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Or is this archived footage from a mid-90s Heat/Knicks game? Your call.

(via With Leather)

This a really good thought exercise for all of us. Which five players in NBA history would you want to fight and why?

My choices:

  • Earl Boykins — I would like to give myself every possible advantage on my quest to tell people that I beat up an NBA player once upon a time.
  • Yao Ming — He is huge, so there is a lot of striking area. Plus, if things get out of hand, you can just step on his feet and you’ll at least be able to get away.
  • Chris Quinn — Looks like this.
  • Jud Buechler — Feel like we would just realize the pointlessness of fighting each other and decide to get our chill on while we swap volleyball tips.
  • Kevin Willis — Super short arms mean his effective striking distance is minimized. However, he’s very sweaty, so he’d be able to get out of my flying squirrel attacks very easily.

Remember, standard MMA rules apply for these hypothetical fights. Let’s hear your answers in the comments.