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Look guys, there isn’t too much information on why Moondog went to Ashlee and Ben’s wedding over the weekend, but he definitely did. You can tell from the pictures. And from the tweet:

Rocking @HelloAshlee1 @foryourbenefit Wedding Photos as two #Cavs fans become one. Thanks for an amazing night

Just your basic Cavs wedding, wherein it looks like a totally normal wedding, only there is a giant stuffed dog there acting like your craziest friend.



For instance, you know how there’s at least one dance circle at every wedding reception, only no one really knows how to end it and everyone just ends up bouncing from side to side while there’s a huge hole in the middle that no one wants to dance in? Well, imagine if that happened but Moondog was there.

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Anytime mascots get brought up on TBJ, I’m always quick to throw my hat in the ring for Benny the Bull. And while that may seem like a homer pick, I truly believe Benny’s the best in the business. He’s funny, his head is both silly and mischievous, he can dance his clip-cloppity hooves off and — most importantly — he is always doing something. Seriously, if you’re at a game where Benny’s at, whether it be Bulls or All-Star, he is legitimately always messing with somebody, climbing on something or just generally mascotting all over the place. He never stops. It’s awesome.

But now we can finally put this argument to rest because the people have spoken. From Forbes:

Benny the Bull, who’s been entertaining fans at Chicago Bulls games for more than four decades, keeps a killer schedule that goes way beyond the Bulls’ 41 home games a season (or more like 50 including the preseason and playoffs). Benny does 250 events a year, from appearances at Chicago businesses and charities to private parties.

The work ethic and the athleticism he displays during game breaks at the United Center have paid off: Benny stands as this year’s most popular sports mascot. That’s the word from The Marketing Arm’s Davie Brown Index, which is based on a survey of public perception of celebrities and their influence on brands. For mascots, the DBI measures popularity by the following criteria: Awareness, likeability, attention-getting, photo-friendliness, interaction and fun. Fans were also asked if a given mascot happened to be his “absolute favorite” or “one of my favorites.”

Benny led the pack in pure likability and gets more photo requests than any other mascot in sports. His ascension to the top is something of an upset, moving against this year’s anti-NBA trend. Perhaps the trampoline-bouncing, slam-dunking hoops mascots are starting to become old hat: past favorites like the Phoenix Suns’ Gorilla, the Denver Nuggets’ mountain lion Rocky and the San Antonio Spurs’ Coyote are nowhere to be found this year.

Boom. There it is. Forbes, you guys. Indisputable champion of the mascot game.

And really, the choice seems pretty obvious.

How many mascots would do this sort of thing? Maybe a lot, but only one has. And that one is Benny the Bull, America’s favorite sports mascot. No coincidence.

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What follows is a moment-by-moment breakdown of Boomer’s quick performance piece from Friday night’s Pacers-Thunder game:

  • 0:00 — Mop bros come out and get down to business.
  • 0:03 — Boomer points out a missed spot.
  • 0:05 — Boomer points out a missed spot.
  • 0:07 — Boomer points out a missed spot.
  • 0:09 — Boomer points out a missed spot.
  • 0:10 — Boomer points out a missed spot.
  • 0:12 — Boomer points out a missed spot.
  • 0:14 — Boomer points out a missed spot.
  • 0:16 — Boomer points out a missed spot.
  • 0:17 — Boomer finally gets bored with pointing out missed spots, decides to hang out.
  • 0:20 — Boomer realizes that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.
  • 0:24 — Boomer momentarily becomes a curmudgeonly old man, says something like “Hogwash” to the mop bros about all the missed spots.
  • 0:26-32 — RAGE.
  • 0:33 — Boomer suffers concussion.

Even though it is literally all fun and games for mascots, sometimes it’s not all fun and games being a mascot. Sometimes a floor gets so wet you just have to Kevin Garnett a stanchion. Good thing he’s got that super padded head or things could have ended up really ugly.

Blocking a mascot’s shot when he’s trying to win free cheese for the entire crowd is pretty low. Doing it a second time is even worse.

