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I’m sorry but I’m having just a tiny bit of trouble comprehending how a man who has a $100,000 diamond-encrusted replica of his own head also drives a giant A-Team van from Georgia to Milwaukee after he signed with the Bucks. I’m sure this is a very expensive van, but it’s still a van which can never be as flashy as a bejeweled head pendant because it is a van.

Just seems incongruous, but I guess everyone I’ve ever heard of who has a necklace with their own head and dreadlocks on it also drives a luxury van, so what do I know?

Nate Robinson had an awesome first quarter last night, going for 13 points and three threes in the game’s opening stanza. He was very happy about it, getting his smile game on while Rip Hamilton looked silly with his messed up mask straps (hey, fix your mask straps). It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Because when Nate Robinson gets going, Nate Robinson gets talking and also continues shooting even though he might not have his jumper any more.

That’s exactly what happened last night, and the next thing you know, Brandon Jennings is going for 20 points in a single quarter. From the Daily Herald:

Robinson’s early hot streak might have played a hand in the Bulls’ downfall. When Jennings got going in the second half, he often mimicked Robinson’s jet plane imitation after hitting big shots.

“Yeah, a little trash talking before the second half,” Jennings said after donning a Led Zeppelin T-shirt in the Milwaukee locker room. “I guess he felt like he had it going, was getting the best of me.

“I really don’t take trash-talking too kindly because I don’t do a lot of trash talking. I warned him. It happens.”

Other things that may have contributed to Jennings’ massive third quarter: Nate’s legs giving out, Marquis Teague offering nothing but a wispy mustache, the rebirth of swag, Chicago deciding that easily scoring in the paint was getting boring, Jim Boylan’s long awaited revenge, other stuff. Basically, it probably wasn’t just Nate Robinson’s happy faces that made Brandon Jennings in to the new Tony Delk, but I’m sure it didn’t help.

NBA players take getting disrespected VERY seriously. That’s why everyone gets fake mad about a team taking threes or alley-oops when the game is over and out of hand. It’s just another way for a player to get motivated and you can probably blame Michael Jordan for making it such a big deal. I mean, the generation of players who are currently in the league grew up watching MJ and he took his “get revenge” mindset all the way to his Hall of Fame speech. It’s no wonder being disrespected in any way is one of the NBA’s greatest motivating factors. I wanna be, I wanna be like Mike.

Then again, I have a pretty strong feeling that Nate Robinson jibber-jabbering about his three bombs is just the kind of thing that would fire up an opposing player. Something about his personality doesn’t suggest a calm, considered approach to on-court chatter. Just a hunch.

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CHICAGO, Illinois — Mess with a Bull, you get the horns.

Just ask Ersan Ilyasova who survived a Bull attack Monday night in Chicago.

The 25-year-old professional athlete was ferociously attacked on the upper right arm by an angry, half-tonne Aberdeen-Boozer breed from Alaska while collecting rebounds — and rock samples — for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Ilyasova and four male co-workers encountered the Bull with about 10 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter of action in the United Center.

Ilyasova said he leapt for a rebound, which, in turn, must have triggered the Bull’s aggressive reaction.

“It started flailing wildly when it saw the basketball, and then it jumped on my arm,” Ilyasova told FOX Sports Wisconsin.

“I’m very lucky to be alive, I know that.”

The wild Bull then ran through three rows of chairs, charged two security officers, and rammed into Tom Thibodeau’s car in an underground parking lot.

It took four bullets an amnesty clause to kill it.

This is a picture from Marquis Daniels of Drew Gooden’s “hair.” It lends itself to one question — what in the world is going on with Drew Gooden’s hair?

There are a few different scenarios I can envision that might explain what is happening back there:

  • Jealous of Carlos Boozer’s infamous paint hair stealing his thunder as mediocre power forward with the most unfortunate hair.
  • Is actually a Wooly Willy.
  • Some sort of weird tribute to Hawaii.
  • Forgot how to cut the ducktail.
  • After recently shaving his head, he put on a brand new hooded sweatshirt and some of the fuzz from the inside of the hood got stuck on his stubble.
  • Big fan of Friar Tuck.
  • Bad Nike product placement.
  • Lost another bet to DeShawn Stevenson.
  • Head was left in the back of the fridge for a little bit too long, then when it started to smell his housekeeper cleaned out the fridge and pulled out his head and this is what it looked like.

Other than that, I’m stumped. Good to know I was right on the money about Drew Gooden being one of the weirdest players in the league. Get this man a razor.

