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Are you guys ready for the strangest, most unexpected and possibly most disturbing NBA story of 2012? I sure hope so because it’s blockquote time.

From AVN:

VH1’s Basketball Wives: LAstar Jackie Christie, wife of former NBA player Doug Christie, revealed in a radio interview today that she and her hubby would be producing porn.

“I’m producing an adult film, me and my husband Doug. We’re executive producing and stuff,” Jackie told radio host Rickey Smiley on his show.

While she didn’t offer any further details neither Jackie nor Doug would be in front of the camera—all the acting roles would be played by porn stars.

Yep, Doug “I Don’t Look at Other Women” Christie and his wife Jackie “Doug Doesn’t Look at Other Women” Christie are making a porno together. There are some things that don’t make sense in this crazy world of ours, but this might make the least amount of sense.

As the AVN bro who wrote this story asks, “For a guy who admittedly ‘does not look at other women, avoiding dialogue or even eye contact,’ [...] how in the world would he be able to produce a hot adult movie?” A true conundrum. Our generation’s chicken-or-egg, only if the chicken and the egg were covered in various bodily fluids.

I guess we will have to wait until their movie comes out to get the answer? I don’t even know, I’m just guessing the proof will be in the porno pudding. I never dipped in to “No Ordinary Love” or “The Christies Un-Cut,” so I will probably skip this latest entry to the Christies’ oeuvre. But if you want to check it out, go nuts (sorry).

I’d love to hear an in-depth review of the cinematography, sound mixing and casting, which is what I assume the Christies will be handling. It’ll be very interesting to see how Doug is able to put things together without being able to look at the screen or listen to the sound.

(via Andrew Ungvari)

If you watched at least 10 minutes of All-Star Weekend coverage, then you’ve seen the ads for “Think Like a Man,” which is a real movie. So real, in fact, that a scene from this real movie has been put up online to entice potential audiences to spend their actual money to see this — I repeat — real movie.

As you can see, “Think Like a Man” features cameos from your favorite non-essential Lakers from the 2010-11 season. You’ve got some Ron Artest, some Matt Barnes, a little Shannon Brown and a few other bros, plus Lisa Leslie. Not sure why they didn’t work in a Luke Walton angle, but I’m no Martin Scorcese.

Judging from this 2-minute clip, it’s pretty obvious that we’re looking at our generation’s “Just Wright,” a basketball movie that redefines joke-making for hoops fans. I’m not saying it’s imperative that you see this movie, but you might need to if you want to make hilarious jokes with your friends when you see Metta World Peace do something silly on the court. This movie will be a great weapon to have in your back pocket, for those times you need a hilarious zinger to get all the retweets.

Or, I suppose, you could just watch this scene and call it a day. There’s more than enough here to formulate some solid cracks, plus another hour-and-a-half of this might literally drive you insane. Your call. Either way is good by me.

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I’m not entirely certain that a backup guard with 23 games of experience needs a full-on documentary, but when it’s teaser is a tiny guy backed by The Weeknd you know the internet is going to love it. Really excited for Nate Robinson’s cameo, since every doc needs a little comic relief.

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Kevin Durant’s movie is a real thing, you guys. It’s called “Thunderstruck” — get it? — and it’s under production as we speak.

It’s so under production, in fact, that you could star in the movie, as long as you are interested in playing one of two roles. From a casting call for the movie:

STADIUM OFFICIAL – Male or Female. 25-50. This person stops Kevin Durant and the rest of the Thunder from taking the court for the second half.

SECURITY GUARD – Male or Female. The guard yells at Brian, who has ridden his bike into a restricted area at the basketball arena.

If I were picking one of those two characters, I’m going with “Stadium Official” so I get to talk to Kevin Durant for a little bit. Sorry Brian, but you’re not the NBA’s most likeable player and you need to stop riding your bike in professional sporting arenas. I don’t even know how you got that past security since it seems like something they’d stop at the door. Whatever.

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“I’m going to be the Will Smith of the NBA.”young Kobe Bryant, setting a lofty goal

Here’s what “Small Market, Big Heart” is all about, according to the filmmakers.

Small Market, Big Heart is a full-length documentary designed to share the compelling story of the people of Sacramento and their battle to get and keep a professional sports franchise over the last 26 years. This story has many heroes, but one common theme – a community with a huge heart. As a small market, Sacramento has faced enormous adversity, first in landing an NBA franchise and then maintaining that franchise through both good and bad economic times.  [...]

This film will illustrate Sacramento’s struggle to remain relevant in the high-stakes game of professional sports.  The story is told through the eyes of long-term members of media, former and current members of the Sacramento Kings franchise, local politicians and lastly, the common members of the Sacramento community that stood tall in the face of adversity.

They’re looking for funding on Kickstarter to finish the film and hoping for a December release, so go crazy. Definitely a worthy cause, since I’m guessing this will be the best fan-made documentary about a basketball team leaving a small market since “Sonicsgate.” Here’s hoping the ending to this one is different.

Have a looksy at the trailer for “Elevate,” a documentary about four Senegalese teenagers who come to America to play basketball, directed by Anne Buford, the sister of Spurs GM Rodney Buford.

Here’s a synopsis:

The SEEDS Academy in Dakar, Senegal, sits on a small plot of land leased from the government.  There, the best young basketball players from across West Africa gather to take part in a strenuous program of academics and athletic training.  For those who stand out, the potential reward is huge: full scholarships to the top prep schools in the United States, where the right combination of skill and dedication will earn them a great education, pave the way to college, and open the door to basketball at the NCAA level… and maybe even a shot at the NBA.

Elevate follows four young men who make the cut, receive scholarships, and head off to the USA.  Filmed over four years and across two continents, Elevate documents the daunting challenges they face, from the alienation that comes with being a seven foot tall Muslim at a Christian prep school (in an American culture rife with African stereotypes) to mastering English, adapting to aggressive American-style basketball… and navigating the vagaries of high school, girls, and drivers ed.

I’m not going to give this movie the Academy Award for Best Documentary based on a two minute trailer — and also because I am not a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — but this looks pretty good. It’s like a real life “The Air Up There” mixed with “Hoop Dreams” and that would be a chill combination as far as I’m concerned.