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This is barely NBA-related, but it’s such a weird coincidence of NBA-related personalities that I feel like you need to know about it. From the New York Post:

The next target for Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports banner is potential No. 1 NHL draft pick Seth Jones, according to sources. The son of Nets assistant coach and former Nuggets player Popeye Jones is already repped by CAA, Roc Nation’s partner. But sources said Jay-Z’s organization wants to strike a deal to be involved in the star’s marketing and branding, reports The Post’s Kirsten Fleming. Jones would then benefit from both sides of the CAA and Roc Nation partnership.

Yep, that’s right — a former Nets owner is hoping to represent the son of a former NBA player (and current NBA assistant coach) in the NHL draft, so that he can help make him a star.

Or to put it more simply, this guy…


…is trying to make this guy’s son cool…


…from playing hockey.

The world is weird sometimes.

OK, so that sounds bad. But look how swaggy this lion is.

That’s basically the J.R. Smith of lions, so of course Dwight Howard lost. Not to mention, disrespecting the king of the jungle is pretty much a death wish. Smart move by Dwiggy Dwight to throw these things.

Now that he’s the most famous New York Knick in the history of the NBA, surpassing Bill Bradley, John Starks, Patrick Ewing, Stephon Marbury and Rick Brunson combined, Jeremy Lin is getting everything he has ever wanted. Date offers from Kim Kardashian, new Nike shoes, his family being hounded by Taiwanese press wherever they go — all that good stuff. He gets it all. That’s just what happens when you dominate New York.

And now, he’s even getting a chance to punch one of his haterz in the face. John Scott, a former Chicago Blackhawks player who was recently traded to the New York Rangers, offered a mea culpa for daring to utter that Derrick Rose was a better basketball player, which is something the defenseman said back in his Chicago days. From the New York Times:

“No, it’s O.K.,” Scott said, laughing. “You can’t kill a guy for offering his opinion. I was just saying he had one weakness to work on. Most of us have a lot more than that. Look at me. No one thought I could make it to the N.H.L., and there are a lot of people who still don’t think I belong.

“I haven’t come close to reaching his level, and I never will, but I can relate to Jeremy. I hope I get to meet him soon at the Garden or the practice facility. For what I said, he can even punch me in the hallway if he wants to.”

Seems fair. If anyone ever says something bad about someone else, for any reason, and then the person proves the naysayer wrong, that person should get to punch their accuser in the face. That is 100 percent how this sort of thing should work. Very Old Testament and very reasonable.

Just a couple of pieces of advice for Jeremy Lin when he punches this guy in the face, which he will surely do. First and foremost — stick, gloves, shirt, as that is the hockey way. Second, don’t use your shooting hand. Other than that, please go forth with this perfect plan.

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Once upon a time, Kris Humphries was caught up in a whirlwind romance with America’s foremost reality TV princess, Kim Kardashian. It was a classic love affair, filled with promotional appearances, fights with relatives and miniature horses. Near the end, when Kris and Kim got engaged, Humphries bought his special lady a 20.5 carat engagement ring that cost $2.5 million. Pretty significant chunk of change for a guy with no contract.

Just six months after the engagement, the marriage is over and Humphries still doesn’t have a contract, despite the fact he had the best season of his career. Lucky for him, he just got what seems to be a pretty irresistible offer.

The Syracuse Crunch of the American Hockey League is offering scorned husband and NBA veteran (most recently with the New Jersey Nets), Kris Humphries a spot on the team’s roster or in the Crunch’s front office.

Humphries, a native of hockey hotbed Minnesota, saw his life and marriage to Kardashian become a running national joke during his regular appearance on the E Network’s ‘Keeping up the Kardashians’ popular reality series.

“We would welcome Kris Humphries to Syracuse, where unlike Hollywood there are no paparazzi within hundreds of miles and he could reclaim his privacy and self-esteem,” said Syracuse Crunch General Manager Vance Lederman. “Being from Minnesota, Humphries will surely enjoy the hockey and feel right at home in the cold, gray, dismal weather we experience this time of year in Central New York.”

The Crunch will allow Humphries use of their state of the art training facility and provide a certified personal trainer who will be available to the basketball star as he attempts to earn a spot with a NBA team.

Truth be told, this sounds like a pretty decent offer. It sounds like he doesn’t even have to play hockey, really. Just kind of show up, work out and enjoy the terrible weather in Central New York. This seems pretty legit, which is what you’d expect from a minor league hockey team.

Let’s see what else they’re offering.

In paying homage to the short-lived Kardashian/Humphries union, fans can purchase a six-pack of tickets to either the club’s December 16th or 17th game for just $72.

Dang it. Just when it seemed like something was finally going Kris Humprhies’ way, the Crunch had to go and make this in to a big joke.

This whole idea looked like it was on the up-and-up too. Guess he’ll just have to wait on some NBA team to hope last season’s performance wasn’t all Kardashian Effect.

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Looks like Jonas Jerebko took this whole “If there’s not going to be an NBA season, I’ll just be a hockey fan” thing a little bit too far. What a cake eater.

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