Join me as I count down my predictions of the regular season finishes for the 2012-13 NBA season, at a rate of three teams per day. Tell me why I’m wrong in the comments.

24. Washington Wizards
The Wizards have overhauled their roster in an attempt to build around John Wall, but going into his third NBA season, it remains to be seen if Wall is a legitimate franchise player. His mid-range and perimeter shooting have been abominable thus far, and his defense has not lived up to the expectations created by his otherworldly athleticism — according to, the Wizards gave up over 6 points more per 100 possessions when he was on the court compared to when he was on the bench. We’re going to have to wait a while to see if he’s going to make the necessary improvements in these areas because he’s expected to miss the first month of this season recovering from a knee injury.

Wall’s ceiling is not even close to the most questionable aspect of the Wizards going into this season. With a 118-238 record and a ..331 winning percentage spanning three different teams, head coach Randy Wittman has the worst winning percentage in NBA history among coaches with at least 350 games at the helm. The fact that he’s been empowered to try to turn Wall into an All-Star shows the lack of imagination prevalent in the management groups of too many teams.

23. Portland Trail Blazers
I’m not really sure what Blazers management saw in Terry Stotts and his 115-168 career pro record that led them to give him a third chance to prove that he can be a successful NBA coach, but here we are. Early reports indicate that Stotts plans to go young and athletic with this squad, with J.J. Hickson starting as an undersized center and rookie guard Damian Lillard likely to start. It’s a fan-friendly approach but it’s not likely to be a strategy that propels the Blazers into the playoffs.

The Blazers in their current iteration kind of remind me of my Raptors when they were led by Chris Bosh. Like Bosh, LaMarcus Aldridge is a very good player, a fringe All-Star that any team would be happy to have. But if he’s your best player and there’s a significant gap between him and your second best player, you’re probably not going to finish above .500.

22. Milwaukee Bucks
Every season, people wonder if a backcourt of Monta Ellis and (fill in the blank) can work. The question used to focus on Ellis and Stephen Curry, and now it’s about Ellis and Brandon Jennings. The Bucks had a fairly impressive 12-9 record last season when Ellis and Jennings played together, but only one of those wins came against a team that finished with a winning record.

In trading Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson for Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown (the latter of whom is no longer a Buck), Milwaukee sacrificed defense for offensive firepower. They’ll be a more exciting team to watch, but I don’t expect them to make the playoffs unless Jennings can start performing at an All-Star level. Considering that he’s improved gradually every season and he’s still only 23 years old, it’s within the realm of possibility that he could elevate himself and the Bucks into the post-season.

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Trust me, I know that sounds like a silly question. Because, duh, everybody has heard of clocks. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a human older than five who doesn’t know what a clock is, and most of them know how to read them. Clocks are pretty well known at this point.

But I still have to ask if Tobias Harris has ever heard of them because of what he posted on Twitter.

We all wish we could control the time on our naps

I mean, yeah, I guess we do all wish we could control the time on our naps. But that’s why we have alarm clocks or iPhone timers or someone nearby that we can ask to wake us up in 15 minutes so we don’t sleep too long. There are a whole bunch of ways to control the time on your naps, but I’m of the mind that clocks are the No. 1 way to do it.

So the next time someone sees Tobias Harris — he plays for the Milwaukee Bucks, but I’m sure you knew that — let him know about clocks. They’re pretty cool and very good for controlling the time on your naps. I think he’ll appreciate the information, since it seems like he’s spent way too much of his life napping.

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Look, I am not an art critic who can tell you about art things like conte crayons, distemper and gouache. But I can tell you when something — like, for instance, a happy little deer sitting amongst some happy little trees — is awesome. And that’s what this is. Just look at it and try to disagree. You can’t argue with nature.

It comes from a series by UniWatch contributor Marty Hick, where he paints old-timey NBA and ABA logos in to cheapo thrift store landscapes. Here he is, explaining his masterpiece:

“This is by far my favorite of the four I’ve done so far,” says Marty. “What can you say about the greatest logo ever? He looks like a free-roaming creature without the confines of a logo outline. He truly looks like he belongs there, and he seems quite content. This was the first one I did, and I almost stopped there.”

You can click through to UniWatch to see the rest of the project, but even the artist agrees this is the best one. All Bucks fans should download the big version and set it as the background on their computers. Or print it in a giant size and hang it above their fireplaces. It’d look perfect there.