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I know that sounds like a hyper-specific Onion headline, but listen to this zinger from the 1:45 mark of Juicy J’s “Bounce It,” which features both Wale and Trey Songz (no relation):

Bald-headed scallywags, real n—-s salute me
Catch me at that Memphis game, seats saved by Rudy

We all know Wale and Rudy Gay are bros from back in the D.C. area. And we also all know that Rudy Gay is no longer on the Memphis Grizzlies, which means he probably doesn’t have the pull to save Wale seats at the Memphis game, which makes sense considering he didn’t have the pull to save himself a seat at the Memphis game.

But it’s all good though. As it turns out, Wale still has the hookup:

Or Marc Gasol, or Selby doe, that’s plenty dough

OK phew — Wale is still going to be able to sit courtside for the Grizzlies, thanks to his good friend Marc Gasol, who must be thrilled to finally end up in a rap song. At least that is settled, which is good since Josh Selby (another DMV guy like Wale and Rudy) is also not on the Grizzlies any more, as he was traded last season as well.

This is the danger of incessantly making sports references when you rap. Because sometimes, the person you’re rapping about gets traded because they can’t see straight enough to shoot, leaving you to brag about something that doesn’t make sense any more. And even if we go with the single release date (June 25) rather than the “Straight Trippy” album release date (this Tuesday), that’s still nearly five months after Rudy Gay was traded away from the Grizzlies, robbing him of his seat-saving abilities.

I guess if you’re going to rap about someone, make sure they have a no-trade clause.

Do you mean to tell me that all it takes to get Mike Miller’s always-broken porcelain body is just a few Zumba classes over the summer? Sign me up never!

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With the dust mostly settled on this offseason’s player movement — and there was a whole lot of it this year — it’s time to take stock of all the fascinating new faces in new places, as well as the more compelling stories of players who will face new challenges while sticking around. Over the course of the next few weeks, Andrew Unterberger will do a team-by-team look at the most interesting players going into next season — one new to the team, and one returning — as we all try to pass the dog days of NBA-less summer, dreaming of hoops-filled months to come. The series continues today with the teams in the Southwest Division: the Mavericks, Rockets, Grizzlies, Pelicans and Spurs.


Most Interesting New Player: Monta Ellis

All of Dallas’ big free agent pickups were the same basic level of Interesting But Not Really. Seeing decent players like Jose Calderon, DeJuan Blair and Devin Harris in new roles in new jerseys will have some limited novelty, but these are players we’ve seen for long enough now that we basically know who they are and what they do — any legitimate surprise they provide in Dallas will be, well, surprising. Of these players, Monta seems the closest to an unknown quantity, since while we know his strengths and weaknesses a player pretty well, there’s still some debate about how much he can help a solid, veteran team actually win ball games, which is ostensibly what he’ll be called on to do as Dirk Nowitzki’s teammate in Big D. The answer very well might be “little” or “none,” but he’s never played on a team like Dallas, for a coach like Rick Carlisle, or with a teammate like Dirk before, so at least there’s some chance for personal growth there. It’ll be moderately interesting to see.

I would have liked to pick any of Dallas’ rookies in the backcourt for this — Gal Mekel and Ricky Ledo both intrigued in Vegas, and some people seme to think Shane Larkin has sleeper potential — but after the Mavs’ offseason splurging on mid-tier guards, they’re all likely to enter this season buried so deep on the depth chart that they’ll be lucky to even get consistent minutes in garbage time. Wayne Ellington eats first, you know how it is.

Most Interesting Returning Player: Brandan Wright

Brandan Wright is either the league’s most underrated big man, or the best piece of evidence remaining to show how flawed Player Efficiency Rating is as an all-encompassing stat of player evaluation. Wright has had a PER of 21 or better each of the last two seasons, and his 21.0 last year would have ranked sixth amongst all big men in the league. Of course, this is fairly small sample size stuff, as Brandan played only 64 games and just 18 minutes a game. But in those minutes, he shot nearly 60 percent, rebounded decently (about eight per 36) and essentially never turned the ball over, making him a big man of the Tyson Chandler-type, know-your-role offensive efficiency.

It’s surprising to me that Wright didn’t garner more interest in free agency. True, he’s never done it in big minutes, partly because he’s too much of a defensive liability against more physical post players to earn those defensive minutes, but offensive numbers that good, attached to a player only 25 years of age (and still with a lottery pedigree), generally tend to draw some interest around the league, more so than the two years and $10 mil he re-upped for with the Mavs. If he ends up taking big minutes from Samuel Dalembert — and considering Sammy couldn’t hold down starting gigs the last three seasons with the Kings, Rockets or Bucks, I’m guessing he won’t lock this one up either — he could end up being as important to Dallas as any of their bigger-name new pieces. Hope so for Dirk’s sake.

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As you can imagine, Tony Allen is an intense guy. You don’t get really good at defense and kind of OK at offense without a little crazy in you. Which is why this Daily Oklahoman report from his basketball camp in Stillwater shouldn’t come as a surprise. Doesn’t mean it’s not funny though.

He was on the basketball court, so, naturally, Tony Allen couldn’t help himself.

Lathered in sweat, the Memphis Grizzlies’ defensive savant was going hard, grit and grind as he calls it, blocking 10-year-olds and posting up 12-year-olds.

One kid, who dared attempt to cross up Allen at his own basketball camp — this the first ever in Stillwater — had his pocket picked in a drill, with a playful Allen trash-talking him immediately after the steal: “First-Team All-D, baby, First-Team All-D.”

“I’m actually catching my breath, because one of the kids was pretty good,” Allen admitted after a spirited 3-on-3 game. “Any time I get on the hardwood, I’m competing 110 percent. I even fouled a kid today. That was a little rough, but I got to win.”

Sounds like Tony Allen treats summer basketball camp the way Rajon Rondo treats Connect Four. No mercy. I’m sure those old Celtics teams they were on with Kevin Garnett were a real treat.

But really, I guess this is what you’d want from a celebrity basketball camp. If I’m a parent and I’m sending my kids to an expensive camp run by one of the NBA’s premier defensive specialists, I want that defensive specialist to be up in my kid’s face, scaring the bejeezus out of my hyptothetical 6-year-old son and making him question whether or not he even likes basketball any more. I don’t want this camp to just cruise by so Bonesaw Michaeljordan (my hypothetical son’s hypothetical name) can say he was around an NBA player. No way. I want the Tony Allen experience, where Bonesaw comes home and says, “Coach Tony fouled me across the arms while I was shooting a layup today. Then he yelled ‘NOTHING EASY!’ at me. I’m kind of scared of him.” That’s how you know it’s worth the money.

Just don’t let him teach offense.


I know we are basically five seconds in to the offseason, but these pictures of the Gasols yachting in Spain are already guaranteed to be my favorite of the summer. Just look at these guys — you can’t even tell which one of them plays with Zach Randolph and which one of them is located in the most image conscious market on Earth. They’re great, mostly because they look like a bare bones re-enactment of the “Big Pimpin’” video.

And it gets better, because here is Pau Gasol’s butt crack.


Now you’ve seen that and you can never again say you’ve never seen Pau Gasol’s butt crack. Congratulations? Sorry? I’m not sure what to say. (Also, it looks like Marc is wearing soaking wet white socks and a pair of basketball shorts while getting his yacht on, which is an LOL for sure.)

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The only thing that could have made this a more effective heckle would be adding something like, “Your mother will be so disappointed when she sees this.” Guilt trips are the worst.

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Great pick, John Hollinger, former ESPN employee. Tough break, John Hollinger, current Grizzlies VP of basketball operations.

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