pretty benevolent clothing dictator, so I imagine he’ll let it slide.

Also, because now is the time to explain your lensless glasses, Dwyane Wade explained his lensless glasses.

Why the glasses with no lenses?

Just something to do.

Just something to do?

Just something to do.

So Russell Westbrook wore his glasses because he was “just goofing around” and Dwyane Wade wears his because it’s “just something to do.” These are both very good reasons to wear glasses you don’t need. I assume LeBron’s reason is “just because,” which is as valid as a reason as Westbrook and Wade gave. Sometimes you just want to wear completely unnecessary glasses, I guess.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I see Dwyane Wade take the postgame press conference stage wearing his sweater vests and giant ties and nonsensical accessories like lensless glasses or just-for-looks bandages, I start trying to find out where to get his wonderful goods. But since he’s a) very rich and b) has a personal stylist, it can be hard. Not only do we not even know about a lot of the stuff he wears, if we do know about it, odds are we can’t afford it. Bummer.

However, thanks to Gilt Groupe, which is best described as a quickstrike discount retailer I guess, we can all wear some of Dwyane Wade’s favorite accessories. From fedoras to backpacks to wallets to more fedoras, it’s all there, as long as what you are looking for is different hats.

But that’s not it, because it’s 2012 and this sort of thing actually makes sense, Wade offered some fashion tips to Gilt’s blog in addition to picking brightly colored belts for his fans to buy. Check it out.

There’s this resurgence of style in the NBA, and you’ve been a leader in that. What advice do you have for younger guys entering the league?
If you’re a young guy coming into the league, this is a perfect time. If you’re a guy who’s edgy, or likes to be a little different, you don’t have to put that to the side. When it comes to playing with colors and pushing the envelope, I think I paved the way for that, but this is a perfect time. Fashion and being an athlete come hand in hand now. They’re lucky, because when I came in the league, it was black, gray, and maybe another color here and there, and some stripes, but it really wasn’t going and doing risky things.

And now the postgame press conference is like a fashion show. Are you guys trying to one-up each other out there?
I think so. When guys see other guys doing something, it makes them step their game up. You know you’re going to be seen not only by basketball players, but worldwide. I think guys see something on another guy, they either try to get in with the trend or try to top it.

Experiment if you want, have fun, copy people or don’t — these are Dwyane Wade’s suggestions. They’re more boilerplate than fashion plate, but whatever. You don’t see Kobe “Cool White Clothes” Bryant making fashion picks for an internet deals site, do you? Exactly. That’s why you’re taking Dwyane Wade’s advice, because he is the guy who invented “playing with colors and pushing the envelope.”

And hey, if pushing the envelope means spending $360 on an orange alligator skin wallet, then I guess we have to do it. The man is both an NBA champion and one of GQ’s best dressed men, after all. He’d never lead us astray.

When you really think about it, there is probably no better player-shoe company fit in the NBA than Dwyane Wade wearing Jordan Brand shoes. He’s an elite shooting guard who is capable of making huge, highlight reel plays on both ends of the court, who constantly attacks and who, oh yeah, is from Chicago. Not to mention, he’s spent the entirety of his career thus far playing for a team that wears black, red and white. It is a literally perfect fit, which is exactly why the brand put Wade right alongside MJ to launch the Air Jordan 2010.

Except, as Nick De Paula from Sole Collector magazine tells us in a very interesting post about big name players without shoe deals, it’s not quite as perfect as it may seem.

Despite literally all of the stars aligning, the endorsement deal somehow didn’t end up working out for either party. Wade signed on with the understanding that he would be the lone man to lead the annual Air Jordan shoe each February, a huge undertaking and passing of the torch for a guy who grew up on the south side of Chicago and as a teen idolized MJ during the Bulls’ legendary ’90s run. Once Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace and others rocked the Air Jordan 2010 during Wade’s very first All-Star Weekend with the brand, the plan seemed to already be in disarray and the relationship more fractured than anyone wanted to admit at the time.

By all accounts, Wade can certainly be sensitive to work with at times and indecisive when it comes to product feedback. The brand’s efforts to make up and launch his very own signature Fly Wade series for each spring’s playoff run churned out two models that struggled mightily at retail. With an endorsement price tag of nearly $10 million a year and all kinds of athlete service stress to deal with in the form of custom sneaker modifications and extra attention, perhaps Jordan Brand doesn’t see the value in extending Wade’s deal this summer.

As it stands, there isn’t a product plan in place for DWade with his third Fly Wade shoe already scrapped for this season. After starting on such a promising note with so many complementary qualities seemingly working in both Wade and Jordan Brand’s favor, it’s looking like that partnership will come to an end just three years in.

Very weird that this isn’t working out. I talked to Wade right after he signed up with Jordan Brand and he told me that getting a call from Michael Jordan to wear his shoes was “one of the unbelievable moments in my entire life, and it’s something I take with pride. Because I got the call from Michael Jordan himself. His brand is his name. It’s his logo. So it really means a lot.” Less than two years later, that relationship is over?

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