I know that looks like the same play, but take it from the Denver Post — Russell Westbrook is Denver’s Public Enemy Number One:

SuperMascot Rocky shoots backwards halfcourt shots during a fourth-quarter timeout of every game. If he makes one, fans get free Qdoba queso. It’s perhaps the most-popular during-timeout thing they do at Nugget games.

Well, Rocky’s final attempt appeared to be going in, but the Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, walking onto the court, jumped up and blocked/goaltended the shot. The arena erupted in boos and fans continued to boo so every time Westbrook touched the basketball.

So that was bad enough, right?

Rocky returned to midcourt again during the next timeout. And Westbrook, again, caught the shot, this time throwing the ball into the stands. The boos became deafening.

To be honest, I’m surprised it wasn’t Rajon Rondo who did this, because it seems like a very Rondo thing to do. Next thing you know, Russell Westbrook will be passing up shots left and right.

Well, maybe not.

“Hello from Toronto where Nate Robinson just tried to trip the Raptor in the pregame layup line.”Nick Friedell, letting us all in on Nate Robinson’s valiant attempt to reenact this

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Let’s say you’re the world’s biggest Phoenix Suns fun who also has a predilection for guttural yelps. Let’s further say that you have been looking for a way to express your inner animal, while also trying to honor your favorite team, who is the Phoenix Suns, as I mentioned. Let’s also further speculate that you are kind of hairy and have always identified with other hirsute creatures.

Assuming those three things are true, this is your lucky day. From the NBA team jobs website:

Mascot – Phoenix Suns (Phoenix, AZ)

Position summary: Be a world-class performer and ambassador for the Phoenix Suns organization both on the court and at appearances (charities, schools, hospitals, local businesses, etc.). Continue the great Gorilla “Go” tradition of making people smile, leaving them with long-lasting/positive memories, and representing the team with pride and passion. This is a full-time, salaried position reporting to our Vice President, Game Entertainment.

Yes, YOU could be the next Phoenix Suns Gorilla. Seriously. Maybe the most iconic mascot job in all of sports is up for grabs and it’s just being advertised online. This is the chance of a lifetime, assuming you want to be a primate for a job.

Let’s take a look at some of the responsibilities.

Essential duties and responsibilities:
• Perform at Phoenix Suns home games, select community and Suns events, domestic and international events booked by the NBA
• Represent the Phoenix Suns in a professional and appropriate manner at all times, inside and outside the suit
• Create new entertainment and recycle past successes for use at performances, including on-court skits/dances/stunts, in-stands interaction and improvisation, and off-site event entertainment
• Maintain an active calendar, and share, as needed, with necessary parties, such as the Mascot Coordinator, VP, Game Entertainment, and Director, Community Relations
• Purchase, manage, and maintain Go costumes, outfits, props, vehicles, and other items
• Schedule and oversee rehearsals, workouts, practice sessions, and any other extra-curricular activities pertaining to the Go program; maintain skills and physical fitness through regular usage of such activities
• Attend Annual NBA Mascot Conference, as well as other workshops and conventions, that may aid in creation of new materials, gather insight on new innovations and opportunities, and/or increase productivity and skills of position
• Assist in the creation and maintenance of Go website ( and other social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.); respond to fan mail, emails, and other requests directed to Go
• Regularly attend and contribute to department meetings, providing creative input, ideas and brainstorming

So not only do you have to dunk after jumping through fiery rings, you also have to go to meetings, keep a calendar and, I am guessing, update spreadsheets to track your gorilla progress. Who knew being a gorilla had such an office job component to it? Weird. I wonder if you have to wear the costume even when you’re just at the computer. Hope so.

If this sounds like you, go ahead and apply. The world needs the Phoenix Suns Gorilla as much as it needs anything else in the NBA. Just don’t forget that you’re in charge of the costumes and props. I’d start stocking up now, just in case you get the job.

And if you do get the job, try not to get in a fight at Dave and Buster’s. I don’t want to have to write this thing again in a year.

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You’ve heard the story, now see the video.

Even from the tiny bit you can see, you can tell that’s a really hard punch. And if he struck Moondiggity straight in the mascot eye, then you can totally see why it’d send the human inside to the hospital, since that’s the weakest place on a fake dog’s head. That was quite the blow.

Bad boy, David West. Go to your cage. No park today.