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Becoming the first Knick to grab 20 or more rebounds in three straight games since forever ago: pretty sweet.

Lots of reporters wanting to talk to you because of your big achievement: seems chill.

Having to do all those interviews wearing a hat of the team that just beat your favorite in the Super Bowl: super wack.

From the New York Post:

Tyson Chandler netted a share of a Knicks record for three straight 20-rebound games Monday night but lost his Super Bowl bet with Baltimore’s own Carmelo Anthony.

For the postgame interview following the Knicks’ blowout win over the Pistons, Chandler was forced to wear a Baltimore Ravens ballcap with Super Bowl XLVII stitched in purple lettering on the side.

“This is it,” Chandler said. “I just have to do the interview so the whole world can see it.”

As Amar’e Stoudemire walked into the locker room and saw Chandler addressing the media in a purple and gray Ravens cap, he cackled. “I know, it hurts,” said Chandler, who grew up in Compton, Calif. a diehard Niners fan.

Chandler said the Ravens victory should have “an asterisk” attached because of the holding play in the end zone that wasn’t called on San Francisco’s final possession at the Ravens 5-yard line.

Had the Niners completed their comeback, Anthony would have had to wear Chandler’s personal Niners’ helmet he keeps in his house. Now that would’ve been a sight to see.

“It made my day,” Melo said of seeing Chandler in a Ravens hat. “You just don’t know. I made my day.”

And from the New York Times:

Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler made a friendly wager before Sunday’s Super Bowl. Anthony, who grew up in Baltimore, was rooting for the Ravens, Chandler, who is from California, is a San Francisco 49ers fan. Since Chandler’s 49ers lost, he had to wear a Ravens championship hat during his postgame interviews Monday. “That made my day,” Anthony said. “It’s just coincidence he had three games with 20 rebounds and now that picture will be everywhere.”

Carmelo Anthony is obviously pretty pleased with himself right now, as he should be. Not only did his hometown team win the Super Bowl (this is one of those times it’s OK to remember Melo as being from Baltimore and not Brooklyn) and not only did he win his Super Bowl bet, the timing worked out perfectly for him. Because he’s totally right that if you’re going to get a teammate to wear a hat, then there’s no better time than when he’s doing something that no one else in your franchise’s history has done for 40-something years. Very smart, even though Melo should have pushed to get Tyson Chandler in a football helmet. Next time, I guess.

And hey, this also means Tyson Chandler didn’t get a chance to wear his Amish hat again, so it’s kind of a win for everybody. Well, not Tyson Chandler, but you get my drift.

Pop culture + one sport + another sport + a famous person lip-synching a different famous person’s song who just went through a lip-synching scandal + a poorly filmed video = the Internet.

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This is really great. Anytime you can zing a college kid for having a fake girlfriend he uses as inspiration for a run to the national title game, you have to do it. Especially if the guy featured is wearing Irish colors and kind of looks like me when I had short hair. It’s a must. TBS Very Funny.

In return, I hope the Indiana Pacers do an “Ohio State Buckeyes Bowl Game Cam” where they just show an empty section of stands. Then, and only then, will three of my greatest passions — loving basketball, hating Ohio State and hating Notre Dame — finally join together in to a great ball of laughter. It’s just a suggestion, but it’s a really good one and the Pacers should take it.

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Come to The Basketball Jones for basketball jokes and analysis, stay for the football scoops? I don’t know — I just needed an intro to start talking about Terrell Owens, the really good NFL receiver who is both too old and too much of a hassle to get a job in the NFL. We’re talking about him today because he really, really wanted to play for the Clippers today, duh.

From ProFootballTalk:

“Terrell Owens is always — he was at our practice facility this summer, begging coaches for a 10-day contract,” [Blake] Griffin said on the Dan Patrick Show.

Terrell Owens is 39 years old, which would make you think the Knicks would be the team most interested in him. But they have their own old rookie, so never mind. Also, the part about never having played NBA basketball might have hurt his case, but he did almost play for the Kings’ summer league team once, so that is something. Oh, and he won a Celebrity Game MVP once upon a time and was a two-time letter winner for a tiny Division I school that made the NCAA tournament while he was playing, which actually makes for a surprisingly strong resumé for a guy who has absolutely no chance of ever playing in the NBA.

The crushing blow to his NBA dream, I’m guessing, is when he lost a one-on-one game to a 4-foot-5 guy. After seeing that, I’m guessing the Clippers shied away from bringing in a semi-retired NFL receiver on a spec contract. Other than that, I’m sure he had a really good chance of making this team. They have tons of room on their bench and Vinny Del Negro is a genius at managing minutes and personalities, so I can totally see that working out just fine. Too bad about losing to that 4-foot-5 guy, otherwise I’m sure Terrell Owens would definitely be in the NBA right now.

So much has happened with Metta World Peace that it’s easy to forget that, for a while, the biggest meme in his life is that he was going to try to play in the NFL. Those were the days. We were all so young and free. It’s nice to go back, every once in a while.

Surprise, surprise — Jonathan Abrams wrote another awesome piece on the NBA for Grantland. It’s like a really good version of a Jam of the Month club, where we get to learn about some of the lesser-known players in the NBA once a month, which is to say it is way better.

This time it’s about J.R. Smith and how he ended up so J.R. Smith-y. (SPOILER ALERT: It’s because he’s just like his dad, who said he taught J.R. defense last because “you can make it without defense.”) And while you should most definitely read the entire thing because it is the usual awesome stuff you’ve come to expect, let’s just enjoy this little bit about how J.R. Smith was apparently an amazing high school football player.

Smith also prospered on Lakewood’s football team, where he played all over the field — wide receiver, linebacker, cornerback, safety, even quarterback — saved two games with field goal blocks, scored a deciding touchdown on a blocked kick, and routinely caught touchdown passes on soaring fade routes with one hand.

“He obviously made the right decision to concentrate on basketball,” said Nick Eremita, Lakewood’s coach at the time. “But I coached high school football for over 20 years and without a doubt, he’s an NFL-type player.”

Clemson offered Smith a football scholarship based solely on watching his game film, something that didn’t surprise his coaches. Dave Oizerowitz, Lakewood’s offensive coordinator at the time, likened Smith to “a more athletic and probably a faster Plaxico Burress.”

Well, that certainly explains how he made this look so easy.

Also, not very surprising that J.R. Smith would make for a very, very good high school football player. He’s so athletic that he seems athletic in the NBA, which is quite the accomplishment. And while his predraft 3/4-court sprint time of 3.21 seconds only translates to a 5.46 second 40-yard dash (though you have to imagine he’d pick up speed if he ran a little longer), he’s still very fast. Plus, at 6-foot-7 he’d be giant for a receiver in the NFL, so just imagine him playing against 5-foot-8 corners who play football to impress chicks. It’s almost absurdly easy to imagine J.R. Smith dominating a high school football game.

But now there’s one obvious problem — there are no J.R. Smith football highlights on YouTube. We’ve seen LeBron, Allen Iverson and Nate Robinson destroying in high school, so you know they have to exist somewhere. Let’s see ‘em, internet.

Hey, if Dexter Pittman can get a job, why not Anthony Adams? Did you see that point-and-go crossover? That could revolutionize the game.

Plus, his hashtag game is already pretty strong. I don’t know about you guys, but I could definitely get on board with #LikeSpice.

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