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Pretty cool last few months for LeBron James. He got his third MVP trophy, won his first NBA championship, got his first Finals MVP, and yesterday, led Team USA to the gold medal under the watchful and approving eye of international action star Vin Diesel. As Chris Paul said, “It’s the best summer ever.” So naturally, Nike is hooking one of their signature athletes up with some special shoes, as yesterday’s game against Spain gave us the first glimpse of LeBron’s 10th signature shoe, the LeBron X.

As you can see, these LeBrons are the latest in a series of gradually changing sneakers that started with the LeBron 7, which were the first of LBJ’s shoes that we saw with the drastic heel-to-tongue angle that has become a mainstay of the line. As usual, LeBron’s getting the best technical stuff the Swoosh has to offer: Flywire, Hyperfuse, the brand’s first full-length visible Zoom Air cushioning, Nike+ sensors that send information to an app that tracks your performance and cetera. Also as usual, the shoes look really comfortable, though I imagine they’d be bulky on little guys. It’s hard to design a shoe that looks right on a guy the size of LeBron, while also still making sense for a guy the size of Tom Cruise. I like them though, and the tiny United States flag is a particularly nice touch.

In particular, these remind me a lot of the LeBron 8 PS, which are one of my favorite shoes to ever play in and are still out on my balcony, just in case I ever need some comfort food shoes. The upper, the triangles, the red sole all feel familiar. The big difference is on the left shoe, where the swoosh is facing the wrong way, as the fat part is usually towards the front of the shoe. You don’t often see that on Nike shoes, and while it may seem minor, it’s the kind of thing people notice. Doesn’t bother me personally, but I can definitely see how some people don’t like it.

So yeah, new shoes for LeBron James at a pivotal moment in his career. No surprise there. The shoes are due to release in January, with the standard model going for a standard $180 and the super technological Nike+ ones going for a rumored whopping $315. Hit the jump for more shots, including some of a golded-out version that reminds me of the “Watch the Throne” cover and are probably LeBron-only. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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Sometimes basketball practice can get so boring that you need to break things up by grabbing a ball from some staffer and nailing a really deep three while the rest of your teammates stretch. If you can follow that up with a sumo squat, even better. Really keeps things loose, heading in to a boring game against Australia. Plus, you never know when you’re going to need to add the 30-footer to the offense. Kevin Durant used it against Argentina and it seemed pretty effective.

LeBron James is metaphorically on top of the world, like a physically fit Santa Claus who has traded his wispy old man beard for a thick, shiny goatee. After winning his first title, third MVP and the respect of even the most ardent LeBron haters, the Miami Heat superstar has taken his traveling act to London, where he’ll get to wow a whole new continent with his slow motion basketball skills.

But even a guy like LeBron can’t have everything. That just wouldn’t be fair. From the Charlotte Observer:

“The basketball players were nice enough to kind of come out and meet the swimmers and take pictures,” [Lauren] Perdue said, speaking of a recent evening when the basketball players toured the Olympic Village (they aren’t staying there — the swimmers are).

LeBron did take a liking to Perdue, though, who is a star swimmer at the University of Virginia. So did he really ask her to dinner?

“He did,” Perdue said. “He was kind of joking but he was basically like, ‘Would you like to come eat with me at the dining hall?’ And I said, ‘Um, I’m sorry, I have a curfew. So I turned that one down, yeah.”

Just to be clear, Perdue also made sure people knew that LeBron just wanted to have a chill meal at the dining hall as friends, and not that he was creeping on a 21-year-old from one of the Olympics’ most visible sports. So relax, Jerry Springer, it’s not a big deal.

However, it is still pretty funny that LeBron James got turned down by a minor swimmer, just because she had to go back to her room and go to sleep. At this point, it’s probably hard to keep LeBron James humble, what with all the accolades, awards, money, dance-offs with Lamar Odom and custom cakes. But maybe this could do it. Getting “turned down” by a fellow Olympian because she has a curfew might be a tiny reminder of “Oh yeah, sports” for LeBron, just to keep him focused.

Plus, now LeBron knows what all those equestrian nerds eating lunch in the dining hall by themselves feel like. It’s like at the end of “Mean Girls,” when Lindsay Lohan has gone from the most popular girl in school to outcast who can’t even eat a meal with Lizzie Caplan. I look forward to him tearing his headband to pieces and handing every Olympian a thread as a gesture of good will. Just be careful around the buses.

(via The Sporting News)