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This is actually kind of hard to explain due to the reverse chronological order that Facebook uses, but basically, Harrison Barnes started doing these #hbquest safari hunts on his Facebook page where he’d give vague hints about where he (or one of his crew) was going and what all the Barnesheads out there would need to do to win one of his jerseys. Some girl won a jersey by outscoring Barnes’ career-high in Pop-a-Shot, another guy won a jersey by beating one of Harrison’s friends at one-on-one outdoors at a high school — you get the picture, and you can find all the details on Barnes’ Facebook page. Seems pretty cool, actually.

But of all the #hbquests, this has to be the best one:

#hbquest is on now

I am a huge comedy fan. I especially like live stand-up comedy. One of my first shows ever was seeing my favorite comic Dave Chappelle in San Francisco. Well, another favorite comic of mine is playing at a well-known San Francisco comedy club. He’s from Boston and is co-headlining a sold out show tonight. If you can figure out who he is I’m sure you can find this club.

There is also a challenge to go with this one. I lost my copy of Chappelle Season 1 when I moved to the bay. I haven’t been able to watch it since. If you bring me a copy I can keep, give it to my friend who’s waiting in the stand-by line. If you get to him first he’ll give you my jersey.

And the conclusion:

Here’s a better picture of our grand prize winner. What I didn’t get a chance to mention was that I had the pleasure of giving him his jersey personally. I also happened to have an extra ticket for the sold out show that night so I invited him in for Bill Burr, Brian Regan, and Laurie Kilmartin. Congratulations Charlie I hope you had fun tonight and thanks for bringing me that DVD. Thanks to everyone who participated in my first ever #hbquest. I can’t wait to do it again soon.

So basically, some dude who is enough of a Harrison Barnes fan to follow Harrison Barnes’ Facebook page traded his old “Chappelle’s Show” season one DVDs for an authentic Harrison Barnes jersey and a night of watching three super excellent standup comedians with an authentic Harrison Barnes. Considering the fact that on Amazon those very DVDs go for $3.88 if new and literally $0.01 if buying used, this might be one of the greatest trades in the history of swapping, rivaling that time your dad “bought” a car from your uncle for a dollar because it was just sitting there and someone should drive it. That is a trade you have to make. Even Bill Simmons agrees. He ran it through the Trade Machine and it works.

But now the only real question is this — is it nerdy to wear your Harrison Barnes jersey to a comedy show you’re at with Harrison Barnes? It seems worse than wearing a band t-shirt to their concert, but I’d like to hear an official ruling.

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With the dust mostly settled on this offseason’s player movement — and there was a whole lot of it this year — it’s time to take stock of all the fascinating new faces in new places, as well as the more compelling stories of players who will face new challenges while sticking around. Over the course of the next few weeks, Andrew Unterberger will do a team-by-team look at the most interesting players going into next season — one new to the team, and one returning — as we all try to pass the dog days of NBA-less summer, dreaming of hoops-filled months to come. The series continues today with the teams in the Pacific Division: the Warriors, Lakers, Clippers, Suns and Kings.


Most Interesting New Player: Jermaine O’Neal

JO might be kind of a tough sell for most interesting on a team that made a much more obvious big-budget acquisition this offseason, but I feel like I know what Andre Iguodala is going to give the Warriors this season — not an inconsiderable contribution, mind you, but I’d be surprised if he greatly deviated from my expectations in any way. O’Neal, however, could play more of a swing role on this team than people realize. He’ll go into the season with a decent shot at the Dubs’ backup center role, unless Festus Ezeli’s shoulder heals and he actually learns how to catch the ball or put it in the basket in the offseason, and he was sneaky good in that role last year for Phoenix, averaging 16 and 10 per 36 minutes (though he only played about half that on a nightly basis) and posting his best PER, by far, since he was on the pre-LeBron Heat.

