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Michael Beasley was acquired by the Suns this offseason, a fitting destination for an all-offense, broken ankles kind of player. The move in and of itself is no big deal, as Beasley is a cheap scorer which is basically the definition of a Phoenix Sun at this point. However, the circumstances regarding his leaving Minnesota are a bit odd.

And by “odd” I mean he just sold all of his stuff and left for Arizona. From the FOX Sports North:

The forward, who spent two seasons with the Timberwolves, signed a three-year, $18 million contract with the Phoenix Suns in July, and in the cost-benefit analysis of his new deal, he must have decided that moving his possessions was just too huge of a hassle. Perhaps the d├ęcor wouldn’t fit with his new manse in Scottsdale, but most likely, Beasley just decided to cut ties altogether with the last vestiges of his Minnesota self. With apparently no girlfriend or wife or mother to give him the reasonable advice of “call a company and they’ll move it all for you,” Beasley decided on another option: an estate sale.

Yep, Michael Beasley pretty much just grabbed his clothes, dropped off his keys and hopped on his Vespa to Phoenix. No need to take all that silly furniture and stuff to his new house. He’s a millionaire and can just buy more, duh. It’s called traveling light. Bing it.

However, the things he left behind are pretty weird. So weird, in fact, that I am going to create a numbered list of 20 items, and you have to guess which were really for sale at Beasley’s estate sale and which I made up.

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