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You probably haven’t thought about it in a while, but it’s still weird that Reggie Miller didn’t make the Hall of Fame the first year he was eligible. Even weirder is that he didn’t even make the final ballot. Sure, his statistics aren’t actually all that wowee zowee compared to other shooting guards in the Naismith, but he’s one of the most famous basketball players from the 1990s, which usually counts for something. Reggie just seems like a guy who would show up on the ballot for the first time and everyone would go, “Reggie Miller? For sure. Remember eight points in nine seconds and all that stuff with the Knicks? Check.” Guess not though.

Nonetheless, Reggie’s going in to the Hall of Fame this year, and he’s already made an awesome choice for next week’s enshrinement ceremony. From the Indy Star:

Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and Cheryl Miller will be presenting former Indiana Pacers star Reggie Miller at the Sept. 7 Basketball Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony in Springfield, Mass., the Hall announced Tuesday.

Outside of Pat Summitt standing up for Dick Vitale which doesn’t really count because he got inducted mostly for being a college basketball announcer, this might be the only time a woman has presented a man at the Hall of Fame. (It’s very hard to find a full list of presenters, but this seems to be pretty complete.) That in and of itself is awesome, but it’s even cooler that it’s a little brother picking his big sister to be there for the biggest honor of his life. Besides the angled flattop with the lines shaved in, not a lot of what Reggie Miller does is cool, but this definitely is. Here’s hoping Cheryl wears her silkiest patterned shirt, just to make things extra wonderful.

One minor miscalculation that Reggie made, however, is also asking Charles Barkley to be there alongside Cheryl and Magic. I totally understand why he’d want him there, since they’re buds, but it just seems like he’s opening the door for Chuck to grab the mic and remind everybody that Reggie is the second-best basketball player in his family, not even the first to make the Hall of Fame and that everyone likes Cheryl’s broadcasting career better. He’d be totally right, of course, but that’s not what Reggie wants to hear on his special night.

A month ago on The Overdose, we took turns picking who we thought would make this year’s Hall of Fame class. I remember feeling like a sucker for saying all the NBA candidates should be in. Reggie Miller, Ralph Sampson, Maurice Cheeks, Bernard King, Jamaal Wilkes — all of ‘em should be in, as far as I’m concerned.

But enough about a month ago. Today, the NBA announced who all made the Hall of Fame, so now we can check our batting averages. From Twitter (really):

2012 @HoopHall Class: Lidia Alexeeva, Don Barksdale, Mel Daniels, Chet Walker, Phil Knight, Don Nelson, Hank Nichols, Katrina McClain (1/2)

2012 @HoopHall Class: The All American Redheads, Ralph Sampson, Jamaal Wilkes & Reggie Miller. (2/2)

First and foremost, congratulations to the All American Redheads. Peggy Lawson, Butch Moore, Glenda Hall, Red Mason — congrats to the whole bunch. You gals did it. Second, weird choice by the NBA to release the names everyone is wondering about on the second tweet. Kind of buried the tweet lede there, guys. The internet is all about immediacy. Hit me with that Reggie off the top next time.

The big stories, of course, will be Reggie Miller making the Hall of Fame after missing out — a big-time no duh that should have happened last year — and Bernard King missing out on the Hall of Fame, yet again. It’s fifth time that he’s been nominated, only to fail to receive enough votes for election. I guess being a top 30 points per game scorer all-time is not good enough for the Hall of Fame. I guess being one of the best scorers and most respected players of his generation isn’t enough to get votes. Obviously, I want everyone in the Hall of Fame because I’m a big softie, but I think we can agree that Bernard King should definitely be inducted.

Nonetheless, he’s out and all these other people are getting in. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments. Maybe you’ll say something like, “It’s too bad that Bernard King getting in means no one will talk about the fact that Mo Cheeks also didn’t get in, when he really should have. People must hate the 1980s.” I don’t know if you’ll say exactly that, but perhaps it will cross your mind.

Carmelo Anthony just did an interview with GQ magazine, in which he said some things that were smart and some that were not quite as smart.

Here is the smart:

GQ: What would you have done differently if you were in LeBron’s shoes.
Carmelo Anthony: I would have just signed.

GQ: No announcement?
Carmelo Anthony: Yeah, I would have just signed.

This is smart because this is obviously the best way to announce a signing that is sure to anger a lot of people. If LeBron would have done that, this would have saved him some grief. Pretty much everyone who has thought about “The Decision” for more than six seconds agrees that this is what should have happened. Totally nailed it.

Here is the not so smart:

Carmelo Anthony:I think people fail to realize that teams and organizations have been stacking teams since way back in the day. The Lakers had the Showtime era. Boston had six hall of famers on one team. You had Detroit, the New York Knicks, and now the Miami Heat. They were stacking their teams back then, it just fell off over the years and now it picked back up. Boston did it first, then LA. I was fortunate enough to play against them when they had Shaq, Kobe, Rick Fox, Gary Payton, Karl Malone… that’s five hall of famers on one team! So you can’t get mad at Miami for doing what they did.

Technically, there is only one actual Hall of Famer on that Lakers team, since Karl Malone is the only guy who’s been inducted so far. But we can all agree that Shaq and Kobe will definitely be first ballot guys, and that Gary Payton will probably get in.