More importantly, he might end up doing a whole lot more than playing backup if — and based on recent history, more like when — Andrew Bogut goes down with injury. Bogie’s missed double-digit games each of the last five seasons, and over half his games each of the last two, so it’s a relatively safe bet that there’ll be stretches where O’Neal, assuming he stays healthy himself (no easy assumption given he’s missed nearly as many games as Bogut over the last six years), gets pressed into far more than locker-room-leadership duty. Is it too late for Jermaine O’Neal to play a key-ish role on a championship contender? Or will GSW be forced to say “to hell with rim protection,” stick David Lee at center and go bombs away with the rest of their lineup? Maybe the latter is the likelier bet, but I haven’t given up on JO just yet.

Most Interesting Returning Player: Harrison Barnes

Barnesy recently ranked at No. 40 on SB Nation’s projected list of the Top 40 NBA Players of 2017, higher than both young studs like Larry Sanders and Damian Lillard and current superstars like Dwyane Wade and Tony Parker, basically entirely off the strength of his playoff run, in which he averaged 16 and six with decent shooting numbers and a number of big buckets. But it’s worth remembering that in the regular season last year, Barnes was basically a no-show, averaging less than 10 a game and posting a PER that barely cracked double digits, and that next season, he might not even be starting, with the acquisition of Andre Iguodala and the continued presence of David Lee (and the big contracts of both) possibly blocking him in the first five.

To get to be a Top 40 player four years from now, Barnes is gonna have to build on his playoff success — and as much as that run seemed like a breakout for Barnes, he still basically averaged his same shooting percentages from the regular season, with a fairly mediocre 13.8 PER — and prove that his 3-and-D skills are too integral to the Warriors’ run-and-gun attack for him not to get big minutes. And if not, expect for Barnes’ name to replace Eric Bledsoe’s as the go-to Intriguing Trade Chip in every blockbuster mega-deal rumor you hear from now until the end of his rookie deal.

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Jacob Bourne lives in the Bay Area and has written for Dime magazine. Here’s his report from Stephen Curry’s youth basketball camp…

I spent Tuesday morning checking out the final day of Stephen Curry’s youth basketball camp in Pebble Beach, California. The Human Torch, as he’s been dubbed, hosts several camps throughout the offseason, some with Papa Dell and others by his lonesome. Granted, I didn’t tour them all, but if the session ending Aug. 20 at Monterey County’s ultra-fancy Stevenson School wasn’t the best camp of the bunch, I’d be shocked.

Here are the top six reasons Curry is doing it right:

1. He shows up

This isn’t some Dwight Howard slap-your-name-on-a-shirt-and-never-show-up circus. Curry spends up to seven hours per day with the torches-in-training.

2. He brings Dell

Probably more fun for the dads in the bleachers than the kids on the court, but silver-coiffed Dell Curry hangs out on the side and puts up jumpers while Steph runs the show.

“When I was a young kid, I used to look forward to every August when (my dad’s) camp was going to come around,” Curry said Tuesday morning. “That was the best week ever. So to see him come back and support me at my camp is a big deal.”

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Well, I just found out exactly what I’m going to be doing all weekend. I kind of wish we’d all known about this before Fourth of July celebrations — because then we’d have so many pump fake victims — but the freakin’ weekend will work just fine. I’m kind of worried my arms are going to be exhausted, but it’ll be worth it. Dwyane Wade knows what I’m talking about.

The fact that Kent Bazemore and his super celebrations are in NBA 2K14 is great, hilarious news. Not quite as great, however, is that league sources say the Warriors are going to be wearing those full-body motion capture jumpsuits as an alternative fourth jersey. After last season’s sleeve-speriment, anything is possible. Unfortunately.

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Stephen Curry is 25 years old, looks like he’s 15 and has the dad sense of humor of a 42-year-old. Befuddling.

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If you need me, I’ll be outside practicing jumpers for the next 60 days because my shot is feeling strangely inadequate right now for some reason. See you in two months.

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