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Yesterday, when I got home from work, I had this package waiting for me.


So I popped it open.


And then I popped it on because people need to see what these short-sleeved jerseys look like on people who aren’t totally cut, as my fake grandma likes to say. For reference, this is a 2XL jersey with +2 length and I’m 6-foot-5 and 227 pounds.

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You know how one of the main complaints about NBA basketball is that you see way too much scandalous shoulder skin on the court? (Trust me, it’s a huge problem.) Well, worry no longer because the Warriors are stepping their sleeve game up, as they’ll soon become the first modern NBA team to wear a sleeved jersey. Or to put it in fashion terms, sleeves are back!

From the Mercury News:

On Monday, the Warriors will unveil their yellow, alternate uniforms. They will be the first team in the modern NBA era to play in something other than a tank top.

The Warriors will debut the new unis for their Feb. 22 home game against the San Antonio Spurs, which is being aired on ESPN. They will also wear them March 8 vs. Houston and March 15 vs. Chicago.

No offense to the Warriors or adidas, but nope. Just like the last time someone tried to pull off a super-tight jersey, this gets a big, fat nope. They look fine but it’s just weird.

Of course, as you might imagine, a huge part of this remix is because fans like sleeves on their shirts. And surprise surprise, you can buy these.

“It was the right moment, the right team,” said Lawrence Norman, Adidas’ vice president of global basketball. “Even more important, the right city. When you launch something as innovative as this — that will change the way the players look on the court and the way the fans support the team forever — why not launch it in the most innovative part of the United States?”

The new jersey is much less a T-shirt than the next phase in the evolution of basketball apparel.

This jersey was designed with the fan in mind.

The rationale is having a full shirt as the team’s jersey allows people to represent their team in more settings. Unlike soccer, baseball and football, basketball uniforms are limited.

Even though Warriors president Rick Welts literally says, “We didn’t do this for the sales,” you kind of half to assume that a large part of it has to do with the sales since that’s often the case with alternate jerseys. I don’t know that people are going to be lining up to wear compression shirts, but a more t-shirt-y uniform does seem like something that could appeal to fans. Yeah, those fans can just buy jersey t-shirts like a normal person but at least they have options.

The worst part, however, is that this isn’t just a normal alternate for the Warriors because an all-gold look would be wicked. Any time they wear their throwbacks, people love them, so adding a gold kit is a really good idea. Unfortunately, they had to go and put sleeves on them, which is going to seriously make Stephen Curry look like he’s back in high school. Also, the shorts have pinstripes on them and the shirts don’t, which is awkward and could really make it look like all the Warriors are just wearing t-shirts tucked in to shorts.

So yeah, we’ve got NBA sleeves now. It feels weird to type that, but maybe they’ll catch on. I doubt it but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Yes, really.

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This is pretty much just a video full of fouling, free throws and booing, which is pretty boring stuff. But if you go “Behind the Music” on it, you realize this might be the greatest intentional fouling since Gregg Popovich’s thumbs up moment. I’ll let Seth Rosenthal of SB Nation explain:

On Houston’s last few possessions, the Warriors assured there would be no more threes. Jackson knew full well the Rockets were hunting for the record [for threes made in a game], so he had his guys commit intentional fouls to prevent Rockets from even attempting to break the record. It worked. Houston couldn’t even pull a three-pointer in the final 1:58 and finished the game with 23 threes, tying the mark set by the Orlando Magic in 2009.

And that, my friend, is why the Warriors love Mark Jackson — because he always has their back. Sure, sometimes it means they get viciously booed on the road, but at least they’re not on the wrong side of NBA history. Next time, maybe they’ll pay him back by not giving up 23 threes.

Stephen Curry has the worst ankles since my dad, as evidenced by his latest right ankle problems that will keep him out indefinitely and also the entirety of his short NBA career. And while you might be thinking that it’d be nice to know how things are going with the NBA’s faultiest joint, please don’t ask him about it because he hates it.

From Sports Illustrated:

Hot Clicks: Most annoying question reporters ask you?
Curry: “How’s your ankle?”

I bet that is annoying. Not only does he have to deal with all 60 of his injuries, then he has to deal with reporters asking him if his ankle feels any better like a million different times. Then just when his ankle is almost healed, he goes and destroys it again and has to listen to another million questions. It’s like, easy on the ankles, guys.

Then again, one easy way to prevent this line of questioning is by finding a pair of ankles that doesn’t explode every time they’re one degree off-axis. I don’t know how advanced cloning technologies are these days, but if we can find a way to get Russell Westbrook’s ankles in to Stephen Curry’s legs, I think that would work out pretty well. Barring that medical marvel, he can play in air casts, retire from basketball and just lay on the couch all the time, or figure out a way to play NBA basketball without running, jumping, cutting, sliding or walking. Those options considered, it’s pretty obvious joint cloning is the way to go. Anything to stop all those questions.

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Seems to be an effective way of not getting a technical, considering 100 percent of the players I’ve seen do this on an NBA court have avoided getting T’d up. If he’d have stolen the ref’s nose though, probably a different story.

Quite a different style than that of Yosemite Sacre, but I really like Bazemore’s deliberate points and flexes and chops. It’s like he’s reacting to the proliferation of bench players going insane by synthesizing all of his happy energy in to one big gesture. It’s an innovative approach and I look forward to seeing how it develops as the Warriors continue to play well.

Also, it’s super funny.

(via Reddit)

A year ago, Mark Jackson was guaranteeing his Warriors would make the playoffs in their first year under their brand new head coach. Instead, they won 23 games in a 66-game season, finishing 13th in the Western Conference and missing the playoffs by a mere 6.5 games.

But now they’re fourth in the West in wins and looking like a playoff team. And Jackson’s coaching is a big reason, as he’s rebuilt his team’s defensive system in to something resembling every other good team in the league while simultaneously allowing his team the freedom to play the freewheeling kind of basketball the Warriors are known for. Oh, and he has really cool handshakes to boot. From the Mercury News’ Q+A with Jarrett Jack:

-Q: What was it like when you first met him? Did you watch him play?

-JACK:  Definitely watched him play–the flair, the passing. I’m still trying to work on the shimmy that he used to do. I’m from D.C., so those Eastern Conference battles that they had with Michael Jordan and the Knicks and finally making it to the Finals when they lost to the Lakers, I was there to watch all of that.

Growing up and watching it, I always admired the way he played, the way he ran a team, the way he passed the ball.

Meeting him, was it different than the coaches I’ve met in the past? Yeah. His handshake was a little different…

-Q: How so?

-JACK: It’s more a younger style of handshake. The other coaches I met, we had pretty much formal handshakes.

They always say the way to a basketball player’s heart is through his handshake. Or something along those lines. I’m not a clichés dictionary, but you know what I mean.

Put another way, Mark Jackson seems to relate well to his players because a) he’s only 47 b) he played in the NBA less than a decade ago and c) he knows cool handshakes. Those seem like minor things, but when you read Jarrett Jack saying things such as “I like coaches that have played” and “he hasn’t been too far removed from the game to understand us,” you kind of realize that sort of thing can be important to NBA players. Maybe it is silly, but handshakes are pretty fun.

That being said, once everybody catches on to this fancy handshake trend, Mark Jackson is going to have to come up with something else to make his players realize he’s a cool dad. I’m thinking maybe an earring, but I know that’s a bit of a commitment.