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“Both teams played hard and the calendar is not our friend.”David Stern, evoking the best Rasheed Wallace quote ever

This is the definition of brand loyalty.

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“We have to end the game with better class than that. That’s too disrespectful in my eyes. That’s not what the Thunder are about. … I think we were too flashy.” — 68-year-old Kendrick Perkins, being a stern father

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“I’m going to f*****g punch one of these motherf*****s in the face.”Steve Nash to Alvin Gentry, after a fourth quarter technical in last night’s game against the 76ers

On Sunday, the Boston Celtics’ Von Wafer and Delonte West got in to it during practice with West yelling at Wafer to “do something about it.” No big deal though, because Von knows how to use humor to diffuse a stressful situation. What follows is a brief dramatization of the day’s events…

Baron Davis was recently sued for throwing a dirt clod in a paparazzo’s eye while at Kate Hudson’s house in 2008. What follows is a true-to-life dramatization of those events…

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