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Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • In particular, his hair looks like the wispy, soft mane of a troll doll.
  • His buddy is in a Radio Shack shirt while eating at Potbelly’s, so maybe it’s a two-part costume that references Shaq’s time as a Radio Shack pitchman?
  • Could be a low-key callback to the first time people noticed his hair was getting unruly, which would basically mean that Andrew Bynum is wearing an Andrew Bynum costume.

Evidence against:

  • All of the troll dolls I remember had colorful hair.
  • Wispy hair likely just a byproduct of having his braids taken out.
  • Probably just a lunch break for Radio Shack bro. Hope he got The Wreck with giardiniera.
  • “Andrew Bynum is wearing an Andrew Bynum costume” is really just “Andrew Bynum is wearing clothes.”

Verdict: Can a person wear a costume of themselves? Unclear.

Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • Wearing a Ferrari jacket could be a botched Joey Tribbiani reference.
  • This is in Madrid and maybe it’s Halloween there.
  • Might be cos-playing a bizarre “Dancing with the Stars” fantasy, and who are we to judge?

Evidence against:

  • Kind of just seems like a guy dancing on stage even though he’s not that good at dancing.
  • Really loves Ferrari, which explains why he’d think such a jacket is necessary, even if it’s horribly dated.
  • Who brings costumes on vacations that aren’t to Comic-Con?
  • I’m pretty sure it’s not Halloween in Madrid.

Verdict: Just a guy dancing on knees that were surgically repaired six weeks ago. Too complicated to be a costume.


Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • Only half of his hair is braided, which seems aerodynamically nonsensical.
  • This could be the beginning of a Two-Face costume from the Tommy Lee Jones era.
  • Considering he hasn’t yet played a game for the Sixers, you’d think he’d have enough time to let all of his hair down.

Evidence against:

  • Has had his hair braided before, so it makes sense he’d have some remnants.
  • Might have been thinking, “Cornrows are kinda cool” but couldn’t really talk himself in to them.
  • Left side of head could have just been super itchy.
  • It’s my birthday and this is Andrew Bynum’s very weird idea of a present.

Verdict: Worst case of bedhead ever. Not a costume.

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Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • Is wearing cornrows in 2013, which seems a bit gauche.
  • Pretty sure Allen Iverson had these braids when he played in Philly, so it might be a tribute of some sort.
  • Really no reason to wear a bracelet and earrings like that to a basketball game, unless you’re going for the full Iverson.

Evidence against:

  • Had his hair braided earlier this season for some reason.
  • If Michael Beasley is still doing it, it must be super cool.
  • Hair that long can get unruly, so he has to do something.
  • Pretty normal shirt and suit, actually.

Verdict: Trying to bring the early 2000s back, not working.

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Evidence For:

  • Hasn’t been seen playing basketball in months, so this is VERY out of place.
  • Hair seems to be flat in back, which suggests a new Ben Wallace wig.
  • Wearing actual shoes when he obviously prefers slippers.
  • With the socks and hair, might be trying to trick people in to thinking he’s Eugene Edgerson.

Evidence Against:

  • Is technically still a basketball player, so he could theoretically be wearing basketball clothes.
  • Long, curly hair is easily molded in to tall shapes like Bynum’s troll hair.
  • Photo was taken nearly three months after Halloween and no one dresses up for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Verdict: Not a costume. Actually practicing for All-Star break return.

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Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • More specifically, he looks like he is a college student pulling an all-nighter.
  • Look at his shoes.

Evidence against:

  • We’ve seen that hair before.
  • Never went to college, so might not know how to dress like an undergrad.
  • Costume slippers are usually overtly comical, like a stuffed dog or baby head or something.

Verdict: Just loungin’ at the steakhouse. Not a costume.

Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • More specifically, he looks like he’s wearing a comically over-exaggerated Andrew Bynum costume.
  • This is his third different hairstyle in the past three games.
  • His head looks like a Mario mushroom.

Evidence against:

  • Last night was November 16, so there’s really no reason to be in costume.
  • Josh Childress looks like this every day and that’s not a costume.
  • He has to be messing with us.

Verdict: He has become his own costume, so technically both no and yes.

(image via Dan McQuade)