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You’ve seen that picture. You’ve loved that picture. You’ve probably tweeted that picture or sent it to one of your friends in an email or something like that. You think that’s one of the best NBA pictures in history and you’re totally right.

That’s why it’s so great that Grantland’s Zach Lowe asked him about it.

How much do you regret the photo, from all those years ago, with you, Dirk [Nowitzki], and [Mark] Cuban — the one with the cowboy hats?

Oh my god. I don’t really believe in regret [laughs], but it’s highly embarrassing. That was for [Sports Illustrated].

I hadn’t actually remembered which outlet ran that thing.

I think it was gonna actually be the cover, but it ended up just being an article. It was right when we won our first playoff series. But, yeah, I’m just glad it wasn’t me on someone’s back. But, really, it’s all bad.

Haha, yes. Well actually, no — this is definitely all good, and zero percent “all bad.” The hats, the smiles, Mark Cuban’s airbrushed and tucked-in t-shirt — ALL GOOD.

Now all we need is someone to ask him about these pictures. They certainly deserve some sort of explanation.

You can head over to Ball Don’t Lie for all the details on Steve Nash’s “tryout” with soccer titan Inter Milan if you’d like, because I am too busy trying to reconcile this video with the fact that the last Steve Nash clip I watched was him on Canadian Rap City 20 years ago. Do you think Steve “Enjoy Your Guinness Responsibly” Nash even remembers that Steve “Play Some Craig Mack” Nash was on Canadian Rap City 20 years ago? A lot has happened since then — mostly haircut changes — so it’d be understandable if Soccer Steve doesn’t really recall Rap Steve. We were all so young.

As for the tryout, Steve Nash ran around a lot, occasionally kicked the ball and didn’t score a goal, so I think he’s ready.

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Between Steve Nash’s haircut, Craig Mack’s “Flava in Ya Ear” and a guy wearing a bandana Deion Sanders-style like it’s no big deal, this is basically a 1994 time capsule. After the break, I’m guessing, were scenes from “The Lion King” and Michael Jordan stopping by to give tips on how to hit a curveball.

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Andrew Rafner is a recently liberated fan and writer from Los Angeles. He owns two Sasha Vujacic jerseys and isn’t sorry about it.

Most people think of Southern California and imagine postcard views of palm trees and sun-soaked beaches and bikini-clad models with hair bobbed from rays of sunlight, but if you live here — actually, if you’re from here — you know that Southern California, and specifically Los Angeles, is ensconced by a thick rim of gnarled and thorny brush known as chaparral. It’s everywhere.

Now, one notable thing about the chaparral is the fact that it burns. Hot, fast and wild. I’m sure you’ve turned on the news in late-September or early-October (or if it’s this year, mid-April) and seen them talking about an out-of-control wildfire burning somewhere in Southern California. That’s the chaparral. Either by some combination of a random lightning strike or a hot, dry California summer, one of these fires breaks out, schools get cancelled and — I’m only speaking from personal experience here — you climb on your wood-shingled roof with your stepdad to hose it down so burning embers raining from the sky don’t ignite your house as towering flames peek over from the mountains a couple miles away. It’s the rites of the season. No. Big. Deal.

What people often lose sight of in the human drama of California Wildfire Season is that the burning of the chaparral is a part of how the ecosystem proliferates itself. Over the span of 15 or so years, brush grows lush and deep, fires spark, the plants burn and within that chaos and destruction, new life begins. Seeds find purchase within the newly transformed and charred land and the process begins again. Every. F—ing. Year. It’s just kind of part of the bargain we pay for 75 and sunny and Amoeba Music 363 days a year.


Right now, in this very moment, another staple of the Southern California way of life is undergoing a chaotic wildfire. Yeah, the Lakers. (UGH. I know, right?) Now, we all know the major beats of this story to this point — Dwight Howard is going to become a Houston Rocket and in doing so, he has upended one of the great givens in professional basketball and probably sports in general: the Lakers don’t lose out on big talent.

But they did. It happened. Get with it. And to be completely honest, didn’t we all kind of know it was going to happen? Hasn’t all the writing been on all the walls since he got to Los Angeles? Since before he even arrived in Los Angeles?

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I know we are basically five seconds in to the offseason, but these pictures of the Gasols yachting in Spain are already guaranteed to be my favorite of the summer. Just look at these guys — you can’t even tell which one of them plays with Zach Randolph and which one of them is located in the most image conscious market on Earth. They’re great, mostly because they look like a bare bones re-enactment of the “Big Pimpin’” video.

And it gets better, because here is Pau Gasol’s butt crack.


Now you’ve seen that and you can never again say you’ve never seen Pau Gasol’s butt crack. Congratulations? Sorry? I’m not sure what to say. (Also, it looks like Marc is wearing soaking wet white socks and a pair of basketball shorts while getting his yacht on, which is an LOL for sure.)

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“Real Steel” + NBA basketball players + “Tron” kind of + 3D + Wang Zhizhi + China = “Amazing,” which is an actual movie that is really coming out.

Naming this movie “Amazing” = irony.

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Good to see the Bad Idea Jeans people are back in business. I mean, obviously this is a good idea blog-wise, but after a season where Metta World Peace became an amnesty candidate, maybe filming the travails of him and a washed up NFL receiver who can’t get a job and is essentially persona non grata among football people is not the wisest choice. I don’t know if that sends the right message, unless the message MWP is trying to send is, “Well at least I’m not Terrell Owens.” If that’s what he’s trying to go for — proving that he’s not the worst case scenario for an aging athlete notorious for making waves — then this is the perfect choice.

Update: Nope.