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It’s simple, really — when one of your players is an internet darling who is one of the best shotblockers in the NBA, you turn him in to a baby to show how he has always loved blocks in an effort to win him either Most Improved Player, Defensive Player of the Year or both. It’s called marketing and it’s called homonyms and it’s all a part of the Bucks’ brilliant “Larry Sanders loves blocks” campaign that even features Sanders-signed building blocks that someone is going to win. So basically, all of the Clios, please. #MadMen #LarryBlocks

Still only the second most memorable bit of J.J. Redick trash talk that I’m aware of, but still nice work by the Wizards fans. Another 6,000 of these and they might be thinking playoffs.

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I feel happy of Larry Sanders. If you believe in yourself, you will know how to get kicked out of a basketball game. Thumbs up, everybody, for rock and roll!


By default, the biggest move of trade deadline day was J.J. Redick to Milwaukee. He was the best player moved on the day, and while that feels weird to type, it’s not a pejorative.

Indisputably, and importantly, Milwaukee got a good quality player. This shouldn’t be overlooked. In the Dwight Howard-era, Redick was beginning to win praise as a much improved role player, a one-time specialist shooter who’s added a floor game and sufficient defense to remove the biggest holes in his game. And this year, while under the radar on the lottery-bound Magic, he’s taken that to an extra level. Without ever being a star, or especially close to it, Redick betters any team he is on, more so than any other player in the deal. His attraction and usage to Milwaukee is easily determinable.

Yet to fully maximize that price and win the deal, they need to re-sign him. They also need to do so without overpaying, something that they’ve done too often in recent years. But it won’t be easy. Redick is not eligible for an extension and will be an unrestricted free agent when he hits the open market this summer, in a market with scant few quality two guards in it. One of the other few who might be on the market will be the guy likely ahead of Redick in the Bucks depth chart, Monta Ellis. This, then, presents Milwaukee with a self-imposed problem. More than likely, they’ll have to choose between them. They already had to choose between Ellis and Brandon Jennings, and were starting to realize it. This trade merely gives them an option for afterwards.

In theory, with Ellis considering opting out and with Jennings not getting an extension, all three will hit the market this summer and Milwaukee will need to choose two. It won’t be coincidental that, in the same week Ellis was nearly traded and word leaked he may opt out, a quality player was brought in at his position. The Bucks are planning for life without him, and Redick seems to be a part of it.

Of course, this would mean the initial Ellis trade was a waste of time and assets. That smarts. But that’s a pill that needed swallowing long ago. When evaluated in isolation, this trade sees Milwaukee land the best player (if only as a rental), and exchange a couple of prospects, taking in Gustavo Ayon for Tobias Harris. This latter part makes a difference.

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Good thing neither Monta Ellis nor Brandon Jennings was moved on trade deadline day, otherwise this new NBA advertisement would have been super awkward, like when Shirley left the show after a shotgun wedding but it was still called “Laverne & Shirley” for the remainder of the season. As it stands, this might be the best update to those famous credits since “Wayne’s World.” Party on Monta, party on Brandon.


Nothing game-related about this. LARRY SANDERS! just looks like he has Dwyane Wade’s smile face on Gilbert Arenas’ head. It’s weird, I know, but I won’t be talked out of thinking this is true. It’s in the eyes and mouth.