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Oh sure, it’s funny when a professional basketball player does it but when I do the same thing at Toronto’s biggest mall people call me a “creep” and a “weirdo” and a “super creepy weirdo who needs to get out of this here mall right now before something bad happens.” Not fair.

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For a guy who talks so much, you’d think learning a new accent would be easy peasy lemon squeezy. But I guess not. Figuring out how to sound like a Ben Affleck movie is pretty rough, as it turns out.

Oh also, this face, when a guy says he just took down “nine inches of pleasure” like a pro.

Dead. Life is wicked sweet when everything is going right.

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Operative: Jason Terry
Codename: JET4
Counter-championship unit: Boston Celtics

Mission (via regional control headquarters):

“My mission is to kill; whether it’s the Heat, whether it’s the Lakers. Hopefully both. That’s my mission, and that’s what I’m here to do,” Terry said on Tuesday shortly before teeing off at the Fifth Annual USI Shamrock Classic which was hosted by the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation.

Pertinent skills: Jump shooting, trash talking, headband wearing, tattoo getting, smiling

Logistics: Agent Terry (JET4) will enter assault scenarios (“games”) with hostile forces as second wave of attack. JET4 will provide shooting, smiling and tattoos to games where necessary and will be encouraged to supply heavy cover fire. JET4 will provide defensive support when able but this will not be relied upon as a major part of the mission. In case of danger, JET4 will just shoot more.

Odds of success: Low