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Fly School teaches you how to dress like your favorite NBA player without the NBA paycheck.

When LeBron James and Chris Bosh took their talents to South Beach in the off-season, the biggest question was how will all these All-Star egos on the new look Heat gel? Will Dwyane Wade still be “the guy” and the face of the franchise? Before Scott Raab was ushered away from the Heat, he spoke to the baller formally known as Flash for Esquire to get the inside scoop.

Wade comes off as very honest and sure of who he is. He admits he’d like to come back as a trust fund kid with a free ride and that his lack of tattoos comes from a stern upbringing from his father. Also: he has no idea why his name is misspelled. He’s named after his father, Dwyane Sr., apparently his grandmother thought that was how Dwayne was spelled.

As for the outfits that Wade sports for the piece, I don’t have any complaints. The clothes are perfectly tailored, classic but still modern. Shawl cardigans are a very trendy item right now for men, from Matt Barnes’ clothing line ELUSION’s version to the high end Louis Vuitton on Wade. The Gucci double breasted peacoat is luxurious and in the must have neutral for this season — camel. However the price tag is out of reach at almost $4000. Camel can be difficult for some skin tones to wear, so stick to grey or navy. The rose gold watch Dwyane sports is also very popular, seen on everyone from Jay-Z to Victoria Beckham. Rose gold looks best on tan or dark skin as it can wash out pale skin. However, at over $30,000 it’s not even close affordable.

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