But Rick Fox? Rick “Actor Is Listed Before Basketball Player On My Wikipedia Page” Fox? Come on, Carmelo Anthony. I know we all liked “He Got Game,” but this is just silliness.

According to Basketball-Reference’s Hall of Fame probability algorithim, Rick Fox has a 0.4 percent chance of being inducted to the Hall of Fame. He never made an All-Star team, except for his three appearances in the midseason celebrity game, which is kind of too many. He never made an All-NBA team. He never won any awards. And, of course, he is just Rick Fox. Even he doesn’t think he should be in the Hall of Fame. (Though we should give him props for marrying Vanessa Williams and dating Eliza Dushku in the same lifetime. Dap.)

This is easily the funniest thing that Carmelo Anthony’s ever said. It probably wasn’t meant as a joke, but I think it’s best that we just enjoy the humor. Rick Fox in the Hall of Fame. Good one, Melo.

Oh yeah, definitely on board with these bad riders, the “Class of ’11″ collection from Million Dollar Ballers. If you’re a little slow on the uptake, they’re offering Artis Gilmore, Chris Mullin and Dennis Rodman t-shirts to commemorate those three dudes’ entrance in to the Naismith Hall of Fame. I’m guessing Arvydas Sabonis wasn’t included because his head wouldn’t fit on a standard shirt and only Ghostface can pull of the “comically oversized t-shirt with someone’s face on it” look.

Nonetheless, these are really great and Million Dollar Ballers really lucked out that three guys with very identifiable looks were inducted in to the Hall of Fame together. Each shirt retails for $35 and there are two colorways for each version. Naturally, the Rodman shirt switches hair colors. Here’s hoping these guys expand their line, because I could really go for a shirt featuring that red swoop Rodman used to have.

If you’re looking for a way to honor this year’s Hall of Famers, these shirts really can’t be beat. Just be thankful Jeff Hornacek didn’t get chosen this year, because that would be a super boring shirt.

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We don’t know a lot about Arvydas Sabonis. We know that he’s widely considered the greatest player in European history that didn’t play in the NBA during his prime. We know that some combination of Cold War politics, injuries and a desire to remain close to home kept him in Europe for years before he came to the NBA. We know that when he came to the United States, his head was roughly the size of a Smart Car. We know that he used to rock a pretty slick ‘stache. That’s about it.

Here are two more things we can add to the list: He’s a great arm wrestler and he can get his drink on. From Grantland’s Jonathan Abrams:

The legend of Sabonis grew after the game. The United States would play Croatia in the gold-medal game eight hours later, allowing for a time gap between the bronze game and the award ceremony. Sabonis and his teammates ventured back to the Olympic dormitory, where Sabonis challenged fellow Olympians in arm wrestling for shots. One by one, wrestlers and shot putters among them, Sabonis beat them. By the time of the award ceremony, three Lithuanians did not make it to the podium. Sabonis was one of them. “I knew how they used to roll,” said Chris Mullin, part of the United States’ Dream Team. “I think they came out with their tie-dye on. They did what the Deadheads do. They got loosened up. Made use of their free time.”

Sabonis was located a couple of days later in one of the women’s Olympic dormitories.

Let’s all agree that that’s a pretty great mental image to have. Arvydas Sabonis, fresh off a bronze medal-winning performance, besting a bunch of random huge Olympians in arm wrestling matches while getting more and more drunk until he can’t even go accept his medal, despite that being his personal greatest triumph. If there were some way to get a video of this, it’d get all of the YouTube plays.

Go read all of Abrams’ piece because it’s really excellent and filled with things like Bill Walton saying that he wishes he would have “punched Rasheed Wallace in the nose” when he threw a towel in Sabonis’ face and that he “let Sabonis and the game of basketball and the human race down that day” because he didn’t. But if for some reason you don’t like amazing stories of Hall of Famers, just realize that Arvydas Sabonis is super awesome and would be one of the biggest Internet superstars in the world if he played in today’s NBA. Between that proclamation and the Hall of Fame, it’s been a pretty decent couple days for the big guy.

In the middle of his must-read profile of soon-to-be Hall of Famer Chris Mullin, Harvey Araton of the New York Times drops one heck of an anecdote about the sharpshooter’s unlikely friendship with the Sudanese string bean.

Manute Bol, the Sudanese giant, became Mullin’s close friend, calling him Chalk for his palest of skin tones.

Read the whole thing because it’s an awesome account of Mullin’s journey from high school legend to college All-American to rehab to the Dream Team to the Hall of Fame, but for now, let’s just admit that this is the best nicknaming story since a blind musician came up with one of the best handles ever. More of these, please.

Pretty tame, but pretty awesome. I would have liked them a bit more if they were this shoe done up on the Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt, but these are still pretty great, even though I can’t wear white-on-white Air Force Is without looking like a nurse. I really like the incorporation of the iconic diving Rodman silhouette, that Nike brought back his old logo and that these are a basically a pair of shoes dedicated to rebounding. Haven’t seen that since, well, an old pair of Rodmans.

Kinda worried though. If this is the basis for Rodman’s outfit that is “worth seeing,” I feel like we’re in for something a little more straight-laced than we’re expecting, acrobats and helicopters notwithstanding. Then again, he is promising outfit changes, so maybe we’ll see a stiletto at some point. Fingers crossed.

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