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Mix one part guy from a reality show about investing in things with one part guy who always complains about the refs — what do you get? Well, Mark Cuban, for one, since he is both of those guys. But you also get Mark Cuban funding a scientific study on the physics behind flopping, which is a real thing that is happening. From, so you know it’s legit:

Biomechanics experts at Southern Methodist University have teamed with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to carry out a scientific study of the unsavory practice of player flopping in basketball and other sports.

[...]The Cuban-owned company Radical Hoops Ltd. awarded a grant of more than $100,000 to fund the 18-month research study at SMU, Dallas.

“The issues of collisional forces, balance and control in these types of athletic settings are largely uninvestigated,” said SMU biomechanics expert Peter G. Weyand, who leads the research team. “There has been a lot of research into balance and falls in the elderly, but relatively little on active adults and athletes.”

The objective of the research is to investigate the forces involved in typical basketball collisions, said Weyand, an associate professor of applied physiology and biomechanics in the SMU Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development.

Yeah, of course this is happening. What exactly are they studying?

The researchers will look at how much force is required to cause a legitimate loss of balance. They’ll also examine to what extent players can influence the critical level of force via balance and body control. They will also explore techniques by which the forces involved in collisions might be estimated from video or other motion capture techniques.

The research findings could conceivably contribute to video reviews of flopping and the subsequent assignment of fines, Weyand said. “It may be possible to enhance video reviews by adding a scientific element, but we won’t know this until we have the data from this study in hand.”

You read that right. Mark Cuban is funding a study that will attempt to find out how much force you need to knock a player over, whether or not that player could have helped falling down, whether or not that player fell down on purpose, and of course, how to track all of this — this is the greatest referee trolling of all-time. Mark Cuban is paying money to find a new way to complain about referees. I thought filing a legal brief about winning a championship as evidence against a lawsuit’s claims of mismanagement was his master stroke, but investing in ways to become the world’s foremost expert on flopping when you are famous for complaining about referees is next level zingery.

Of course, I’m sure this will be framed as “for the good of the game.” And yes, being able to prove who is and isn’t flopping could go a long ways towards addressing something that people make way too big of a deal about, so that is true. But really, Mark Cuban wants to know who’s flopping and can afford to try to figure it out. It’s genius. There’s a reason he’s a billionaire.

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Not only that, he doesn’t believe that chocolate milk or coconut water are good post-workout drinks. Plus, he knew Airborne was a placebo way before the FTC got involved. And don’t even get him started on skinny jeans.

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Just so you know, Mark Cuban is a guy who cares about comfort — that should go on his tombstone, by the way, “Mark Cuban: A Guy Who Cares About Comfort” — and that extends from his basketball-themed football jerseys to his baggy toed shoes. And if you’re wondering where the “roomy toe area” that he values so much, it’s right there in the toe area.

Seems like a pretty good spot for that roomy toe area. At the very least, it certainly makes more sense than skinny jeans. I mean, if Mark Cuban doesn’t “get” them, who can?

If you go to the Nets’ actual website ( you’re going to get some actual Brooklyn Nets stuff. But if you just do a quickie-quick action, you’re getting that picture you see right there with Mark Cuban sticking his tongue out at fans of the Nets, taunting them for not owning their own splash page.

And at the bottom? A Mikhail Prokhorov picking up prostitutes zinger. As translated by Complex:

“Michael, have you noticed? Vilena wondered…”

That’s supposedly a reference to the since-dropped case of Prokhorov flying women in to “entertain his guests,” if you know what I mean. Zing-wise, that’s the exact sort of thing that would show up on a hacked website, so nice job hackers.

People are saying that Mark Cuban bought to mess with his newest rival, but there is absolutely no way that’s the case. One, the WhoIs data shows the site to be in the hands of Cyber Mesa Computer Systems, who have owned the site since 1994 and will continue to own it until 2014. Two, the site is in broken English and Russian, which means a) there’s no way it was Mark Cuban unless this is a too-clever part of the ruse and b) it was probably a Russian. Three, the reference to “Vilena” is something that’s virtually impossible to find on the internet and would therefore have to come from someone who paid attention to the scandal when it was happening (i.e. a Russian). Four, the link on the top right goes to the Russian version of the Nets’ website. Just a hunch — this was the work of a Russian who likes making jokes (possibly Andrei Kirilenko).

Nonetheless, if Mikhail Prokhorov thinks Mark Cuban did this, then that’ll probably push him closer to wanting to fight the Dallas owner. So if you happen to see Prokhorov around, tell him that Cuban did it. Seeing them in wrestling gear, kickboxing to the death will make for great blog content.

“He obviously didn’t see me be the first in WWE history to put Sheamus on the mat. He knows not what he gets himself into.”Mark Cuban, responding to Mikhail Prokhorov’s kickboxing threats with the worst brag ever

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Since that is probably the greatest headline you are going to read today — mostly because this one happened last week — let’s just get straight to things and let Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov wow you with some very Russian billionaire-y quotage. From the New York Daily News:

Thoughts on keeping Deron Williams? Excuse me, I didn’t catch the question. … Is it no NBA rules that prohibit to comment on the potential interest. So please wait until the summer. I’ll tell you all the details. For the time being, it’s top secret for us. [...]

It’s not against rules to discuss D-Will, because he’s under contract w/ your team. So I was wondering if you could elaborate on any convos you may have had with him, and whether or not you believe he’ll be perceptive to your powers of persuasion? I missed the name of the player.

Deron Williams? OK. [laughs] We met yesterday, we have I think a very good discussion. He really wants to win, and I want to win maybe even more. And we have just — and really, I won’t go into details, but I think this stage we are on the same page.

How confident are you that you can keep Deron and sign him to a max extension? I think he wants to win and he wants to be part of a great franchise, so we have the same view of this, and I can’t comment more. Just, it’s better to ask him what was the rest of our conversation. I mean what I’ve already mentioned. [...]

About Deron Williams, are you worried about Mark Cuban? Let the best man win. If he wins, I’ll crush him in the kickboxing throwdown.

Is this or is this not the greatest free agent recruiting pitch of all-time? You can keep Daryl Morey and his iPads, Dan Gilbert and his cartoons and nonsense like that. I will gladly take a Russian billionaire acting completely like a Russian billionaire. “We have some ideas, plus I can beat up anyone,” is basically the entire pitch. It’s a sure-fire thing.

The best part, obviously, is that we all know Deron Williams wants to leave the Nets. Therefore, henceforth and ipso facto, Mikhail Prokhorov and Mark Cuban are kickboxing each other this summer. Since his demise has already been guaranteed, he might as well just broadcast it on HDNet to make some cash. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll subscribe just to be able to watch this happen.

“Not investing. Not getting equity. I like the product.”Mark Cuban, t-shirt jersey enthusiast, on why he’s going to be in a Skechers ad during the Super Bowl