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“I consider myself a trend-setter, so a long time ago I decided, I think it was like a couple months, four months ago, I decided I won’t tweet again, so all I’ll do is retweet. So I technically don’t tweet, I just retweet.”
— JaVale McGee, Twitter genius

One of my rules in life is that when an NBA player becomes internet famous for riding a Segway, then a video of him riding the Segway comes out, you need to put the “Arrested Development” intro in front of it and some of their background music behind it. That’s what happened, so here we are. Enjoy.

You might have assumed that once JaVale McGee was traded away from the echo chamber of goofs that was the Washington Wizards that his innate hilarity would be toned down a bit. But nope. Hardly the case. Since heading to the Mile High City, we’ve seen JaVale chuck a game ball to his mom, show off his fingerstache and throw a burrito party that nobody came to. It’s good to know that some things never change.

Like, for instance, that JaVale McGee still has his Segway. You know, the one he took through a McDonald’s drive-thru in the middle of the night. He still has it and he still rides it and that is still really great. Thumbs up for JaVale.

But now we’re left wondering — if he’ll Segway in D.C. and he’ll Segway in Denver, where else will JaVale McGee Segway? As expected, TBJ has the answers.

On the Great Wall of China

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Maybe you are thinking this is a weird question, but that’s only because you’ve never really considered that either of these things could be a possibility. But trust me, they are. And you need to be prepared just in case either of these situations present themselves. So tell me, would you rather eat burritos with JaVale McGee or ice cream with Chris Bosh?

Here’s the JaVale McGee contingent, from Mile High Sports:

JaVale “Pierre” McGee is up to his social media antics yet again. Unlike Dwight Howard, McGee appears in public without a cape and comes to the aid of Denver citizens by offering them free Chipotle burritos, via his Twitter account.

McGee posted on his official twitter page today: “1st 10 people who meet me at chipotle in 5 mins get free meals! #OMM the one in Denver on 16th!”

It appears only one person showed to McGee’s burrito party, posting [a] picture with fan Andy Mathisen.

Mathisen was grateful, tweeting back, “Just met one of my favorite @denvernuggets at chipotle. Thanks for the burrito @JaValeMcGee34 you’re the man!”

As BDL’s Dan Devine notes, only one guy showing up didn’t faze JaVaze, as he doubled down by offering some Noodles & Company today. Consider this a special two plums for one offer.

The other contender is Chris Bosh serving Chris Bosh ice cream. From NBC Miami:

It’s safe to say that the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh has had a great year: marriage, baby, a championship ring and as of Sunday, an ice cream flavor. One of Miami Beach’s oldest establishment, The Frieze, gave back to their customers and the community who have supported them over the past 25 years this weekend. They shut down their block with a fun-filled festival with face painting, an interactive photo booth, raffle prizes and more. To thank fans for 25 years of support, The Frieze got Chris Bosh behind the counter to scoop free ice cream for attendees

So here you get a little ice cream and help out a charity, as proceeds from “Bosh Frieze Frenzy” go towards Bosh’s foundation, Team Tomorrow. No idea what a Chris Bosh flavored ice cream would taste like, but I have to imagine it’s champagney.

The choice is yours. Personally, I’m going for burritos with JaVale, but only if he takes me to the original Chipotle, which is different from the one he chose for yesterday’s promotion and probably the reason why no one showed up. I love ice cream, but burritos are just a bit better. We all have our reasons, so let’s hear yours below.