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Pretty great story from Jalen Rose right here — talking about how you’re not supposed to Bruce Bowen your opponents, except for the one time he did that exact same thing to Kobe Bryant in the 2000 NBA Finals. And though Jalen equivocates a little bit at the end there, claiming he’s not really sure if he stuck his foot under Kobe’s on purpose of not, watching the play makes it pretty obvious.

Just look at how Jalen juts his leg out, basically mirroring the worst Bruce Bowens that Bruce ever Bowened. Pretty anti-cool move.

However, as Jalen said, eventually Kobe Bryant hung 81 on a Jalen Rose team a few years later. And knowing Kobe, he probably did it because he remembers spraining his ankle on Jalen Rose. That guy won’t let anything slide, especially not one of the jerkiest moves you can pull on a basketball court.

(Note: This is a Master P song, so there’s bad language.)

Did you realize that Jalen Rose has been in nine different rap videos? Probably not. Why would you? You’re not some sort of amateur Jalen Rose historian, so it’s understandable. But just so you know, he has indeed been in nine rap videos, which seems like a pretty solid amount for one of the Fab Five. He’s at least nine times cooler than Larry Hughes, who showed up in a Nelly video once upon a time, so yeah. Makes sense.

And while most of those appearances are just quick cameos, Jalen had a starring role in one video, Master P’s “Goodbye to My Homies,” which you can find above if you feel up to listening to Master P.  Jalen broke it down, along with all the rest of his appearances, to ESPN:

This is the time when Master P was the hottest artist in music, definitely in rap. Master P also has an interest in basketball. That summer, I was staying in L.A., hanging out with P. He came over to my place and vice versa multiple times, playing me the album. We played ball multiple times. For somebody that transformed from being an entertainer to a basketball player, P actually did pretty good. He played in the minors, he tried out for the Hornets.

P’s brother (Kevin) had passed away. They said I reminded him somewhat of his brother, so they wanted me to play him in the video. It was at a huge mansion somewhere in California. And I was there to represent for my friend. The reason this song didn’t get more traction is because it sampled Boyz II Men “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” and there was some situation with that hook.

I ended up meeting Lil Romeo when he was a youngster and he shouted me out on his first album. I knew about it because my nieces and nephews told me.

So basically, Jalen Rose and Master P became friends, started hanging out, then Master P recognized Jalen looked like his dead brother so he asked him to play him in a music video that had a tiny audience because P had a hard time clearing the hook with Boyz II Men. Amazingly, this is all before either of them had spent any time with the Raptors (yep, really happened). This is a strange confluence of events.

I’m not sure if this is the best basketball player in a rap video story ever, but it has to be up there. At the very least, it’s certainly better than how Corey Maggette was in all those episodes of “Pimp My Ride.”