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I literally just realized as I was typing up this post that JaVale McGee and Nate Robinson are going to be teammates next season. This is going to be better than Nate and Big Baby and Nate and Shaq combined. I don’t know if the Nuggets actually improved this summer, but they definitely got a lot sillier.

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First this, from rapper The Game last Wednesday:

So #MoneyGang plays #LAUNFD this Sunday in #TheDrew at 12:15pm & @baron_davis just called me & told me he wanna put 50k on it…. BET N—A

Just to clarify through the very high hashtag to words ratio, Baron Davis runs a Drew League team called LAUNFD and The Game runs another one called Money Gang, so they agreed to bet $50,000 on the outcome of a game betwixt the two, a game that took place yesterday. (Assuming this bet was actually happening, which I am, since no one wants to back out on such a public wager.)

Which makes this tweet, courtesy of the Drew League’s official account, quite relevant:

Final: Money Gang defeats LAUNFD 92-90. @KDTrey5 misses the game winning three-pointer. #TheDrew

So basically, Kevin Durant cost Baron Davis $50,000. Guess they’re even for those months of lost lockout income when Baron was a lumberjack negotiator. Seems fair enough.

Then again, Kevin’s in the middle of a max contract with another decade of career ahead of him, and Baron hasn’t worked for a year, so maybe KD can pick this one up. Caring counts.

It seems way longer ago, but it was only last October when Stephen Jackson let slip that LeBron James had tried his hand at rapping. And while that tidbit sent a jolt down the collective spine of the NBA basketball players trying to rap community, nothing ever came of it besides LeBron getting shouted out by rappers, showing up on stage with rappers or lip-synching before games, WOO!

But now, thanks to Instagram weirdly, we actually get to hear LeBron James rapping. And as you might have guessed, it sounds exactly like LeBron James if he were rapping. And as you might have also guessed, it’s raps about his bros and their various successes over a massively popular Jay-Z and Kanye West song, which is exactly what you’d guess LeBron would want to freestyle over. Lucky for us, the internet was wise enough to link the two up so we don’t have to deal with the two-part drop on the Instas.

Here is probably the part where I’d reference the Biggie “wicked jump shot” lyrics or that familiar “all rappers want to be basketball players, and all basketball players want to be rappers” refrain, but let’s just skip that for now because it’s 2013 and we all realize it takes 30 seconds to make a rap song for an app. Maybe he was inspired by his pal Jay-Z releasing a record on a Samsung, who LeBron also shills for, but it’s just not weird anymore to hear that yet another NBA player is trying his hand at getting his raps on. I mean, if Kevin Durant is doing it, anyone else is a possibility.

It’s been nearly 17 years since “Space Jam” hit theaters and set every box office record known to man (animated basketball movie starring Michael Jordan division only). But for some reason, no one has ever matched up that movie’s legendary theme song with any music by legendary punk band, The Clash. At least that is what I am assuming, since I’m not really plugged in to the “Space Jam” remix scene.

But lucky for us, that has finally happened, as some intrepid Garage Band owner has decided to throw some Quad City DJ’s over some “The Magnificent Seven” and put it on YouTube. I think we can all agree that matching up one of the most politically motivated bands of any era with the theme song from a movie made to sell shoes is a perfect fit, so I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Toon Squad for life.

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Sometimes in the offseason, basketball videos don’t even have to be NBA videos to be blog-worthy. Like, for instance, when R. Kelly plays pickup ball at Jamie Foxx’s house at 5am on a Monday morning after the BET Awards and you get to write a headline like “R. Kelly drains halfcourt shot to win a pickup game at Jamie Foxx’s house.” That’s one of those times when you’re going to see a non-NBA video on an NBA blog.

That time is now. He’s the world’s greatest.

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It has been a while since I’ve seen a “Sabotage” remake and probably an equally long time since I’ve thought about Jan Vesely in a truly positive light, so this couldn’t come at a better time. RIP MCA.

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Started from the bottom now we’re waiting outside of the locker room just like everyone else.