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Hey guys, have you been wondering what Brad Miller has been up to since his retirement? Me too, obviously.

Well, the answer is pretty much what you’d expect — hunting alligators with fellow Indiananite Jared Jeffries. From the Country Boys Outdoors Twitter:

Me taking jerrod out for his first gator ever

Even in retirement, Brad Miller is still the best. Maybe not at knowing the exact spelling of his hunting buddies’ names, but definitely at everything else including but not limited to wearing a camouflage Chicago Cubs hat and Nikes for a hunting excursion with a random NBA guy who I didn’t even know was a hunter but is indeed a hunter. Brad Miller is the gift that keeps on giving.

(Also, since both of these guys are 6-foot-11 or taller, imagine how big that gator must be. Yikes. Please don’t get eaten, Brad Miller.)